Friday, April 09, 2021

CoViD-19: Schools Projected To Fully Reopen This Fall | Biden Creates Supreme Court Commission | Bowen Bikes SD | SD Local Musgrove Throws Padres First Ever No Hitter |

Amur Leopard (Taken 3.19.21)

Thursday was "Zoo Lovers Day" and we didn't make it to the San Diego Zoo. As I shared last night, Darren and I went to the Casbah opening and then had a fun night in the speakeasy. That made for a super lazy day around the house and Darren picking up Yak N Yeti for dinner, which was our first time having it since before the pandemic. I attempted my own saag paneer a few times over the course of the last year, but it's just not the same as getting it from people who know what they're doing. So yum. 

Today felt like a good news day overall. Dr. Walensky said she expects schools to be fully in-person this fall and predicted what I've been hoping all week, which is that 12-15 year olds could begin getting vaccinated as early as mid-May. Meanwhile, Jeff Zients said they're not changing vaccine distribution strategies despite new hotspots in the country, which is kinda like saying maybe y'all should've kept mask mandates and mitigation measures and the administration isn't gonna punish states who've been doing the right thing because the ones who reopened too early are now seeing spikes. And then Biden spoke and he's authorized a commission to look into the Supreme Court, which to me is just kinda putting McConnell on notice that we're coming for his decade of obstructionism. Finally, I'm not gonna act like I care much about Major League Baseball though I've been to my share of Padres games, but it is pretty cool that a homegrown pitcher threw the franchise's first ever no-hitter. Especially against Texas. Very satisfying. 

The Casbah was featured again on the news, this time on News8, so I'll throw up the link if they make it shareable. In the meantime, stay safe out there and have a great weekend.

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