Friday, April 02, 2021

CoVid-19: Jen Psaki Trends After Destroying Reporter | Casbah To Reopen Razzmatazz | Padres Win Home Opener |

Michael Halloran, Erik Howarth, Declan Halloran on the Casbah Patio (Taken 1.19.21)

I guess I was premature in declaring that I didn't have any lingering symptoms after my second vaccination because I have been so, so tired. Granted that I have always experienced disordered sleep pre-vax and the camping trip probably didn't help, but I'll be laying low until I can get my shit back to something closer to normal. 

I know everyone was so super excited about Padres Opening Day today but watching the crowd footage and b-roll made me cringe. State guidance says "Use of face coverings is mandatory throughout the venue in all settings indoor and outdoor, unless actively eating and/or drinking. Guests who do not comply should be removed from the facility immediately," yet everyone I saw in the coverage had their chin diapers on or no mask at all. 

Casbah announced a reopening for next week, when the County likely will move to the Orange Tier, but it will be more restaurant style with Salud Tacos providing food and DJs to start. Masks are required at all time while not actively eating or drinking or when not at your table. Patrons must remain seated with their party, no milling about. I'm personally just not ready to dine in public, indoor or outdoor, which has less to do with the relative safety of the activity itself and more to do with me not trusting the kind of people who have been rushing out to eat and drink in public all along. I'm not the only one, especially since Nova will be going back to school and kids her age won't be vaccinated until maybe late summer or fall at the earliest. I'm stoked to be vaccinated but it really isn't going to change my life all that much. Camping was a first step, but I'm still on guard. Stay safe out there. 


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