Thursday, July 27, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, July 27-Wednesday, August 2, 2023: Hasan Minhaj | Lucy's Fur Coat | High Vis | Guster | Earthless | The Dollyrots | Yellowcard | Fred Armisen |

It's a really good thing that I got these mostly done on Tuesday because Darren ended up with a day off of work so we were completely non-productive and didn't do a damn thing all day in the heat until a little late afternoon visit to the zoo. There's some really great stuff this week and I'll be working at both Lucy's shows so be sure to say hi! Don't forget to hit the Devo presale that's currently running, too. Full listings after the jump. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Rosey's Diary & Newsy Things: Nobody Told Me Dooce Died?! | District 4 Election Underway | COVID Comeback | Teamsters Win Contract Fight | Country Music Controversy |

It has been a very weird week. Last week I was so excited to get all my listings done for Comic-Con but what I didn't realize was how much it took out of me to do them. Not only did they take hours to complete, but I guess I still have some major Pandemic PTSD. I know I'm not the only one experiencing that, but I must've really screwed with my brain wiring by being on constant COVID watch for so many hours a day, day after day, for weeks, then months, then years. The more things I included, the more I thought about crowds and COVID and "what if I run out of water?" and "where are the best bathrooms in downtown?" and "where will I charge my phone?"  These are all things I managed many times before the pandemic, but maybe we can't go back to who we were before? Any tendency I had to be a 'prepper' or 'hoarder' was exacerbated and when it came time to actually go to Comic-Con, I had a full-on night of insomnia which turned into a full on panic attack, curled into a ball on my bed, sweating it out with my heart feeling like it was gonna explode until I could get control of the stinkin' thinkin', manage my breathing and body, and finally sleep. Turns out not eating and not sleeping and a sudden summer heat dome and starting your period all together at once isn't really great for your mind or body. Things my 20 year old body could handle are suddenly calamitous for my nearly 47 year old body. 

I woke up and put all the pieces together and, after rest and food and water and a cold shower, I was refreshed and ready to face the world. Kinda. 
(more after the jump. TW: self-harm, disordered eating, suicide) 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Things To Do in San Diego: Wednesday, July 19-Wednesday, July 26, 2023: Comic-Con Edition : Heartless Bastards | Jimmy Eat World + Manchester Orchestra | Cordovas | Califone | COMIC-CON EVERYTHING!! |

OH MY GOD!! I did it. I usually compile my Comic-Con stuff in the weeks preceding the event, but since I skipped the past couple years, and with the SAG-AFTRA/Writers Strikes, everything has been a little up in the air. But I did it. I'm sure I didn't get everything, but I did my best. And I linked to other local guides, per usual. I hope everyone has a magical week, CCI or not, I still got all the regular local shows and stuff together, too. I love you all. Be safe out there! 

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, July 13-Wednesday, July 19, 2023: San Diego Pride | They Might Be Giants | Local Natives | Bumbklaatt | Allie Crow Buckley | Heartless Bastards | Fools & Fables | Comic-Con 2023 |

I am so exhausted. Listings during Pride and Comic-Con take so long to put together and I'm sure I still missed some stuff but It's 5am and I need to get some sleep if I expect to actually live a life on Thursday, so I'm going to sleep. There's a ton going on over the next couple weeks, so I'll do my best to pace myself and you should, too. I'll try to put together my Comic-Con stuff this weekend so next week can be chill, but we'll see how that goes being that its Pride. There are a lot of peripheral events for that, too, so check here for all the pool parties, club stuff, and more. 

I'll try and update if anything worthy comes to my attention. 
Listings after the jump. 
Stay safe out there. 

Newsy Things: Extrene Geat | County Cool Zones | Hiking Preparation | Reducing Gun Violence | Greedflation | Ending Child Marriages | Baby Red Panda Makes Appearance at San Diego Zoo |


Adira and her baby, born 6.9.23, appeared on habitat 7.6.23 (Taken 7.8.23)

I didn't make it to the zoo on Wednesday and I feel a little discombobulated because of it, but it was fun staying up late with Darren the night before, sharing stories about his days at the Safari Park and the funny things that happen at the Zoo. It's a whole subculture. He works so much these days that we don't see a whole lot of each other. Nova had a weekend excursion with a school organization and this week is in LA checking out colleges and a day at Disneyland with Upward Bound, then this weekend is Pride, next week she's living at UCSD, and I'll be doing Comic-Con, so we're not seeing much of her these days either. I hadn't really intended to post a newsy things post, but links kinda added up over the past couple weeks, even though I'm kinda checked out from news lately because Comic-Con emails are dominating my life right now. 

I hope everyone is having a good summer so far. 
Stay safe out there. I'm starting to hear of more people getting COVID with some pretty hefty symptoms, and since we're all several months past a booster, we might consider being extra careful again (or still). 

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, July 6-Wednesday, July 12, 2023: Sky Ferreira | The Havnauts | Cardiel | She Fest | Charlie Puth | Neil Young | Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit | The Drums | Rozzi | Summer Salt |

Fourth of July should always be on a Tuesday, am I right? I loved having a long weekend, of only moderately having to check email, of being out in the perfect weather of San Diego and then completely vegging and bingeing TV at home, too. I loved it, even though on the actual 4th I didn't do a single thing because I had to be home for my poor animals who were tormented by the non-stop illegal fireworks of City Heights, Normal Heights, North Park and beyond. We had some car stuff come up and I maybe had a night with too many drinks where I impulse purchased a new air conditioner, so I'm gonna be laying low, no real plans to go out beyond my San Diego Zoo and Sea World visits, since those are already paid for.  

I think I covered all the possible events in the listings but I'm questionable on Neil Young...I see it listed in some places and tickets are on Ticketmaster, but it's not listed on the Shell's calendar...which may be because it's a rental or may be because it's not happening, I can't really confirm either way and frankly, with tickets as much as they are, I don't really care enough to dig any deeper. So there's that. But good stuff this week if you're looking for it. 

Stay safe out there.