Monday, April 26, 2021

CoViD-19: US/CA To Share Resources With India, Sends 02 | City To Settle Excessive Force Case for $1.35M; Establishes Police Oversight Commission | Super Pink Moon |

I'm still working through today's email, so I'll probably bust out another post before the morning, but wanted to get this one out for the night. Me and Darren has a fun night in the speakeasy and then a lazy day of tacos and sitting in the sun in the yard and taking the kid and the dog out to a playground to run around and so they could play catch with their lacrosse sticks. Right now I'm watching this footage from a wildlife cam on a game trail and it is super cute. Also, the San Diego City Council votes on Tuesday about the new project for the California Theatre downtown. On top of demolishing a historical resource, the planning commission allowed them to get 8 construction regulation deviations and are getting away with too little low-income housing. I urge you to comment that the council should reverse the planning commission's approval. Fucking developer bastards get away with so much in this town. Oh, and I forgot to mention that today our property manager called to ask about the break-in at the construction site, so I got to explain why I wasn't going to call the cops on a trespassing black man at 4 in the morning. I told her about the other police incidents where the cops had guns drawn and I wasn't about to be a part of that or have it on my consciences. "Stuff can be replaced," she said. "I totally get why you didn't call." So there's that. Also, Darren says I should include the daily Psaki Bomb up here, so watch her elegantly castrate this reporter and hand his balls right back to him. His voice even peaks like he was sent right back to puberty. Stay safe out there.  

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