Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joe Purdy Releases "Last Clock On The Wall"

Perhaps you recall my obsession with Joe Purdy's "Can't Get It Right Today" that was featured in a Kia ad last year. Well, Joe's been busy. Very busy. He is an unsigned artist who, through his own digital distribution, has been able to gather a loyal following. He finished his tenth record on March 17 and released it the same day. You might be familiar with his songs that have aired on multiple TV shows like Gray's Anatomy, House, amd Lost among others. Frankly, I'm posting the widget so I can stream it.

Things To Do In San Diego: March 31, 2009

I will update the listings when O'Connell's, Ken Club, Portugalia, U-31 update. If you have any additional listings, please leave a comment or e-mail me. Weekend listings if you click 'keep on reading'.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009:

  • White Denim, Apes Of Wrath, Nautical Disaster @ Casbah
  • Friday Mile, Golden Red @ Bar Pink
  • Myras Hands, Fuck Yeah, Black Hondo @ Radio Room
  • Open Mic feat. Gregory Page, Dixie Maxwell @ The Marquee (825 25th, Golden Hill)
  • Satan Dance Party, Tornado Magnet, The Ramblin Outlaws, DJ G Rex @ Beauty Bar
  • Too Cool For Karaoke: Pants Pants Revolution 2, Electric Boogaloo: Karaoke Rave@ Ruby Room
  • Love and Groove, Deep Rooted, Dj Cool Breeze @ Winston's
  • Mechanical Bull Riding @ U-31
  • Ken Club Karaoke @ Ken Club
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • The Dirty Heads @ True North
  • Comedy Night with Mal Hall @ Lestat's
  • Comedy - Tongue in Cheek Tuesdays @ Brick By Brick
  • Mikeyface's Birthday @ Soda Bar
  • Friends Chill Game Night @ Whistle Stop
  • Open Mic with Jefferson Jay @ Portugalia
  • Debois @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Jesse Davis @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Game Night @ 710 Beach Club
  • Branford Marsalis @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm, Late Show 9:30 pm)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rosey's Diary: March 18-25, 2009

My last diary post left off at St. Patrick's Day and all I can say is that waking up the next day wasn't nearly as awful as I expected. So let me catch you up with the week after St. Patty's Day. Click 'keep on reading' for all the Pho King goods.

Pho King

3.18.09: Gavin Newsom Townhall; Jamuel Saxon, The One AM Radio, Tapedeck Mountain @ Soda Bar

After St. Patrick's day, I had another experience that made me glad to be a Twitter user. The Burger Lounge (@Burger_Lounge), which happens to be across the street, had another special for their Twitter followers, this time free frings. Nothing better than a grass-fed burger with fries and onion rings to soak up the rest of the booze from the night before. Later that afternoon, I made my way to a school in City Heights were Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco wooed a crowd of mostly progressive supporters. I was going to do a full write up about the talk, but I realize I was so receptive to everything that he said that I didn't consider that perhaps he's just talking like a politician. I was definitely in my "hope and change" ra-ra-ra mode. Instead, here's a link of Dave Rolland's response to the evening. I will mention that there were representatives from The Nation of Islam who have some big issues with Newsom in San Francisco and made for a few tense moments. Mostly though, I liked what Gavin had to say and I'll be watching as he likely will run for Governor in 2010.

Gavin Newsom, 3.18.09 Gavin Newsom, 3.18.09

Gavin Newsom, 3.18.09 Gavin Newsom, 3.18.09
After the townhall, I made my way to Soda Bar excited to see Dangerbird Records artist The One AM Radio along with locals Tape Deck Mountain and Jamuel Saxon. I thought it was a strange lineup because the album I have from The One AM Radio is slow and quiet and always reminded me a bit of Elliott Smith, which was confirmed last time I saw him perform at Che Cafe. So Tape Deck Mountain played and sounded great as usual then The One AM Radio came on and were so different than I expected. They were upbeat, happy, and more than anything, no longer a one piece, now a full band. I liked the change and thought the band was great, it just took me a little by surprise. I only snapped a couple photos of the night because of prohibitive lighting, but here's The One AM Radio in their latest incarnation.

The One AM Radio, Soda Bar, 3.18.09
Jamuel Saxon finished off the night including a pretty sweet Michael Jackson cover. I also have to say I'm really a fan of the vibe at Soda Bar. I love getting a booth and being able to hang out and watch good bands, drink any of the great beers on draft, and just chill out. It helps it's so close to home for me.

3.19.09: 91X @ The Field, I Love You, Man @ Reading Gaslamp 15, Dinner at The Field, Tiltwheel @ Beauty Bar

I had planned on going to a couple events that were media type schmoozefests but fortunately I was saved when I saw Mat Diablo from 91X tweet that they were at The Field in Downtown giving away movie passes to "I Love You, Man". I don't see movies often, but I heart Paul Rudd in a big way and the movie came highly recommended by Daye, who had been to an early screening of the film a month before it's release. It lived up to my comedic expectations. Before the movie I got the chance to talk to Josh and Mat from 91X who hooked us up with scrip for The Field, so after the movie we returned to get some bar food before moving on to the next destination.

