Sunday, April 18, 2021

CoViD-19: 50% of Adults Have At Least 1 Jab | Excess Deaths Far Underestimated | Shooting Rampages Overwhelm| US-China Issue Joint Statement on Climate |

Gorilla at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Just Because (Taken 3.24.21)

Today Darren and a friend went biking for a few hours, so Nova and I finally caught the end of The Real World: Homecoming. I cannot imagine how frustrated Kevin must've been after the conversation he had with Becky. She's so full of white privilege verbal vomit. And we watched after I'd finished the Amber Ruffin & Lacey Lamar book which is an entire book chock full of racist interactions in the world, written in a comedic way, but no less disturbing and enraging. 
There was not much else going on for us today. Mostly just sheltering in place in the dark with the air conditioner on. Did some online shopping, watched some TV, made chilaquiles, and generally lounged. Now everyone else is in bed and I'm about to dive into a show I watched ages ago that I now see has two more seasons that I never watched. 
Today many churches returned to full capacity with no mask requirements because of that supreme court ruling, so just remember those same people who disregard common sense and health recommendations will be out in the community, eating at restaurants and shopping at the same stores you do. Protect yourself. Stay safe out there.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

CoViD-19: Get Vaccinated | Worldwide Deaths Surpass Three Million |

At Helix High Lacrosse Game (Taken by Josh Krimston, 4.17.21)

Today I'm feeling blissfully unaware of the news. Me and Darren had a late night in the speakeasy, I slept in, Darren cooked us an awesome dinner, and then we went to see Helix High's lacrosse team and hang out with pals. I haven't even looked at email today. So I'm just going to enjoy it for the night and I'll catch up tomorrow. Get vaccinated. If you need help getting an appointment, please reach out and I can help you. Stay safe out there. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

CoViD-19: More Evidence It's Airborne | The Disease Is Far Worse Than The Vax | Gun Epidemic: "It's A National Embarrassment" | Gloria's Budget |

I love this puppy. (Taken 4.16.21)

We live on a busy street in Normal Heights. Our street is the access street to all the rest of Normal Heights, so hundreds, maybe thousands of cars pass by every day, usually speeding though the City did install a 25MPH sign after I requested it a few years back. Today the new construction had to cut into the street to connect to the sewer line, leaving steel plates across the roadway that are unavoidable. So now every time a car drives by, the steel hits the asphalt and makes a noise so now my dog is on high alert because the sound resembles a knock on the door. And of course, they stopped working for the weekend, so we get this awesome noise every light cycle for the remainder of the weekend. Super fun. 

It's probably really annoying that I'm always talking about my sleep but I feel so exuberant when I actually fall asleep when I try, and so today was a lovely day. I woke up early, made myself some amazing chilaquiles, watched my press briefings, read my book, got through my email, and now I'm at my parents' house for a little birthday celebration for my sister. So I'm gonna cut. Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

CoViD-19: Breakthrough Virus | Brazilians Suffer Under Bolsinaro | US "Holding Russia To Account" | San Diego Emergency Services To Move To Falck |

Happy Birthday To My Sister (Taken 5.1.2020)

I've been thinking a lot about the past year: what's changed, what we learned, new routines, old and new habits, and all that kinda stuff in general. There are still so many projects and things I thought I'd do if ever given a year off that I haven't even touched. One of the things I'm thinking about is email. Do I keep subscribing to all these newsletters and how do I plan a transition back to music and stuff, and honestly, I don't know that I will go back the way it was before. I'm already getting requests and stuff for calendar listings and I still cringe. I'm not ready.

In the meantime, I get all these COVID and health related newsletters and one I really like comes from Kaiser Health News, which sends a daily recap of the news topics and a grip of articles related to that topic. But sometimes its infuriating. Like I swear there are links to like twenty articles --in one day--about vaccine hesitancy in rural, white, evangelical communities, especially in light of the pause of the J&J vaccine. I understand it is topical but sometimes the amplification itself is the problem. There's a reason Facebook makes so much money off sharing false and bad information. I know I'm isolated and live in a liberal bubble, but I have not met one single person who doesn't want to get vaccinated. So while the news loves the extremes--the lack of vaccines and appointments, and then endless stories about vaccine hesitancy, my head might explode. So I'm gonna cut out early and call it a night. By the way, I'm currently reading “You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories About Racism,” by Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar and it's a quick read but they're so funny and the stories are both unbelievable and sadly totally true and believable. 

