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CoViD-19: Mask Up Even When You Jab Up | State Outlines Equity Distribution & Modified Blueprint For Safe Reopening | Youth Sports Returns To CA Via Settlement | Photos: San Diego Zoo |


Agapito is so big, I can't tell if this is him or his mom. At San Diego Zoo (Taken 3.4.21)

I got my sleep schedule somewhat back in order and so I actually woke up bright and shiny this morning. It was nice to have a chill day with Darren as we cycled through the White House media briefing, the Governor's media briefing, and the press conference about the youth/high school sports settlement. I'm gonna keep it tame because I had a good day and I don't need to point out that our numbers are already lowered enough such that outdoor sports can start, and frankly if you let your kids do indoor sports right now, I can't say anything that is going to change your mind. 

Today the governor had a lot of new information, confirming that the state will be allocating vaccines to the lowest quartile of "Healthy Place Index Identified Zip Codes" and once those specific zip codes have hit 2 million vaccines (it's around 1.6 million right now), the state will adjust the cases per 100k required to move tiers for counties, namely that counties can move from purple to red at 10 cases per 100k instead of 7. So I guess that timeline tracks for what we all expected anyway, meaning all of these stupid lawsuits have been a complete waste of time, money, and effort. So there's all that. 

Nova decided to stay at my parents' house another night because she gets time with my sister's puppy, despite there being no school tomorrow and construction is at a standstill from the rain. We wanted to take advantage and go shopping for a couch but I think we're just frustrated because of our weird doorway being so narrow, our options feel so limited. So instead, we had lunch at home then went to the San Diego Zoo for a few hours. It was a little crowded but not too bad, and I'm trying not to be mad at the membership hikes since I won't have to worry about it for awhile, but the rebranding is actually pretty cool and they already changed the sign out in front on Park Blvd. And the merch is really cool so if money isn't as tight for you, go spend all of your money there. After the Zoo, Darren made an amazing lobster dinner with spaghetti in bechamel and now I'm a happy camper so I'm gonna wrap this one up. Stay safe out there and get your vaccine when your time comes up.

