Saturday, March 13, 2021

CoViD-19: Fauci "You Shouldn't Hit The Clubs" | Stimmies Be Stimulating | Daylight Saving Time |

My last time at the Casbah- I was social distancing before it was cool. (Taken 3.13.2020)

I was watching the news earlier and there were two separate but similar rallies at the County Administration Building and of course it pissed me off. If you're going to protest school closures or hybrid learning, restaurants and gyms closed, mask wearing or whatever, you might want to represent with some people of color or check your privilege. It's absurd and pointless as we're already moving forward. You might also reconsider saying you know that schools can safely reopen when you and your children, at an outside rally, can't socially distance or wear a mask. And the news keeps interviewing loser Kevin as if anyone gives a shit about him or what he'd do when he was the fucking mayor and literally did nothing good for San Diego. 

I'll end my rant because Nova and I are cycling through comedy on Youtube. We caught Stephen Colbert's interview with Dr. Fauci. 

Colbert: If I get the vaccine, can I hit the clubs two weeks after?
Fauci: No, you shouldn't hit the clubs until we get the level of virus down so low that there's no threat to hit the clubs.

I was thinking that the Casbah may be able to open by the summer, but I'm thinking that was overly optimistic, especially as the US approaches 30 million cases and we're seeing peak mask-refusal across the country. Things are gonna keep opening up at a rapid clip, even before kids are back in school, so I imagine we'll see number stay around what they are or even rise again before the fall. 

I didn't really read much online today, so just a couple links. But you should also watch this horrifying story on KPBS News Hour about extremism in the military and contractors

Also, a little tip from California State Parks: daylight saving time: Not “savings.” There is no “s” in “daylight” when referencing “daylight saving time.” Note: Don’t forget to spring forward one hour this Sunday, March 14, starting at 2 a.m. Set your clocks ahead, stay safe out there, and rock the shot when you can. 

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