Lots of news today on Russia, vaccine eligibility expanded to all Californians 16 and up, CDC released breakthrough virus numbers and ore

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CoViD-19: State Poised to Expand Vaccine Eligibility To All 16+; Expands Orange Tier Activities | Home Casino Busts | San Diego County Fair Announces Home*Grown*Fun |


Hummingbird Pollinating at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 4.13.21)

My cousin is a crazy successful fashion buyer in LA and her company was getting ready for a sample sale, but she hooked me up with some of the stuff. It's super high-end designer of the tags for a blouse is $398! My sister visited her over the weekend, so she was dropping off the stuff after my nieces' soccer practice, so we surprised her with a cake for her birthday, which is tomorrow. It's so infrequent we have visitors that it it really is a nice treat to have them over. Plus, who doesn't love cake and an excuse to eat it?

That was pretty much the whole day. We had this gnarly smell emanating from the kitchen so Darren pretty much turned the kitchen upside down trying to find where it was coming from. Turns out it was a jar of spent butter that had been used to cook shrimp. Nasty, but glad he was finally able to figure that out. 

Today's media briefings were interesting. Today's Psaki-bomb was when she shut down the guy from some Catholic newspaper who always asks the same questions about why pro-life people should pay for abortions in other countries. After shutting that down, he tried to ask again. "I think I've answered your question." She is such a badass. Fletcher shut down KUSI much in the same way. There are definitely some ding-dongs in media. 

Today was an interesting news day. I started listening to a podcast about Kristin Smart just yesterday, and today her suspected murderer was arrested. President Biden announced that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan will happen on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. SDPD had some crazy bust of "gambling dens" all over City Heights which had my jaw on the floor because who even knew such a thing existed? There was one like two blocks from my house! Anyway, I think I'm done laptopping for the night. Stay safe out there. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

CoViD-19 J&J "Paused" By FDA & CDC; Clots "Extremely Rare" 6 cases/6.85M Administered | Young Continue Driving Transmission | Standoff Suspect Killed By SDPD SWAT | Photos: San Diego Zoo Safari Park |

Darren & Nova in the Succulent Garden at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

You'll never believe what I did. I went to bed at the same time as Nova last night, which was like 10pm, and it was a miracle. I did wake up around 1am but forced myself back to sleep, which meant I was up early to see Nova off for her first in-person day back in school. Her school is a public charter, so they're kind of under SDUSD and kind of on their own with a cluster of charters in LA, so they're in cohorts with 2 days of in-person learning and 2 days of async. She's still done before 1pm, so after catching up on the Psaki media briefing, news, and all the J&J reports, she was pretty much already back home. She and Darren made us pizzas for lunch to celebrate the first day. 

Since I'd wanted to go so bad last week, we ended up going to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It was gray and gloomy, which is the perfect weather for up there. We haven't made a trek out to Anza-Borrego in two years (!), so we made sure to spend a lot of time in the succulent and world gardens, without even realizing today is Plant Appreciation Day. (Check out this super cool 'when to plant' guide for gardeners.) For the occasion, I included cell phone and photos from my Canon. I also took a lot of time with the kangaroos and wallabies, with the tree kangaroo, and with the tigers. Then we made our way to the lower park for some rhino and elephant time, but the waterbuck had taken over our favorite part at Kilima Point instead to show off their babies and eat the giraffe food. 

I don't really need to go into all the news today, but I did want to make a note that San Diego was technically in the Red Tier today. Last week we were close, but any uptick isn't good. But for businesses, it doesn't really matter, because last week's announcements mean that counties won't slip back in tiers even if case rates and testing positivity increase unless those rises coincide with hospitalizations and ICUs. I think the point of that is that lots of places are doing regular testing, like schools, sports, and others, where positive cases may be in more asymptomatic carriers, so higher cases and positivity, while bad for the spread, are less likely to affect vulnerable people who should already be vaccinated by now. I should note I was worried about the R-eff the other day, and while ours is still below 1, it is above 1 in multiple counties in the state, so if everyone is only gonna look out for themselves anymore, then you gotta be the one that takes care of you. Stay safe out there. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

CoViD-19: Vaccines Don't End Need For Masks & Mitigation | About Breakthrough Infections | Mayor Gloria Announces Empowerment Policy Plan For Black Community | PPE Pollution |

Celebrating Nova on Only Child Day (Taken 4.9.21)

The Michigan situation is really irritating to me. Yes, the UK variant is a problem, but if a state's legislature hamstrings their governor to shut things down when needed, why should other states have to lose their vaccine supply to compensate? And remember when the mayor of Detroit refused J&J vaccines? And why hasn't the CDC emphasized aerosolization as the main driver of infection? And why would they make a general statement about "youth sports" when evidence is showing that specifically hockey is a driver of this (look at Canada) and other indoor sports where a locker room is involved? I was so mad when California had our crazy December and January surge, and I don't really understand why this is still happening. What am I missing?

