Friday, March 05, 2021

CoVID-19: California Updates Activity Tiers, Including Theme Parks and Stadiums | San Diego Surpasses 1 Million Vaccines | Pandemic Induced Agoraphobia | San Diego Zoo Inoculates Great Apes |


Bonobo at San Diego Zoo (Taken 10.27.2020)

I like to keep things up to date around here, I'm a little behind on email. My mom brought Nova home today, so we hung out in the backyard and catio for a while. After she left, Darren got tacos from El Panson and we spent the afternoon on the catio working and reading and whatnot. By late afternoon, Darren and I made our way to CVS so I could get my Pfizer vaccine. I certainly think the tier system is not really fair, but I also know that all the experts say to get one when you can, so I did. I feel fine, but I'm gonna log off so we ca have some family TV time. 
Since we spent most of the day outside, I only caught part of the White House briefing and part of the Governor's Zoom with state senators to sign AB/SB 86 to get kids in schools. I kept seeing the story about the San Diego Zoo's great apes getting COVID vaccines, so I shared that here, and there's other weekend reading, including an interview about post-COVID agoraphobia and anxiety. I also included the revised Activity and Business Tiers based on the new equity goals, including theme parks and stadium openings. I included those as jpegs at the end of this post. I'll work through the rest of my email this weekend and share if there's anything noteworthy that I missed. In the meantime, stay safe out there, and #rocktheshot as soon as you can. 

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