Thursday, January 13, 2022

CoViD-19: Omicron Slams All Sectors, Supply Chain, Schools | Gloria Delivers State of the City | TFG Throws Tantrum on NPR | Coachella Lineup Announced |

Mama Mandrill Cups Her Pregnant Belly (Taken 1.12.22)

I wrote quite an angry rant earlier today, but now that time has passed, I've deleted it and want to start fresh, though today's numbers are still pretty bad. It's gonna be like this for awhile. Testing is hard to come by, but San Diego County is doing nearly 45,000 tests a day, which is more than double what they had in December, and more than four times what they had last summer. If we all had been testing weekly like we should've been, perhaps they would've ramped it up sooner. Lots of coulda, woulda, shouldas with planning across all government, but it's super easy to be a Monday morning quarterback. Since we can't currently get Nova tested at school and all four of her teachers are out sick, we've given her the option of staying home for the rest of the week. Despite the messaging, there is no learning happening at schools right now and students are being asked to swim in a pool of virus, especially when they have to combine cohorts for lack of staffing. She's vaxxed and now boosted, but the same isn't true for many of the kids her age, so why just waft in virus when she can be home and do her work in Google classroom and let some days pass since they have Monday off anyway? 

Besides all that, I did nothing today because Tuesday was a pretty late night around here. Darren and I have been watching The Silent Sea so I'm gonna get back to it.   

Stay safe out there. 


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