Then we've got Minnesota with yesterday's shooting of Daunte Wright and the protests, the continuing trial of Derek Chauvin and it should be noted that they've issued a curfew which is a problem for Muslims who have started celebrating Ramadan. And there was a school shooting in Knoxville, though it didn't qualify as a 'mass shooting' so news didn't necessarily break away to cover it. Ugh. It's all too much sometimes. 

It's gonna be a little gloomy this week. It's too bad we're not expected to see more than a drizzle, but I kinda like it. I wanted to go to La Jolla Cove this afternoon but I got sleepy and kinda lost motivation and then Nova had piano and I am parked in front of the TV. Stay safe out there. 
**Note: As of 6:30pm, the County still hasn't updated all of today's case, vaccination, and death numbers. I will update these blanks as soon as they do. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

CoViD-19: Pfizer Requests EUA For Teens; Less Effective On SA Variant | Another Cop Kills Another Black Man | San Diego Restaurant Week Kicks Off | Photos: San Diego Zoo |

Shaba The Good Elephant at San Diego Zoo (Taken 4.11.21)

People were already reeling from the insane video of the cops pepper spraying Lt. Caron Nazario in the face in Virginia, and today another Minnesota cop killed another black man who was pulled over for having a dangling air freshener from his rear view mirror. It's hardly news anymore when these things happen because they happen so frequently. If you didn't read this article the last time I posted it, I highly recommend the read from GQ from December: "Visible Men: Black Fathers Talk About Losing Sons to Police Brutality" Police reform cannot come soon enough. These men, because it's almost always men though in this case it was a woman, should have their badges taken, should be unable to join any other law enforcement agency, and should lose all benefits. I've included a petition to sign below that addresses racism and extremism in law enforcement. Also, the cops are now claiming that they pulled Daunte Wright over because of his outstanding warrant, but they initially called it in as a traffic stop as confirmed by Wright's mom who was on the phone with him during the police encounter.

We had a really quiet weekend around here. Darren and I tied one on in the speakeasy and we went to the last day of the San Diego Zoo's extended hours. Nova goes back to in-person school Tuesday for two days a week. Her best pal isn't going back, so her excitement is somewhat muted, though I know she's really looking forward to high school in the fall. She's been reading Hoover's website extensively and decided she wants to try lacrosse, so this weekend she and Darren picked up some sticks and have been playing catch in the yard. My guess is this is her way of differentiating from me and Darren, playing a sport neither of us have played. Probably helps that we went to a handful of Seals games in the before-times. 

I'm watching the news but it is so annoying. The chyron says, "will vaccine supply meet new demand?" NO. No it won't. If it did, we would already be done vaccinating all Americans. Stop it with the ridiculousness already. 187k+ doses have been administered nationwide. On Saturday alone, 4.63 doses were administered. Everybody will get a turn. And then we'll all be ready for boosters if they're necessary. But is it going to all happen at once? No. The news needs to stop playing to the lowest common denominator and be better. Last week, the state of California got nearly 4 million shots. We'll get there, slowly but surely. 

Stay safe out there. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

CoViD-19: J&J Shortage | Vax Distribution Debate | Disneyland Preps For Reopening | Supreme Court Justices Don't Care If You Die For God | SD AAPI Safety Symposium | DOD Attempts To Combat Military Extremism |

My Sister and Niece for Sibling Day (Taken 12.25.2020)

I'm gonna keep it short today because I've given myself shoulder and neck pain from being online all day every day. There's some interesting things to note, however. That J&J factory mistake is rearing its head this week as distribution will see shortages. Michigan is still begging for more vaccine supply when it seems they need to be giving more therapeutics for those testing positive. Meanwhile in San Diego, we're a week past opening day and six days out from Easter and our cases have increased slightly, but I'm more concerned with our R-effective approaching 1 again, after we were down to like .67 a few weeks ago. If that gets over 1, we could get back into trouble, and no thanks to the Supreme Court majority, States will be completely hamstrung if things trigger back to worse or we face another pandemic down the line or if this one evolves and mushrooms again with variants and such. Disneyland is setting to reopen at the end of the month and let's just say we'll be continuing our mostly isolation for some time. I also included a link to steps the Pentagon is taking to counter extremism in the military, and think it should also be implemented across all federal agencies like ICE, Customs & Border Patrol, and across state and local police, sheriff, and other law enforcement agencies. And lastly, I included a link to donate to San Diego River Foundation who are getting a matched grant to create the enrichment centers and parks along the river.

I'm gonna go wrestle one of the cats for the heating pad to put on my neck while I watch the rest of Real World Homecoming on Paramount+. Stay safe out there. 

