Thursday, January 20, 2022

CoViD-19: San Diego Stalls at 75% Vaccinated | Biden Holds Press Conference; Touts First Year Accomplishments. Media Cries "Too Long" | Manchin & Sinema Prove To Be Sellout Corporate Shill Cowards |

Fishing Cat At San Diego Zoo (Taken 1.14.22)

I was startled awake around 5 in the morning because of a circling helicopter and I never really, truly fell back asleep. It's all good though because I was able to work through most of the email and articles I missed yesterday as I watch Biden's press conference and as this nice man is in my house fixing the holes in our walls that were the result of upgrading our electrical something or other. Which also means I think I'm gonna call it a day here so I can try to go see the baby orang at the San Diego Zoo. I will do another post later tonight with today's news. 

Stay safe out there. 

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