Monday, March 22, 2021

CoViD-19: Premature Reopening Could Have Dire Consequences | Shooting In Boulder | Media Misrepresent Border Situation As New | AstraZeneca US Trials Look Promising, Still Await EUA |

KOLARS at Observatory North Park. Today they announced the dissolution of their band and relationship. (Taken 1.25.2020)

Today a man walked into a grocery store and opened fire. Ten people, including a police officer, were confirmed dead. It happened in Boulder, Colorado, where just days ago a judge struck down local gun regulations as a violation of state law. More than a few people noted that the pandemic must've turned a corner now that we have mass shootings returning to the country. This, after the horrendous shootings last week in Georgia where a racist incel targeted Asian spas. In both cases, the shooter was a white male. And in both cases, the "suspect" was relatively calmly perp-walked in cuffs, which is still just astonishing compared to how we see suspects of color taken out for even minor violations. Meanwhile, the media is obsessed with identifying a motive, which continues to be absolutely infuriating. I don't really give a shit why some sack of shit opened fire, except that we live in a culture of guns, incels, misogyny, and aggrieved white rage against everyone and everything because life didn't turn out the way they wanted or felt entitled to. And we completely lack the political will to change any of it. 

I was going to write about what a nice day it was. We had decided our stimmies would go to repainting the van and today we got it back after also getting a new windshield, and it looks amazing. We basked in the yard for awhile, took a late afternoon nap, walked the dog, and then went right back into watching all the news of the day. Please stay safe out there. 

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