Wednesday, March 03, 2021

COVID-19: Vaccines For All By May | Global Cases Rise After Weeks of Decline | It's About Time: Dr Seuss Enterprises Ceases Publishing Racist Books |

The last time the tram was open at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (3.13.2020)

Watching the news pisses me off so much. How is it that they have such a knack for finding the most idiotic people to interview? Today some wealthy white teachers who teach in wealthy white areas were bitching about not getting vaccine appointments because schools have their own prioritization. It's literally been three days that teachers were added to the list, maybe settle it down a minute? Meanwhile, the idiot governor of Texas is opening everything and ending mask mandates and President Biden is a better human than me because I would just stop sending vaccines and government support to any state that won't mandate masks. 

It was a late night Monday around here so today was kind of a wasted day, though we did do a substantial Costco trip. It had been awhile and the speakeasy was running low on booze so I wanted to get us all stocked up before the next insurrection on March 4th. We also got a pizza which definitely hit the spot. 

I don't have a whole lot else to say today but there's lots of news, including that the San Diego case rate is now 10.8, which is promising but not quite good enough, but if the rate keeps dropping, we could get to the red tier by the end of March. It sounds like things are getting ready to open up a little more, I noticed that the San Diego Zoo is hiring tram and bus drivers so hopefully those come back soon, and Nova's school announced they'll be back in person in a hybrid model starting April 12, which is far sooner than I ever predicted. Hopefully BIden is right and we can all get vaccinated by May and beat the variants from overcoming all of our efforts and sending us back to square one. Stay safe out there. 

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