Monday, March 01, 2021

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One of my last shows...Sudan Archives at Casbah (Taken 2.29.2020)

Darren and I are once again empty nesting while Nova stays at my parents' house. We thought construction would resume next door, but apparently they failed their first inspection so they have to rehire the tractors and excavators to give us that gentle feeling of 12 hour earthquakes all over again. So I'm gonna keep it short because there's gonna be a lot of news this week and I already have a shitload of links for today. 

Besides all of today's reading, we spent some time in the yard, watched Jen Psaki and Newsom's briefings, and made AMAZING tacos with birria we got over the weekend from El Panson. We're now listening to a man who is screaming his head off in the alley so I imagine the police will make another appearance on our street tonight, but hopefully not. It's so hard not knowing the right thing to is he having a mental illness crisis or is he just entertaining himself (Darren thinks he was imitating a sax solo.) And let's be real, wellness checks often don't turn out so  well for those being wellness checked. 

Anyway, we're like two old people around the house watching late night monologues and having a little house party of two, so I'm gonna cut. But before I do, I want to say that there's a lot of reading if anyone actually clicks around my links, but one of the reasons the aerosol transmission issue is so important is because until the CDC makes it more of a focal point of their guidance, companies, businesses, and schools can continue doing less-effective or non-effective NPIs (non-pharmaceutical interventions) like plexiglass screens, without having to address the real problems of air quality, leaving workers especially vulnerable. Like how can schools open windows and doors when for school shooter protocols, they're supposed to remain locked? Or worse, they don't have windows that can even open? It's frustrating. Nova's school is all modular buildings but so many schools have decades old buildings and air systems that should've been dealt with the last several times school bonds have passed, but instead the money was spent on football fields and lights and new administration buildings while actual classrooms continued to degrade. The whole system needs to be burned down and rebuilt, but shy of that, we deserve to know that our kids safety comes first and right now, it's just a bunch of dancing bologna. Stay safe out there. 


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