Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Rhinos at San Diego Zoo Safari Park Feel Appropriate For Earth Day (Taken 3.24.21)

I have had a heavy conscience all day. While I was watching TV around 4 in the morning, my cat, who had been sleeping next to me on the couch suddenly alerted. She peeked through the window out to the construction site. Then she jumped to the floor, but stood on her hindquarters, like a meerkat, scoping things out. She only does that when she's on her catio and someone walks by, so it was unusual. 

About 15 minutes later, I heard some clinking around, so I turned off my lights and peered out my windows and saw a man in the construction site. He must've been alerted that my lights shut down or by the motion-sensor light in the alley, because he quickly exited the site, closed the gate behind him and left. I could have a super generic description: black man, 5'10, thin build, dark pants, long-sleeved light crewneck shirt, a black beanie, with a small afro sticking out like Dave Winfield style. But I didn't see anything in his hands, and he took off down the alley. All I could imagine was calling the cops, now approaching 4:30 in the morning and giving that description. It felt like a death sentence. Remember we've had four different incidents during the pandemic alone that had lengthy incidences of black men held with multiple cops' guns pointed at them within view of my windows. So I didn't. If he stole tools or property, I justified that the construction crew should've locked their gate. They didn't even secure their site with a fence until I complained to the development liaison at the City. 

But then I started thinking, what if he had stolen tools? And then used them to vandalize or break into cars or use in an assault? It's really too much to think about. This afternoon I told one of the construction guys that they needed to remember to lock up, that my dog heard someone last night (the easiest explanation I could say with his limited English.) He conveyed that someone broke in and drilled into their security tool boxes. That was the end of the conversation. Unclear if there was anything in them at the time.  I definitely didn't hear anyone with a drill, nor did I see anyone with tools. Today they left no tools on site besides some caulk guns.

I can't say I did the right thing. I'm definitely a "see something, say something" person. But with this volatile week, heck, year of policing madness, I just couldn't be the one to make the call over what, as far as I'm concerned, was just a simple trespass. Maybe another day, another time, I would feel otherwise. But this week, definitely no. 

This afternoon, we went to get walk-up tests at the Tubman-Chavez Center, a condition we agreed to for Nova to go back to school. Afterward, we picked up amazing BBQ at Bowlegged BBQ in Mt. Hope. I feel like I'm gonna be on high alert all night, but hopefully I'll get some sleep. Stay safe out there. 

I've been hearing that theme/amusement parks are going to start allowing people from out-of-state who are fully vaccinated into their facilities. I haven't found confirmation of that but also don't feel like wasting more time digging for it, but if anyone knows, I'd love to hear, because as far as I'm concerned, this is the most recent guidance

Across All Tiers:

In-state visitors only. Information will be prominently placed on all communications, including the Reservation and Ticketing systems, to ensure guests are aware of Reservation and Ticketing Requirements. At the time a guest makes a park reservation and purchases park tickets, the park operators must obtain an attestation that when visiting the park, the guest’s party size will not contain more than 3 households and the guest, and all members of the guest’s party will be instate visitors.

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