  • COVID-19:
    • This came out in late February and is worth a read. It is interesting to read strategies of cutting doses or extending the time between them, though Dr. Fauci has been adamant that vaccines should only be used as they were trialed and approved, but we are hearing of vax shortages resulting in longer delays between doses, in which case, this might be reassuring that even if you go longer than the recommendation, you're probably going to be fine. Also asserts that people who had previously tested positive for COVID may be able to get away with just a single dose of Moderna or Pfizer. 
      COVID-19: The CIDRAP Viewpoint: Reassessing COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment in Anticipation of a US B.1.1.7 Surge: Stay the Course or Pivot? (2.23.21)
      • Allocating vaccine with people ≥65 years given highest priority
      • CIDRAP is recommending deferring second doses of mRNA vaccines until after the surge
      • Deferring the second dose of mRNA vaccines in people with confirmed COVID-19 infections
      • Authorization and use of half-dose regimen for Moderna vaccine
      • CIDRAP believes that all current published and unpublished data should be reevaluated to see if just getting first doses into 65+ should be prioritized. If MRNA vaccines are found to be effective this way or in halved doses, FDA should amend EUA for new direction and make that information clear to the public. (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!)
    • The short-term, middle-term, and long-term future of the coronavirus - STAT News (3.4.21)
    • How Alcohol May Affect Your Response to the COVID-19 Vaccine - Healthline (1.16.21)
    • Judge Denies Request From San Diego Restaurants, Gyms, To Resume Indoor Operations - City News Service/kpbs (3.3.21)
      The role of the court for purposes of injunctive relief is to balance this very real impact against the impact that the defendants will likely suffer. The defendants here represent the state and the public. As of the date of this hearing, the COVID-19 pandemic has now infected over 28.7 million Americans and over a half-million have lost their lives. While the infection rates are falling and vaccinations are increasing, these statistics are significant.
  • Politics:
  • Press Briefing with Jen Psaki with VA Denis McDonough:
    • Allotments for VA are in arms 2-3 days
    • Hesitancy is less than feared. Right now, demand outstrips supply, same uptake among all races/ethnicities. 
    • 1.4 million vets vaccinated to date. 
    • Need funding from ARP to continue efforts. 
  • News: 
    • Youth Sports Settlement: All sports in CA, indoor and outdoor, may resume immediately. Will offer statewide testing for all sports with no out of pocket costs.
      • Sports will still be up to local jurisdictions, districts, etc. 
      • Stupid fuck coach Paul Blart admittedly threatened the governor "do you want 6000 of us against you?"
      • Indoor sports with testing, periodic testing through the week, no testing once below 7 cases per 100k
      • Limited spectators allowed. Each player can have 4 family members for outdoor sports. 
      • Does not include cheerleading or any female sports. 
      • Football, water polo, rugby tests provided by state. Other sports can use for other sports. 
      • CIF and Counties must agree to settlement. They have seen the settlement but not fully reviewed.
    • Let's Clear the Air on the Best Way to Reopen Schools. La Jolla Country Day, which has been open for in-person instruction for months without incident, focused on ventilation and air filtration over plexiglass and surface cleanings. Other schools looking to reopen can protect students and teachers, and stoke parents’ confidence, by similarly focusing on the air. - Voice of San Diego (3.4.21)
  • Other Reading:
  • Global COVID-19 Stats (JHU 3/4/21 8:24pm):
    • 115,598,160 Known Cases
    • 2,569,258 Known Deaths
  • US COVID-19 Stats 
    • CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Data Tracker
    • (JHU)
      • 28,824,797 Cases
      • 520,226 Deaths
    • (COVID Tracking Project):
      • 65,487 New Cases/28,585,852 Known Cases (1.5%+ Change over 7 Days)
      • 1,743 New Deaths/510,408 Known Deaths
      • 44,172 Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations
      • 8,970 Currently COVID-19 patients in ICU
      • 2,973 COVID-19 patients currently on ventilator
  • Media Briefing with Governor Gavin Newsom: 
    • California Leads with Public Health and Vaccine Equity to Safely and Sustainably Reopen - Office of Governor Gavin Newsom
      • The state has set aside 40 percent of vaccine doses for the hardest-hit communities
      • As a prelude to adjusting the Blueprint for a Safer Economy
      • Updating state recommendations about the most effective use of masks and when to consider double masking
      • "Healthy Place Index Identified Zip Codes" most impacted with mortality, morbidity, severe illness. Lowest Quartile will receive 40% of all vaccines. 
      • Incomes <$40k have been impacted by COVID-19 2x more than HH >$120k. Conversely, HH $120K have 2x more access to vaccines.
      • You can't safely reopen economy until disproportionately vulnerable communities have the virus under control. Can't ask people to go back to work without commensurate support, vaccines, etc. 
      • 2 million vaccines reached to the lowest quartile will allow 
      • 1.62 million doses arriving next week. 
      • Encouraging double masks when non-filtered masks are worn
      • Mask wearing more essential than ever before
      • Latinos disproportionately bore the brunt of CA illness, ICU, and death. 
    • Media Questions: 
      • Provide vaccines to disproportionately impacted communities. Partnering with CBOs, community clinics, faith based organizations, direct with counties.
      • More mobile vax clinics, outreach to farmworkers. New allocation will allow more meeting people where they are. 
      • Stopping wealthy people from getting vaccines when they're targeted for vulnerable communities is daily 'whac-a-mole". Individual scheduled codes, focusing everyday on fixing these problems.
      • "Blueprint refresh" supporting that outdoor activities can be low-risk, more safely done. Elevating outdoor activities. 
      • Once that threshold (2 million doses) is reached, the Blueprint for a Safer Economy will be updated to allow for somewhat higher case rates in each tier, with an overall effect of allowing counties to loosen health restrictions at a somewhat accelerated, but still responsible, pace. The Blueprint will be updated again when 4 million doses have been administered in the vaccine equity quartile.
      • J&J only went to FEMA sites this week. 320k expected for state next week. 
      • Concerned about African, UK (over 250 cases), Brazilian, NY identified yesterday, 2 West Coast variants (over 5700 identified.) 
  • California COVID-19 Stats:
    • State of California Safe Schools For All Hub
    • Vaccination progress dashboard
    • Aggregate California ICU Bed Availability: 25.2%
    • R-effective: 0.71
    • 3,504 New Cases/3,488,467 Total Cases (0.1% increase)
    • 273 New Deaths/53,048  Total Deaths (0.5% increase)
    • Vaccines: 9,673,787 administered/12,754,340 Delivered/13,098,655 Shipped
    • 2.5% 14-day test positivity rate
    • 4,967 COVID-19 Hospitalizations (-143 patients, -2.9% from prior day)
    • COVID-19 hospitalizations -41% over 14 days
    • 1,327 COVID-19 ICU hospitalized in CA (-76 patients, -5.7% from prior day)
    • COVID-19 ICU -43% over 14 days
    • 1,995 ICU beds available (-29 from prior day)
  • San Diego County 
San Diego Zoo Photos (Posted as taken, 3.4.21)

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