Wednesday, March 17, 2021

CoViD-19: California Variants Deemed "of Concern" By CDC | Racist Incel Shooting In Atlanta | Tax Day Extended To May 17 | Photos: San Diego Zoo Safari Park |

*Mlem* Giraffes are so silly looking head on (Taken 3.17.21)

I stopped tracking the specifics of community outbreaks because so many of them were in "business or office settings" but as things have opened up, even slightly, two of today's six identified were in restaurants/bars (which is different from just restaurants) and so it begs the question why they decided St. Patrick's Day would be a good idea to allow red tier reopenings, especially when we can be certain that not all alcohol-serving venues will follow the capacity, reservation, and time-limits they're supposed to impose on parties. It's gonna be a big dumb mess and now the CDC has now deemed the California variants "of concern," suggesting they could be 20% more transmissible than the "wildtype" which is what they call the original virus. While our cases are no longer in the thousands, to think 5% of today's 411 cases will be hospitalized, and same for tomorrow and the day after ad infinitum, now is definitely not the time to drop your mask, to mix with groups, and treat life like everything is back to normal.   

The news was especially depressing today with the murders in Atlanta. Let's be very clear here: gun violence is often sexual violence and gun violence is often racial violence. This fucking incel racist asshole murderer got the privilege of being arrested and not shot dead by cops, who then went on the news and said it wasn't racially motivated and he was having a bad day. The PBS News Hour story on AAPI violence is worth a watch, and in fact I was watching it yesterday as the news of the murders was coming in. I've included some links in today's post for sites that have information and ways you can help fight AAPI violence. 

I made myself go to bed before midnight last night to try and get back to some semblance of normal. Me and Darren had a nice breakfast together for once, and after doing some webby stuff, we spent the afternoon at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It was a little crowded being spring break and all, but we are always to find our quieter spots. We spent a lot of time with the tigers from the epiphyllum trail, got some active cheetah action, and spent the last part of the day getting closeups with the giraffe and elephants as the crowds thinned out. It was lovely and now I'm going to join him in the speakeasy because I deserve it. Be safe out there. Maybe someday we can actually have people over to join us. 


Photos San Diego Zoo Safari Park Posted as Taken 3.17.2021

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