Monday, January 17, 2022

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Mama and joey at San Diego Zoo (Taken 1.14.22)

Well, it had to happen. Just when San Diego is completely spiking with cases, I had to accept work. Darren and I will be working at the Music Box on Tuesday and Wednesday for two sold out shows with Current Joys. I know that the Music Box has taken COVID protocols seriously so there is some comfort in that. But the Biden Bucks are mostly gone and we aren't really in a position to turn down work anymore; my salary is not enough to cover all of us, so it has to happen. And of course we'll be masked and hopefully the crowd is compliant in that respect, but I just have to overcome the anxiety of subjecting myself to a sold out, indoor, partially maskless crowd. It's too bad we can't just set the merch up outside on the balcony. I might have to bring my air purifier...though I know it would do nothing in that massive room, it could be like a security blanket at least; some comfort even if it does nothing. We have enough rapid tests at the moment to test before we have to help my dad again. 

We had a completely uneventful weekend which was exactly as I wanted. I read an actual's been a while since in November all library cards expired and you had to go in person to renew, which we finally did when we picked up the free COVID tests. [By the way, if anyone is still looking for rapid tests, I've had good experiences with this website for other things, though I don't know how long delivery will take. You'd also have to find out from your insurance how they're handling reimbursement (which only covers $12/test)] We also have been going back and forth to my parents a lot because we have to help use the lift to get my dad from bed to chair and then go back at night to move him from the chair back to the bed. It's a pain in the ass, but it sounds like my Godsister has recovered from her bout with COVID so hopefully she can resume her assistance soon, though I think my dad appreciated having someone over to watch football with him. And they had us pick up a Lefty's stuffed pizza, so I cannot complain about that at all. 

Nova will return to school tomorrow and hopefully her teachers are all recovered and done with quarantines and isolation. Last week I wrote about why guidance for isolation and quarantine is so challenging, because the rules are different if your vaccinated, boosted, or unvaccinated and whether you're symptomatic or not, and its good that San Diego Unified is working with the best scientists from UCSD to revise their decision tree, which I've shared at the end of this post. Fingers crossed that when data resumes tomorrow we get some reprieve from the massive numbers we've seen. I doubt it, but maybe this shit has burned through everyone it can. 

Stay safe out there.  

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