Monday, January 03, 2022

CoViD-19: I'm Fine. Everything's Fine. | San Diego Adds 23K Cases Over New Year Weekend; CDC Takes The Day Off | Gonzalez Leaves Assembly For Labor |

Somali Wild Ass (Taken 11.17.21)

I wrote a bunch earlier, but I'll leave that for after the jump. I wish I had more to report, but honestly I'm just desperately trying to find new-to-me movies and shows on my streaming services. I will take any recommendations under consideration. We have Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Disney+, and Paramount+. We do not have HBOMax. Today I watched a news/doc series called The Con narrated by Whoopi Goldberg that covers these audacious crooks and it was fascinating. I also watched an old episodic documentary about the Bill Clinton impeachment. So weird to reevaluate that with adult eyes in a different era. 

Anyway, things are going fine over here. My sniffles/congestion is gone. Everything else is normal except for my anxiety because I'd rather not be in this position in the first place. It's easy to see how people deny their don't want to think it can happen to you, to think about the 827,000+ Americans who didn't recover, that long-COVID is always a looming issue, and that we are only hearing about the so-called mildness of omicron in the media when the actual local counts, though only a small amount are sequenced and there's a delay, represent that we're still dealing with delta. It is yuck. But I am fine. 

Stay safe out there. 

My COVID-19 Isolation, Day 2.

We really did our best when it came to avoiding getting COVID-19, but it only takes one slip and here we are. And while we prepared for lockdowns and staying home, we didn't really plan for what to do if one of us had to isolate. Yes, we have the "speakeasy", but it's not really a realistically livable space anymore with all it's storage and lack of heating and furniture. We can fit a cot down there but that is a miserable experience. So we're playing "musical rooms". I mostly hide in the bedroom room with fans and air filters on until Nova goes to bed and Darren goes downstairs to play some music, then I take over the living room, in a mask, again with fans and air filters, and watch TV until I eventually fall asleep on the couch so Darren and the animals can have the big bed.  

Nova stayed home today but according to the school, so long as she's vaccinated, asymptomatic, and tests negative on a rapid test, she's allowed to go, even with me as a contact. Today she and Darren went to take PCR tests, just in case. Mostly I think it's the only legit thing they're allowed to do to leave the house and give me space, since as far as I know she can still get tested at school on Tuesday. But I appreciated the time to binge some TV and Darren's support in wanting to get tested. They were gone for more than 4 hours. And I think I found a testing loophole: if you go wait in a line for a PCR test, county officials may come around and offer you a box of take home tests instead. I wouldn't expect their results until Wednesday and then I'm out of iso on Thursday anyway. 

I mean, I don't want to think I'm special or anything, but the circumstances of my test results being lost for 10 days kinda changes the whole isolation and quarantine protocols; it precludes me from even asking about monoclonal antibodies or ask about Fluvoxamine, and O-T-C cold medicine seems to be doing fine for me right now, so long as I imagine the little vaccine robots in me fighting off viral replication. Or maybe, since I've already had two negative antigen tests since my positive PCR, they've already done their job, and this is all me paying the price for them losing my result in the first place. I mean, I'm already 11 days from that positive test.

Today I feel fine. My stuffiness is all gone and my slight headache went away when I realized I hadn't eaten in 15 hours. I'm kinda tired, but I think that is self-perpetuating from doing nothing and also because couch sleep is never as good as bed sleep. Oh! And last night there was another crazy cop chase/arrest that appeared to surround our house from the front and back, again, because as long as this stupid construction project takes to finish, and it's adjacency to a tire shop and auto reseller that have tools that look like an easy target, it is just a magnet for theft. We didn't even know it was happening until we heard the suspect screaming that his shoulder was being dislocated by the cop, but they got him and the cops and their K-9 occupied the alley for a couple hours so I didn't even really fall asleep until after 4. And then, of course, construction was right back started at 7:30 so yeah. I could probably use a real sleep tonight. The best thing about being "sick" is that nobody judges you for hittin' the Nighttime 'Tussin.

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