Friday, April 09, 2021

CoViD-19: Schools Projected To Fully Reopen This Fall | Biden Creates Supreme Court Commission | Bowen Bikes SD | SD Local Musgrove Throws Padres First Ever No Hitter |

Amur Leopard (Taken 3.19.21)

Thursday was "Zoo Lovers Day" and we didn't make it to the San Diego Zoo. As I shared last night, Darren and I went to the Casbah opening and then had a fun night in the speakeasy. That made for a super lazy day around the house and Darren picking up Yak N Yeti for dinner, which was our first time having it since before the pandemic. I attempted my own saag paneer a few times over the course of the last year, but it's just not the same as getting it from people who know what they're doing. So yum. 

Today felt like a good news day overall. Dr. Walensky said she expects schools to be fully in-person this fall and predicted what I've been hoping all week, which is that 12-15 year olds could begin getting vaccinated as early as mid-May. Meanwhile, Jeff Zients said they're not changing vaccine distribution strategies despite new hotspots in the country, which is kinda like saying maybe y'all should've kept mask mandates and mitigation measures and the administration isn't gonna punish states who've been doing the right thing because the ones who reopened too early are now seeing spikes. And then Biden spoke and he's authorized a commission to look into the Supreme Court, which to me is just kinda putting McConnell on notice that we're coming for his decade of obstructionism. Finally, I'm not gonna act like I care much about Major League Baseball though I've been to my share of Padres games, but it is pretty cool that a homegrown pitcher threw the franchise's first ever no-hitter. Especially against Texas. Very satisfying. 

The Casbah was featured again on the news, this time on News8, so I'll throw up the link if they make it shareable. In the meantime, stay safe out there and have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 08, 2021

CoViD-19: Reopenings Are Upon Us: Casbah Soft Opening | President Biden Reveals Smart Gun Goals | Sea World To Operate As Theme Park | Del Mar Bluff Stabilization Underway | SD STDs |

Waiting On Salud Tacos at Casbah San Diego (Taken 4.8.21)

We did it. Darren and I went to the soft opening of the Casbah. It was so good to see everyone and sneak in some hugs among our fully vaccinated cohorts. There's nice spacing of the tables on the patio and in the Razzmatazz Room, Ben was slinging behind the bar behind a sheet of plexiglass. Cynthia, Janelle, and Emily were among the food and drink runners and it was very expedient. And of course, Salud makes amazing food. Tacos are $3, 3 for $8, or $10 for a plate of 3 tacos, beans and rice. We each had two tacos and an order of shrimp ceviche ($8) and it all hit the spot. We were only there about an hour but of course, not without incident.  

It takes a really special type of person to show up at a soft opening of a business that has been closed for over a year and refuse to wear a mask and follow pandemic guidelines. The guy comes in with a lady friend, gets seats and quickly gets their drinks, and then proceeds to get out of seat to skank to the music, bounding from table to table without a mask. When Tom told him he needed to be seated and masked when he's not seated, he had to get sassy. One person out to ruin it for everyone. We settled our tab and were leaving, saying our goodbyes, and sure enough, on our way out, he was escorted out and making a huge scene about it. Mind you, there were like 30 people in the whole space. I am so stoked that the Casbah can be open in some small way, but the stress of rule enforcement there and at any restaurants, bars, and venues is momentous. It's really super simple: don't be a dick. We are a society and as a society, we are expected to conform to rules and norms, and if you don't want to comply and abide the rules, stay home. Or move to Texas or Florida. 

There was a lot of news today, particularly President Biden's goals for smart, sensible, and frankly, not enough, gun sense measures and goals. San Diego appears to have stable cases and we may actually see testing start to increase even more as many schools go back to in-person learning on Monday. Nova got her COVID test earlier this week, but I think we'll make a habit of doing that while she finishes out the school year. It's easy, free, and can help us feel some peace of mind until vaccines open up for her age group. Fingers crossed.

Stay safe out there. 

Casbah Presents: Japanese Breakfast @ Observatory San Diego | October 4, 2021 | All Ages | Tickets On Sale Friday |


Japanese Breakfast Press Photo

Casbah presents Japanese Breakfast
Observatory San Diego
October 4, 2021
All Ages

CoViD-19: When Will Pfizer Request Adolescent EUA? | WHO Addresses AstraZeneca Vax | DisneyWorld Dude In Deep DooDoo | CA Drought | Photos: San Diego Zoo |

Polar Bear at San Diego Zoo (Taken 4.7.21)

There's a problem with messaging. This is true in all aspects of life, not just COVID-19 messaging. People have a tendency to hear the first thing you say and tune out the rest. This is why the jackhole who occupied the White House for the last four years was so effective with his minions. He spoke in hooky three word phrases and his message could permeate among the masses whether we liked it or not and whether anything he said was true or not, which almost always it was not. 

