Tuesday, March 09, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Drops Below 10 Cases Per 100,000 | Democrats Appropriately Give Victory Dance | Governor Newsom Delivers State of the State |

Amur Leopard at San Diego Zoo (Taken 3.9.21)

It is astonishing how lifted I feel with this new administration. With the ARP about to pass on Wednesday, things are definitely looking up. Darren and I had a super fun Monday night in the speakeasy and we've been listening to the new Julien Baker record on repeat. Today we went to the San Diego Zoo for the last couple hours of the day and the hippos and bonobos and leopards were all super active. I think they were preparing for the coming rain because when we got home, our Bun Bun was in the yard preparing, too, and normally she hops off when we get home but just waited it out for us to leave her alone.  

I didn't watch all the things today, but I did catch Governor Newsom's State of the State and found it to be inspiring and it made me grateful to be a Californian and feel nothing but sympathy for people who live in legislatively red states. Today the news reported a poll that said 36% of republicans don't want to get vaccinated. We're never going to crush COVID and we're going to continue to lose a lot more lives, but we'll keep living in our bubble and hopefully be just fine. 

I also watched a movie called Hearts Beat Loud on Hulu that was excellent and a nod to indie rock and even has a little cameo with Jeff Tweedy. I definitely recommend if you are looking for something to watch. Has there ever been a movie based around a record store that wasn't good? 

Anyway, it's midnight so I'm gonna wrap it up. Be safe out there, and rock the shot as soon as you can. 


San Diego Zoo Photos 3.9.2021. Posted as taken. 

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