Monday, April 12, 2021

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Celebrating Nova on Only Child Day (Taken 4.9.21)

The Michigan situation is really irritating to me. Yes, the UK variant is a problem, but if a state's legislature hamstrings their governor to shut things down when needed, why should other states have to lose their vaccine supply to compensate? And remember when the mayor of Detroit refused J&J vaccines? And why hasn't the CDC emphasized aerosolization as the main driver of infection? And why would they make a general statement about "youth sports" when evidence is showing that specifically hockey is a driver of this (look at Canada) and other indoor sports where a locker room is involved? I was so mad when California had our crazy December and January surge, and I don't really understand why this is still happening. What am I missing?

Then we've got Minnesota with yesterday's shooting of Daunte Wright and the protests, the continuing trial of Derek Chauvin and it should be noted that they've issued a curfew which is a problem for Muslims who have started celebrating Ramadan. And there was a school shooting in Knoxville, though it didn't qualify as a 'mass shooting' so news didn't necessarily break away to cover it. Ugh. It's all too much sometimes. 

It's gonna be a little gloomy this week. It's too bad we're not expected to see more than a drizzle, but I kinda like it. I wanted to go to La Jolla Cove this afternoon but I got sleepy and kinda lost motivation and then Nova had piano and I am parked in front of the TV. Stay safe out there. 
**Note: As of 6:30pm, the County still hasn't updated all of today's case, vaccination, and death numbers. I will update these blanks as soon as they do. 

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