Now we're in this position where San Diego County has moved to the Orange Tier, even though we barely slid under the new metrics with 5.8 cases per 100k (6.0 could've put us right back into the Red Tier for a week and we could've had to reset the three consecutive weeks in Orange). The governor made his announcements about reopening and the people rejoiced, but without anyone paying real attention to all the qualifying information: we will have to continue wearing masks in public, numbers have to stay low, our health care systems need not be challenged. I think about my rant from the other night (after the Zoo photos) and the jackholes grandstanding on Monday's press conference about events and wonder how these hypocrites responded to the news. 

I finally watched Governor Newsom's briefing from Tuesday and it is pretty exciting that we have that June 15th target for moving beyond the blueprint. I believe more and more that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will be submitted for EUA for kids 12-15 by the end of April. It got me curious about how quickly the approval took before, so I found the original press release from when Pfizer submitted (November 20) and the FDA's press release when it was granted emergency use authorization (December 11) and they were exactly 3 weeks apart. That make me optimistic and hopeful that we could see kids starting to be vaccinated by the end of May. I'll do the regular data post tonight when all the information is out, I just wanted to make sure I covered all the things in the inbox. Stay diligent, and be safe out there. 

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

CoViD-19: B.1.1.7 Now Dominant in US; Youth Sports Driving Spread | Casbah In The News | SD City Council "Passes" Measure C for Convention Center Expansion | Can US Mandate Vax? |

Darren and I had a fun night in the speakeasy, and after Darren went to bed I caught up on yesterday's briefings. I'm still really behind in emails and I'm hoping to catch up tonight. We went back to the San Diego Zoo today --our third day in a row. The Skyfari had only been open on weekends, but during this "Spring Awakening" promotion, it's been open daily so we've taken full advantage. I guess they actually liked when we did the three back to back trips, because we did it again today. The leopards were super active, so we watched them for awhile, and we spent some time with Otis the hippo. I was thinking it would be fun to do a meetup at the seating area over by the elephants, but maybe I'll wait until summer hours and more widespread vaccinations. I still want to get to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park this week, but I just haven't motivated early enough to make the trip worthwhile.

I know I've said over and over that I haven't and won't eat out, but I guess I'm dipping my toe in the water for a private invite-only soft opening of the Casbah tomorrow. Tim Mays was on the news today and I've included the clip below.  

I'm gonna get back to my email now and I'll throw in another post with anything meaningful plus some Zoo photos. Stay safe out there.  

Casbah Presents Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Music Box | March 2, 2022 | All Ages | Thursday Presale | On Sale Friday |


Godspeed You! Black Emperor press photo

Casbah presents Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Music Box
March 2, 2022
All Ages
Password: BossesHang 

Casbah presents Girl Talk at House of Blues | April 19, 2022 | All Ages | On Sale Now! |

Girl Talk Press Photo

 Casbah presents Girl Talk
House of Blues 
April 19, 2022
All Ages

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Moves To Orange Tier; Governor Newsom Targets June 15 For Statewide Reopening "Beyond The Blueprint" | All 16+ Vaccine Eligible By April 19 |

San Diego Zoo Mandatory Entrance Photo. Looks Like I have a Fairy On My Shoulder (Taken 4.6.21)

I was up all night, partially nerding out on numbers and data, partially keeping an eye on Darren after his second dose of Pfizer. Of course he had zero side effects just to spite us all. (haha) I did, however, watch Concrete Cowboy on Netflix and it was sooo good. I'm probably gonna make the fam watch it with me again. Of course, I was eagerly anticipating the vaccination numbers, so I stayed up until 10am to see we did, in fact, reach the 4M vaccines in HPI Q1, which shifts the tiers and moves San Diego into the Orange Tier. It is worth noting however, that to be in the Orange Tier by the new metrics, which act retroactively, need to be 5.9 cases per 100k or less. Last week we were at 4.9, and this week we've slid back to 5.8. We don't want to move backwards. I'll be watching numbers closely to see things like a week after opening day, post-Easter, etc. 

As I was finally falling asleep, I saw announcements from President Biden that he was moving forward vaccination targets and from the Governor that he's advancing full reopening targets, and I was able to finally drift off to sleep. One thing I will say is that I had a feeling that when Pfizer announced efficacy in teens last week, the admin is maybe asking them to hold off on requesting EUA until more adults are vaccinated, so by making "all adults 16+ eligible by April 19" I wouldn't be surprised if Pfizer now submits and the 12-16 year olds become eligible relatively quickly which would be AWESOME. Pubescent kids are already super gross, don't need to throw a whole pandemic in there, too. Perhaps that's why that June 15 target was set by the Governor, too. 

