Saturday, March 13, 2021

CoViD-19: March 13, 2020 The Day The Music...Paused |Save Our Stages| SDIVA | Photos: Lauren Ruth Ward at Casbah |

one year no shows

It was a year ago today that the Casbah held our last show. It was Lauren Ruth Ward and it was awkward as hell because by that night we were all well aware that things were starting to shut down. Our Saturday night show with Frances Quinlan had already canceled. The WHO had already declared a worldwide pandemic while our president was promising it would all just go away. 

I never thought I'd be writing regularly about epidemiologists, that I would grow to understand virologists and scientists and know the names of my County health officer and CDC directors and stop reading music sites almost exclusively for medical journals and publications. I never thought I'd grow to so deeply appreciate County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and even Greg Cox. We definitely couldn't have seen the summer of unrest that was to come because Black Lives Matter and a significant portion of our fellow Americans didn't and still don't agree. 

I hope that someday I'll be back to the tediousness of posting listings of live music shows around San Diego, and while I know some venues have already hosted shows, I'm going to work with the framework of when I'm personally comfortable returning to shows, I'll start posting about them again. In the meantime, people are still getting ill. People are still dying at an incomprehensible pace, even if it is significantly lower than just one or two months ago. 

I miss music and going out and interacting with strangers and seeing recognizable faces joined together for our common love of music, but this year has also restructured my values a ton...going to shows for me now means not seeing my parents and family and that's just not a tradeoff I'm ready or willing to make. This could change in a matter of weeks or months, I can't predict, but until then, stay safe out there, remember the past year in all of it's horror and beauty and stay vigilant, stay safe, and rock the shot when you can so we can discover what a new normal will mean for all of us. 


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