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CoViD-19: A Look At San Diego's Vaccine Deliveries | Senate Passes $1.9T American Rescue Plan | After Cutting Pay, Gig Corporations Bitch About Lack Of Workers |

My mask makes my face look crooked, but it's what we got in the moment. (Taken 3.6.21)

I can't really say what inspired me to continue to post on sddialedin during the pandemic except that it put me in a habit that felt useful and I'm the kind of person who wants all of the available information on something to ease my anxiety about it. And so a year has passed and I'm happy to have one shot in the arm and this pandemic diary of sorts to look back on. (Though still not over yet; this site isn't going anywhere.)
There are a lot of things to mourn about the past year, but poor people don't ever get sabbaticals, either, so even though there's a lot I coulda, woulda, shoulda done with the time -- organize my photos on hard drives, fully clean out the studio, get in better physical health -- in so many ways I have appreciated the time with my family unit, the gardening and time outside, the yard sports, being able to be more politically engaged, fixing up our catio/balcony, cleaning out closets, organizing the studio enough to make it our speakeasy a couple time a week. These are all good things. And today, with the Senate passing the American Rescue Plan, I feel a little more secure until the Casbah can reopen to it's full glory later this year. I hope other Americans realize how momentous this is. 
And so with that, I slept in today while Darren and Nova took the dog for a short hike, I had my daily fruit and cheese bowl (new habit) and then we went on a bike ride to City Heights library to drop off a DVD and pick up a book. I wish I had felt more comfortable leaving the house during peak pandemic, but I just didn't, so this was maybe my third time getting on my bike in a year. It was definitely a struggle going against the wind on the way home, but it struck me that we saw almost 100% mask compliance throughout City Heights. One might conclude that this area saw more deaths and illness than other areas so the people are not messing around, but it made me feel way better than a few of the hikes we attempted when nobody could be bothered to mask up just for the moments you approach other hikers. Maybe I can loosen my pandemic agoraphobia and venture to the places I love and miss so much like Fiesta Island Dog Park, La Jolla Cove, Mission Trails, San Diego River parks and trails. 
Now I'm writing from my parents' house and I guess we're technically breaking the rules because my sister and the girls are here as well as my cousin which would make us 4 households. But their living room and kitchen is bigger than my whole apartment, so I think we're good sitting around with masks on, fans on, windows and doors open. 
Today was supposed to be some sort of National Log-Off/Screen-Free Day or something or other, but I started a project last night that I thought I would share. Stay safe out there. Lots more after the jump. 
I have a friend who was desperate to get a vaccine. She hasn't left her house other than to drop food at her dad's house for a year. She is severely immunocompromised and has anaphylactic reactions to vaccines and medications in the past, so she can ONLY get the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine. 

Her whole dilemma got me wondering why my friends, who I would say are all pretty equally internet savvy are having such wildly different experiences when trying to get appointments.

Of course, it takes some luck to know when the appointments go online, and that is a total crapshoot, but it did get me thinking that since I already collect all of this data daily, why not share when vaccines have been shipped/received by the County as maybe the best times to try getting appointments. So below, a daily snapshot of doses since February 1. You can see some days the shipped/received stays the same for 2-4 days, and then jumps significantly, and sometimes there are daily incremental increases. Anyway, use the data as you see fit but hopefully you can spot some trends in delivery. Also, sometimes the county sends media alerts directly to news channels when appointments are available, so it doesn't hurt to watch your local evening news every once in awhile.

Some things to note: 
  • The county changed from reporting "doses shipped" to "doses received" at some point in February. My switch may not be the exact day they changed that. 
  • The Midwest ice storm/Texas crisis shut down some shipping in here, leaving some weird anomalies in delivery
  • DOD, VA, FEMA, Multi-county health care systems, and other sites are not necessarily included in County data
  • The county has now committed 20% of vaccines aside for k-12 teachers, but these teachers may only sign up through VEBA and will receive notification when they can do so. Other educators in childcare, college, university or others may register through regular sites. 
  • Where to look for Vaccination Appointments: County Info, City Of San DiegoCVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, or check this VaccinateCA info.
  • Zip codes in the lowest quartile of the healthy places index will now receive 40% of state allocations (dark blue in map below). How San Diego is affected remains to be seen in the upcoming week or two. (California upends how it’s divvying up scarce vaccines - CalMatters (3.4.21)

Here is a snapshot of the daily vaccine dashboard. You can see where the significant jumps in availability have occurred...Sundays to Mondays, Wednesdays to Thursdays. If you're looking for appointments, I would look on these days in the evening after 8pm, and later if you're a night owl like me. Conversely, you can see there are seldom changes on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, so you're wasting your time if you're trying to search an appointment on these days. Mid-week, late nights/early early mornings are your best bet. (If any super geeky friends want to plot this on a graph, be my guest)

3/6 Saturday: 1,108,085 Doses Received/1,030,312 Doses Administered
3/5 Friday: 1,108,085 Doses Received/1,026,775 Doses Administered 
3/4 Thursday: 1,100,975 Doses Received/997,287 Doses Administered
3/3 Wednesday: 1,067,675 Doses Received/945,859 Doses Administered
3/2 Tuesday: 1,053,105 Doses Received/943,234 Doses Administered
3/1 Monday: 1,030,705 Doses Shipped/924,150 Doses Administered
2/28 Sunday: 938,765 Doses Shipped/886,908 Doses Administered
2/27 Saturday: 938,765 Doses Shipped/860,578 Doses Administered
2/26 Friday: 938,765 Doses Received/832,800 Doses Administered
2/25 Thursday: 909,225 Doses Shipped/804,158 Doses Administered
2/24 Wednesday: 828,825 Doses Shipped/777,210 Doses Administered
2/23 Tuesday: 828,825 Doses Shipped/751,679 Doses Administered
2/22 Monday: 822,150 Doses Shipped/742,169 Doses Administered
2/21 Sunday: 796,000 Doses Shipped/729,989 Doses Administered
2/20 Saturday: 796,000 Doses Shipped/722,017 Doses Administered
2/19 Friday: 796,000 Doses Shipped/705,985 Doses Administered
2/18 Thursday: 765,500 Doses Shipped/684,278 Doses Administered
2/17 Wednesday: 765,500 Doses Shipped/663,194 Doses Administered
2/16 Tuesday: 749,300 Doses Shipped/645,274 Doses Administered
2/15 Monday: 703,200 Doses Shipped/651,450 Doses Administered
2/14 Sunday: 703,200 Doses Shipped/597,945 Doses Administered
2/13 Saturday: 703,200 Doses Shipped/569,060 Doses Administered
2/12 Friday: 703,200 Doses Shipped/569,060 Doses Administered
2/11 Thursday: 703,200 Doses Shipped/550,707 Doses Administered
2/10 Wednesday: 703,200 Doses Shipped/527,745 Doses Administered
2/9 Tuesday: 703,200 Doses Shipped/507,390 Doses Administered
2/8 Monday: 680,000 Doses Shipped/489,287 Doses Administered
2/7 Sunday: 597,925 Doses Shipped/466,035 Doses Administered
2/6 Saturday: 597,925 Doses Shipped/439,102 Doses Administered
2/5 Friday: 586,225 Doses Shipped/411,565 Doses Administered
2/4 Thursday: 586,225 Doses Shipped/376,503 Doses Administered
2/3 Wednesday: 586,225 Doses Shipped/357,507 Doses Administered
2/2 Tuesday: 525,675 Doses Shipped/343,470 Doses Administered
2/1 Monday: 497,600 Doses Shipped/322,572 Doses Administered

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