Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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So what I wanted to say yesterday about Supervisor Desmond and others complaints about the girls at the Convention Center getting educated is that these fucking assholes love comparing apples to oranges. All local schools have plans for reopening but the difference with the convention center is that those girls are not allowed to leave. If you want your kids back in school full time, then send them, don't let them come home, don't let them play soccer, don't let them see their grandparents, don't let them do anything except school. That would be absurd and is precisely why Desmond needs to SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. 

On the bright side, Pfizer is reporting 100% efficacy in 12-16 year olds, so hopefully they get a quick EUA and kids like Nova can be vaccinated by the fall school year. Until then, I think we'll probably go test this weekend or early next week just to be safe. I learned after the fact that a friend who dropped by the campsite is an anti-vaxxer and now I'm so irritated that he was even there. 

I'm slowly working through the 500 emails that accumulated over the past couple days, but I'm pretty beat, so I'll have to pick it up tomorrow. Stay safe out there. 

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