Tuesday, March 30, 2021

CoViD-19 Camping | Gloria Promises Compassionate Cleanups | Desert Camping: Rangers Warn Of Unprecedented Busy Season |

I am such a liar. We have two adjacent campsites at Sweetwater Summit campground, but as my 'friend' Evan Dando sang, I lied about being the outdoor type. Because I was coming off my vaccine and into menstruation, I've been especially tired and yet can't sleep when I try. We brought Ficus yesterday and she basically stayed in the van the entire time. So for her sake and mine, and since I hadn't been drinking, me and the dog went home and I slept in my comfortable giant warm bed. Or tried. But between the cats and the dog, I was up feeding or letting someone outside or comforting one of them throughout the night. It wasn't until sunup that I actually got any sleep. 
Camping is funny. It's fun to be outside but they spent all day feeding kids, separating quarreling siblings. I was home. I didn't actually come back until around 6 and Ficus insisted on coming though now she's been laying in the van for 3 hours. She'll be fine when we move to the tent and Kristian turns of his speaker. I'm a no music in public spaces person, but I guess I'm the minority and don't get a say until 'quiet hours' start in 15 minutes. 
While I was home, I caught Jen Psaki's media briefing and of course saw the news that asshole Desmond is using the Convention Center's temporary housing for unaccompanied minor girls for political cheap shots and I'll say more another time but FUCK that guy. Stay safe out there. I'll be back to normal tomorrow. 

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