Tuesday, January 04, 2022

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Jax and Mags (Taken 1.4.22)

I've been trying to be as real and honest with you guys as I can while trying to maintain a shred of privacy when necessary, so I'm gonna be straight with you. 

Today I broke out of isolation. 

If you've been paying attention, I have the weird circumstance of a negative PCR on 12/18, a positive PCR on 12/23 but didn't know my result until 1/2, and two negative OTC antigen tests on 12/25 and 12/28. By the time I found out my result from 12/23, I had a slight cold and figured it was because Nova had one the week before and Darren the week before that. And they were both negative on every test they've taken at similar intervals as me. But the nurse practitioner said I should count Sunday as my Day 1 of isolation. 

And I thought I could do it. 

But the math was still tripping me out, I was asymptomatic all the way up until 1/1 and let's be honest...many vices were consumed on NYE. And a few day before that. And on Christmas. And I know there are a ton of experts, virologists, and the like to weed through and I read a lot of them, I see them all on TV. I know, for example, that people think Dr. Hashish Jha, MD,MPH, Dean of Brown School of Health is too lenient, too optimistic, has too much faith that Americans will do the right thing -- or conversely maybe just knows we won't -- but I saw his tweet today. 
What would ideal COVID Isolation guidance be?
Once rapid antigen tests are cheap & ubiquitous
1. Isolate for first 5 days
2. Then test daily
3. Negative X 2 days? End isolation. Good to go
4. Positive? Remain in isolation until 2 negs or 10 days
I think its that simple
And this is where it's easy to bend the "rules" to what you want them to be. If I'm to ignore my sniffle and go back to my PCR positive test (with a questionable result in the first place since it doesn't have my proper DOB and had been lost for 11 days), then I'm already in the clear. If we count the sniffle, sure. I should be on Day 3 of isolation. 

But then Darren got his and Nova's PCR results from Monday -- both negative -- and I had enough. He and I drove to Target to pick up a touchless transaction I'd made -- a new air purifier, picked up Nova from school, and then went for a little walk at the very secluded and mostly unknown San Diego River Garden. 

I'm calling it "soft isolation." For the rest of the original period, I still won't go inside any stores. I'll skip the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park and Sea World this week. I won't visit with my parents or sister. But I'm sleeping in my own bed, damn it. 

Upon making my decision, I was feeling great, but then also a little guilty. Should I still be masking in my own house? Should I suck it up and sleep on the couch two more nights? For this I decided it isn't actually "wasting" a rapid test. So I took one. And I'm negative. For the third time since my (supposedly, lost, misidentified birthday) positive PCR on 12/23. I think I'm in the clear. 

The question remains if/when I should PCR test again --- some say after 10 days, the nurse practitioner said not for 90 days, because the protein can still be detected for that long. A problem to solve on another day, but I'm gonna act like I never had the positive in the first place so that my behavior stays just as cautious and careful as I have been (or in some cases, should've been) in the first place. 

I'm gonna drink to that. 

Stay safe out there. 

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