Thursday, March 25, 2021

CoViD-19: CA To Expand Eligibility To 50+ Starting April 1 | CTA: Fear of Virus Supersedes Concerns Over Learning Loss | Photos: San Diego Zoo |


When I wrote yesterday about why I don't recommend going to the San Diego Zoo or Safari Park with me, I mentioned that I obsess over certain animals, shoot a gazillion photos, and generally am not great company, but I failed to mention that I talk to all the animals. Kisses, calling them baby, slow-blinking with the cats, and bird calls all day long. We hadn't gone into the Scripps Aviary in a while, so we ducked in as the rain picked up and we tongue-trilled at the Turaco, getting him to sing his 3 minute elaborate call. Later on, after spending a ton of time with the hippos, visiting the cats, hitting Africa Rocks, circling Elephant Odyssey, and finally heading out of the Zoo, we stopped again at the Scripps Aviary and I spotted the gray parrot. He used to be really chatty, saying hello and goodbye and fluffing his neck when you tell him he's a pretty bird, but I hadn't seen him in some time. Today he was right by the viewing area and we whistle exchanged for several minutes, as he came closer and closer to the viewing fence. I love these little moments and it's why we go back as much as we do. Plus, you can't beat the light crowds on a drizzly, cold day. 

Today there was a ton of news and none at all. The direction of the country is really gonna come down to the filibuster or relying on McConnell retiring or croaking, and in my experience, evil people with no conscience tend to live longer lives because they just don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. 

President Biden held his first open press conference and he made a few digs at his predecessor which were quite the zingers, but it's amazing to feel so refreshed and hopeful after hearing a president than feeling distraught and hopeless. He's not perfect and there is a lot of cleaning up to do, but it sure did feel good to watch. 

I also watched Gavin Newsom's media briefing and he announced expansion of vaccine eligibility for 50+ starting April 1 and 16+ on April 15th. I am still completely willing to help anyone get an appointment who needs one. I'm literally up all night all the time. After watching Newsom tonight I found an email from one of the recall dicks and all I could think was can you even imagine how much worse the last year would've been if one of them had been in charge??? It is terrifying. It would be awesome if they didn't come up with enough qualified signatures and we can just put it behind us already, but I guess we'll see how it plays out. 

Stay safe out there. 
San Diego Zoo Photos (Taken 3.25.2021):

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