I missed my window for San Diego Zoo Safari Park, but it turns out Nova doesn't have online school the rest of the week, so perhaps we can take advantage and do something fun. One thing I've been really waiting for is for the large window that is Spring Break to be over so I can finally go back to La Jolla to see my sea lions, which I haven't done since we pulled Nova from soccer last fall. With reopenings, I'm not rushing out to eat out or sit at a bar, but I am hoping this means that other things loosen up, like the return of the tour buses at the San Diego Zoo, the elimination of their every-other-car rule for the Skyfari, and the return of the Africa Tram at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Then again, little kid vectors can't be vaccinated, so maybe they'll be cautious with such things. 

Besides all that, today was an exceptionally busy day in local politics. The agenda for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors was 50 pages long, and San Diego City Council had some big decisions about the Convention Center vote, there's a special election to replace Dr. Shirley Weber that got really contentious as the Dr. Akilah Weber, Shirley's daughter, seemed the stand out favorite until Leticia Munguia started dog-whistling and standing out as the police-endorsed candidate. I hate racism, but I especially hate racism between minorities, i.e. Mexican vs Black, Black vs. AAPI. It's something people don't want to talk about but it is a really ugly part of my Mexican heritage that I've always been acutely aware of, even just so much as I'm the 'guera' of my family and my sister is significantly darker and she's experienced so much racism than I've never had to worry about. Anyway, not a lot of precincts are reporting, but Dr. Weber has over 10,000 votes more than her nearest competitor and 52.34% of the vote as of 10:21pm so that is certainly promising. The sad thing is they're reporting only 18.1% turnout. We need to work on that. You can follow here.

Anyway, we did end up going to the San Diego Zoo for the last hour and a half they were open, mostly because last week my Samsung Health app reminded me that I haven't met the most basic exercise goals. We saw the local owl, which is pretty cool, like our little secret, and at the end of the night I made Nova and Darren ride the Skyfari 3 times in a row...west to east, back east to west, and west to east to the exit as the last announcement came for the park closing. For the record, you cannot really see the Sea World fireworks from the Skyfari, but you can hear the animals terrorized across the park from the booms. Today's post was gonna be especially long, but the speakeasy is calling so I'll have to catch up on all the things next post. Stay safe out there. 

Casbah presents Julien Baker at the Observatory North Park!

Casbah presents Julien Baker 
with special guests DEHD & Katie Malco 
Observatory North Park
November 2  All Ages  7pm
Tickets on sale Friday, April 9 at 10am

It's been a hot minute since I've had any good music news around here, which is why it makes me so excited to share that Julien Baker will be performing at the Observatory North Park. The show is set to take place on November 2, 2021 and will be an all ages show. 

Julien's 2021 release, Little Oblivions, has been getting some serious repetitive plays in our speakeasy and the opportunity to hear it live is enough reason for all of us to get vaccinated and get our collective shit together to squash this pandemic, so we can all be in the same room at the same time listening to this amazing performer live. I've had the pleasure of working at both of her sold out shows at The Irenic (R.I.P. venue) as well as catching her show with Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers at the Observatory as one third of Boygenius and she is an absolutely stunning live performer who can captivate an audience into dead silent admiration. Little Oblivions is getting all the worthy praises and this show is certain to sell out. Make sure you've got your Ticketmaster login all set up with your credit card when the show goes on sale this Friday at 10am. 

Meanwhile, don't expect shows at the Casbah in the immediate future regardless of the new orange tier and the ability to host live music to vaccinated people at a really small capacity, but don't forget the bar is opening Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6-10pm to serve cocktails, tacos from Salud, and live DJs in the house. It will all be outside on the patio and Razzmatazz Room. COVID-19 safety protocols require a mask for all guest to be worn at all times except when seated and actively eating or drinking. Consider it a test drive and be on your best behavior so they can continue and expand to longer hours and more days in the future. 

Monday, April 05, 2021

CoViD-19: Slavitt: "Don't Mistake Progress For Victory" | We're #1: California Lowest Positivity Of All States | 1 Bar Opening: 46 Cases | Tatis' $340M Shoulder | Sing To Me, Parliamentarian |

San Diego Zoo has extended hours until 8pm through April 11. (Taken 4.5.21)

I had such a productive day. I had a Zoom this morning and since I don't do mornings, I had to go to bed early and take extra melatonin last night. But then I was up and at 'em, made breakfast for the family, watched Jen Sassy Psaki whose PR dexterity and sharpness make her a superhero, watched the COVID-19 Response Team briefing and a couple other newsy things, took the dog for a walk, wrote another rant (see end of this post), then took Darren to get his second vaccine shot. We picked up more amazing food from Sayulita's, macked at home, then Darren and I walked around the San Diego Zoo for the last hour and a half it was open. They're currently open until 8pm, which means a lot of the animals are already off exhibit and the ones who aren't are bathed in darkness, so I didn't get many photos, but we caught one of the last Skyfaris from the west mesa back toward the entrance and now everyone is all nestled up for bed as I have the quiet house to myself. I'll probably do evening zoo at least one more time this week because it's so nice and cool once the sun drops and the animal sounds across the park are so enchanting. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is now open until 6pm, so we might try and head up on Tuesday to see the blooms of the Baja Succulent Gardens at the very top of the park above the California Condors and Australian Outback. 

