Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Lesser Flamingo at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 1.23.22)

All weekend I was bookmarking and tagging things to put into a weekend post, but they all feel kinda unimportant now, as I'm sure they'll all be rewritten about in a day or two anyway. All you need to know is that there are still 3/4 of a million cases a day on average, and even if we're coming down, that is A LOT. So keep being safe out there. The weekend data is pretty useless at this point since so many jurisdictions don't report, so I'll just leave that for weekdays. 

We had a great weekend, or exactly what I wanted. It was relaxing, I slept in, I finished one book and started another, sat in the yard now that our fence is fully installed, had some good time with the menacing kittens, we visited my parents to help my dad in and out of his bed with the lift, watched some football, and spent this afternoon at San Diego Zoo Safari Park obsessing over rhinos and birds to avoid the big crowds in more popular areas. As I said on Twitter, I still really hate the NFL as an organization and I cringe seeing the crowds, but the games themselves were pretty fun to watch, especially seeing some overhyped quarterbacks knocked back down a couple rungs. 

I'm hoping this week is a little smoother than last. We're still getting random maintenance around the pad -- now that we have new neighbors the property management has to make sure things that have fallen by the wayside are up to snuff, but hopefully it will be less disruptive and I can get my rituals of Zoo time, work time, and home time back in some balance. For now though, I shall shut this laptop down and put my head in a space that prepares me for whatever the week may bring. 

Stay safe out there. 

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