Monday, March 08, 2021

CoViD-19: CDC Releases Guidelines For Vaccinated People | International Women's Day | Vote For Strawberry in March Meowness! |


Orangutans Karen and Aisha at San Diego Zoo Days Before Shutdown (Taken 3.9.2020)

We're inching closer to the anniversary of the day when life as we know it was changed forever. Though I guess it was more gradual for some people, and the exact day isn't necessarily the same for everyone. For me, I remember thinking people were crazy for going to Tame Impala at Sports Arena but then I still went to the Zoo and a few shows, White Reaper at Soda Bar and a few others, until our last day at San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the whole state went into shut down. Then I was like an intrepid spy, trying to track down toilet paper and hand sanitizer just like everyone else. 

This week especially we're going to hear a lot about this anniversary, even though in hindsight we should've all been taking appropriate precautions back in January. There are already debates about how things could've been so different if we had a different POTUS and all of that has put into stark focus the importance of voting, equity, representation. Hearing McConnell speak about bipartisanship is the biggest joke of all and we can only hope that he's not long for the senate. 

Meanwhile, it's so encouraging to see so many friends getting vaccinated and I'm doing my best to help people when they can't find appointments. The eligibility rules are really insufficient and inequitable but it doesn't mean people should wait or feel guilty if their eligibility comes up. I really believe the rollout of the current three vaccines is just going to keep accelerating so everyone will be eligible before you know it. I'm still anxiously waiting for the in-home vaccines to roll out because my dad would really like one but if the best we can do for now is make sure everyone around him is vaccinated, then that will have to do for now. 

I forgot to mention that on Sunday, Nova and I watched the Amy Poehler movie, Moxie, on Netflix and it's a perfect movie for International Women's Day. The music coordinator, Alexandra Patsavas, is a legend in the industry and found the perfect Riot Grrl soundtrack for the movie. I highly recommend, especially if you've got a teen girl in your orbit. I also watched the big Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I found it interesting but not shocking in any way. The question about Archie's skin tone hit a nerve because the exact thing happened when one of my nephews was born and his grandma noted how dark he was. Imagine your grandson is born as a preemie and your first thing to say about him is "he's so brown." Gross. Just like Harry, I'd say you could describe that familial relationship as "space." So yeah, anyone acting shocked that there are racists amongst the royals just hasn't been paying attention. 

Anyway, Tuesday should be a good day. The House is gonna pass the ARP, Dr. Ghaly will release our new numbers. If we get below 7, we start our count for moving tiers. If we're under 10, that could count, too, as the state is expected to hit the required 2 million doses for the lowest quartile by the end of the week, which would change the requirements for tiers. Some see it as confusing or moving the goal posts, but to me it makes total sense and has been consistent with the science as what we know and what we don't has evolved. Stay safe out there and rock the shot when you can!

We're obsessed with this song and have probably watched this video or listened on YT music 300 times. 

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