I haven't had a drink since our camping trip...a mini-cleanse, if you will...but I was ready for action tonight. But with Darren asleep, it seems a little desperate to cocktail alone, so I'll hope he's not knocked out from dose two tomorrow or Wednesday and loosen back up. I'm gonna have to find a new show to watch because I watched the Netflix series "Who Killed Sara?" and I need a palate cleanser for the horrible dialogue on that one, though it could just be a really poor dub. Maybe I'll watch the next season in Spanish when it drops in May.  Casbah's got some announcements this week, so make sure you're signed up for their newsletter which you can do at I hope everyone is being good and safe out there, and I'll catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

CoVID-19: P1 Variant Outbreak In Canada Interrupts NHL | California On The Cusp of 4M Doses To Lowest HPI Quartile | Happy 51 Year Anniversary, Mom & Dad! |

Vaccinated and Celebrating 51 Years Together (Taken 4.4.21)

We spent Easter Sunday at my parents' house for their 51st wedding anniversary where my sisters and mom had made a brunch feast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, ham, potato salad, fruit salad, chipotle pasta salad, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, and all kinds of other delights. It was super nice to hang out and watch the Padres game with my dad, as he dozed in and out and I was puppy mauled by Roxy who tried to lick my face off. It was a chill time and so nice because all of the adults amongst us are at least partially vaccinated. None of us are really out in the world, but it is still amazingly unburdening knowing we're all mostly protected. And I know it would be ineffective, but Nova is getting mandatory testing for her school tomorrow, and we'll probably do another test at the end of the week just to be doubly sure. 

California is only 71,387 doses away from hitting the 4 million doses to the HPI first quartile which will adjust the metrics for the tier system, putting counties with three weeks with less than 5.9 cases/100k into the Orange Tier. From Saturday to Sunday, 80,132 doses were administered in this quartile, so counting today will probably put us there unless a significant amount of vaccination centers closed for Easter. Either way, San Diego should be Orange by the time of the next assessment (Tuesday) which I think goes into effect within 24 hours. 

I was trying not to delve too deep into news today, but I noticed a post about the Vancouver Canucks NHL team which led to a deeper dive into the P1 Variant and how widespread it is across Canada and then the science of why hockey rinks are especially dangerous with the aerosolized virus and it kinda got me a little panicked. I feel like the County and State have been pretty good about getting information out through their media briefings, but if I had my shot at a question this week, it would be how many test samples are being sequenced in the county and in the state and what is the rate of growth they're seeing. Santa Clara county is panicking. The R-effective is growing locally and statewide. The holiday is going to throw off numbers so ours are looking really good (1% positivity, 193 new cases,) but as things open up we could certainly see some backsliding. I was getting fine with the idea of Nova going back to school, especially because it's only going to end up being 8 total days in two months, but I'll definitely be watching closely. As vaccinated people, so long as we have an unvaccinated kid in the house, we can maybe relax our shoulders but not our habits and diligence. Stay safe out there. 

Saturday, April 03, 2021

CoViD-19: Shoulda Woulda Coulda | CA Surpasses 500k Doses Administered In One Day | Guidance: You May {Travel, Eat Out, Party, Have A Wedding, Rock Out}, But Should You? | "In Support Of Shame": Padres Fans Need To Mask Up |

A camping shot of momma and Nadia and Roxy (Taken 3.30.21)

Okay, so I went a little nuts about a couple stories I read/watched yesterday, so I include some extra ragey rants at the end of today's post, partially for your enjoyment, but partially to purge it from my brain and body so I can process and move forward, at least until my next ragey rants. Read at your own peril or enjoyment or mockery. 
For now, I'll say I'm super excited to watch St. Vincent on SNL tonight and since I really ruined my sleep beyond anything reasonable, I'm forcibly shutting down my laptop and phone tonight by 11pm and taking a ton of melatonin so I'll be up and energetic for my parents' anniversary brunch in the morning. 
Until then, I will say the great news is that between Friday and Saturday reporting, 118,040 vaccine doses were administered to that HPI quartile 1 as the state topped over 500,000 doses in one day! This means that the state is only about 150,000 doses from 4 million in that quartile. We may not get today's reporting until Monday because of Easter, but I would imagine Saturday shots exceed Friday, add the holiday, and we're cruising into that Orange Tier with the new lower case rate requirement of 2-5.9 cases/100k. A lot of those new guidances don't kick in until April 15 no matter what, but that means more vaccines in arms, some time for decisions by local businesses about taking more grants/loans and staying closed, opening at partial capacities as food service places, or opening as bars or venues with super strict vaccine/testing requirements. It's not gonna be easy and today was San Diego's first day to day increase in hospitalizations in weeks, but that's the price we'll pay for opening. I hope we all proceed with caution and stay safe out there. 

