Friday, April 16, 2021

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I love this puppy. (Taken 4.16.21)

We live on a busy street in Normal Heights. Our street is the access street to all the rest of Normal Heights, so hundreds, maybe thousands of cars pass by every day, usually speeding though the City did install a 25MPH sign after I requested it a few years back. Today the new construction had to cut into the street to connect to the sewer line, leaving steel plates across the roadway that are unavoidable. So now every time a car drives by, the steel hits the asphalt and makes a noise so now my dog is on high alert because the sound resembles a knock on the door. And of course, they stopped working for the weekend, so we get this awesome noise every light cycle for the remainder of the weekend. Super fun. 

It's probably really annoying that I'm always talking about my sleep but I feel so exuberant when I actually fall asleep when I try, and so today was a lovely day. I woke up early, made myself some amazing chilaquiles, watched my press briefings, read my book, got through my email, and now I'm at my parents' house for a little birthday celebration for my sister. So I'm gonna cut. Stay safe out there. 

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