CoViD-19: Understanding California Guidance | More On Casbah Razzmatazz Reopening | Saturday: Pedal With Your Peeps |

San Diego River Garden (Taken 4.2.21)

We had a nice little walk with the dog at the San Diego River Garden. We got there a little later than planned but I had held us up finishing that last post. I wasn't done getting out everything I wanted to say and I hadn't even finished reading my email for the day, so I thought I'd slide a second post in, especially since Casbah got such favorable coverage from NBC and I'm spending Friday night catching up on media briefings from the Governor and Jen Psaki and all the other news. Let me tell you, my Friday is a rager fer sure. 

I'm gonna wrap it up though. I did try to break out the California tier stuff and found the pdf with the sector guidance by tiers. It is hard to find. I don't really know how to navigate to it, just that I found the update. I included the direct link and the pdf converted to jpegs below. I was kinda excited that the California guidance includes different occupancies for a general crowd vs a vaccinated or tested-within-two days crowd, meaning it is something the clubs and venues will be able to mandate, though I also suspect with Casbah not planning on live music in the immediate future, the guidance will likely change by then anyway. Still, good looking out as far as I'm concerned. Also, for people who live in California but never bothered updating your Michigan or Arizona or license from may wanna do that since a ton of the open or opening sectors are only open to in-state residents. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. The weather is supposed to be perfect and Saturday there's a fun "Pedal With Your Peeps" event. Of course Sunday is easter, but it is also my parents' 51st Anniversary and we're so looking forward to an outdoor backyard brunch. Stay safe out there however you may celebrate. 

Friday, April 02, 2021

CoViD-19: CA Issues Event Guidance, CDC Offers Travel Guidance: Both Still Strongly Discouraged | MLB Pulls All-Star Game From Georgia | Another Capitol Attack |

A Sold Out Crowd at the Casbah (Taken 1.18.2020)

Man, today has been a big news day. It's been fun seeing all the excitement about the Casbah's quasi-reopening, new t-shirt, and there are going to be concert announcements next week which is kinda crazy. The Derek Chauvin murder trial continues and is incredibly hard to watch, another nut job 'stormed' the Capitol, killing an officer and getting killed after pulling a knife, Major League Baseball pulled their All-Star game from Atlanta because of their new voter supression law, the state of California released event guidelines, and the CDC issued travel guidance for vaccinated people, even though both still strongly advise against either --gatherings and travel, that is. I love how the news goes to the AIRPORT to ask people how they feel about travel during the pandemic. Obviously they don't really care what the CDC has to say about it or they wouldn't be at the airport, would they?   

The sun is about to set and I promised the dog a jaunt to the San Diego River Garden. I have so much more to write about, so I'll do another post sometime tonight or early tomorrow. In the meantime, stay safe out there.

CoVid-19: Jen Psaki Trends After Destroying Reporter | Casbah To Reopen Razzmatazz | Padres Win Home Opener |

Michael Halloran, Erik Howarth, Declan Halloran on the Casbah Patio (Taken 1.19.21)

I guess I was premature in declaring that I didn't have any lingering symptoms after my second vaccination because I have been so, so tired. Granted that I have always experienced disordered sleep pre-vax and the camping trip probably didn't help, but I'll be laying low until I can get my shit back to something closer to normal. 

I know everyone was so super excited about Padres Opening Day today but watching the crowd footage and b-roll made me cringe. State guidance says "Use of face coverings is mandatory throughout the venue in all settings indoor and outdoor, unless actively eating and/or drinking. Guests who do not comply should be removed from the facility immediately," yet everyone I saw in the coverage had their chin diapers on or no mask at all. 

Casbah announced a reopening for next week, when the County likely will move to the Orange Tier, but it will be more restaurant style with Salud Tacos providing food and DJs to start. Masks are required at all time while not actively eating or drinking or when not at your table. Patrons must remain seated with their party, no milling about. I'm personally just not ready to dine in public, indoor or outdoor, which has less to do with the relative safety of the activity itself and more to do with me not trusting the kind of people who have been rushing out to eat and drink in public all along. I'm not the only one, especially since Nova will be going back to school and kids her age won't be vaccinated until maybe late summer or fall at the earliest. I'm stoked to be vaccinated but it really isn't going to change my life all that much. Camping was a first step, but I'm still on guard. Stay safe out there.