We got to Tiltwheel at the Beauty Bar as they'd just started but everyone there was well, um, lubricated?, and it made for a fun show, including Josh Mosh taking the stage for a song so Davey could smoke and drink his beer. It made me realize it had been a long time since I'd been to show with the fast crowd and it was a really good time. And I certainly never thought it would be at the Beauty Bar. I was especially happy that night because a friend of mine gave me a Blind Lady Alehouse hoodie. Score!

Tiltwheel, Beauty Bar, 3.19.09 Tiltwheel, Beauty Bar, 3.19.09
After Tiltwheel, the bulk of the crowd moved on to the Ken Club and it turned out that Miggs was DJ-ing and my old upstairs neighbor was in town. Needless to say they came over for an after party that got pretty ridiculous because Miggs' volume is always at 11. My current upstairs neighbor didn't get much sleep that night and I feel shitty for it, but there's no turning Miggs volume down.

3.20.09: Grand Ole Party, Ale Mania, Dirty Legs @ Soda Bar

Come Friday I was pretty excited to finally see Grand Ole Party as it had been some time since I last saw them play. Peter had asked me to help get the word out about ticketing because it was the biggest show Soda Bar had planned and they didn't want to overwhelm the space. The show sold out within about an hour of going on sale at 6 pm. In retrospect, they probably could've allowed another 50 people in the bar for the show, but we got there early, got a booth, enjoyed the Mission IPA on draft and just enjoyed the show and the fact that people weren't shoved into the bar like sardines. The Dirty Legs was an all chick band that played bratty punk, wearing their influences on their sleeves. Ale Mania appeared to be a new project of some of the guys from The Sess, but to be honest, I stayed in our booth and couldn't really see over the crowd. And even with earplugs, I couldn't really make out the band all that well. Grand Ole Party played late in the night and played entirely new material for the whole set. At this point in the night we sat up on the back of the booth to be able to see Kristin but I knew photos would be a disaster, so I just kicked back. The band left a couple days later to go record in Atlanta, so expect their new album later this year.

3.21.09: Album Release Party for The Long and Short of It, Kill Me Tomorrow, Fing @ Casbah

Saturday was one of those San Diego days with absolutely perfect weather. I had lunch with a my sister, b-i-l and niece at Lefty's and then met up with Todd and some friends for some beers at Blind Lady. Inevitably, a couple beers and a walk home and I took a brief nap before heading down to the Casbah to see Fing, Kill Me Tomorrow, and The Long And Short of It. You can see photos from Natalie or Michael. My camera just couldn't take that lighting. Also, I was kicking it over near the bar because Joe from The Roman Spring came out for the first time since his accident and it was just really good to see my friend getting better. All three bands delivered aggressive and powerful sets. The Long And The Short of It played their entire album from front to back- "if you wanna know the setlist, you can go buy the record." The band is always loud, but it was mixed so well, Ben's vocals were clear and his lyrics particularly powerful. It was a great night to be certain. I love nights when nearly the entire Casbah staff comes out to support one of their own.

3.22-25.09: The next couple days for me were catch-up days. I caught up on e-mail, posting, listings, watching shows I'd missed, seeing movies I'd not seen. I planned on seeing These Arms Are Snakes at Casbah on Tuesday, but I had a birthday dinner at Ponce's with my friends, some cake and ice cream at my house afterward, then made my way to the Ken Club where I got sucked in to karaoke night and never left. No complaints though, my neighborhood friends were there and even though I don't participate in karaoke, I still like being a witness. Abraham and I tried to connect but since it didn't happen Tuesday night, he showed up at my place on Wednesday afternoon with a 6 pack and we caught up before he, Todd and I decided to grab lunch. We tried to hit Minh Ky in City Heights (Menlo & El Cajon, just east of Hoover High), but were surprised to see it was closed on Wednesdays. So we crossed the street and went to Pho King. Let's just say we couldn't stop laughing. "Give me a Pho King menu." "Where is the Pho King waitress." Can I have some Pho King water?" Sometimes it's okay to act like an adolescent. I would love Pho King to sponsor this website. The food kicked ass, too. And that leaves me with Wednesday night, the first night of the Luce Loft. That will be another diary post.

Transfer & AVicious - FREE ALL AGES SHOW!

Transfer & AVicious will be playing a totally FREE ALL AGES show for X1FM.com on April 10th. If you want to check out the show head down to the studio and be there before 7pm:
X1FM Network
2434 Southport Way Ste.A
San Diego, CA 91950
Only a limited number of spaces are available for the show so we recommend that you get down there early as this one is going to be packed and fun! You will be able to see AVicious play live with Transfer in a most intimate setting and since the show is so early who knows what kinds of trouble we can get into after. Email us if you need any more information littlebear(at)avicio(dot)us

Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay 2009 Lineup

The 2009 Concert Schedule for Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay was released yesterday. There are a lot of great shows and all tickets are on sale now. They have all tickets with pricing for just the show, a dinner package, and options for each show with a room, junior suite, or suite.

There are too many shows to list here, but some standouts (aka, if money were not an issue, the shows I would attend) are:

6/6 Joe Cocker (saw him once at OAT and was amazed how much I enjoyed it)

6/28 Ani DiFranco (haven't seen her since she toured on Up Up Up Up Up)

7/15 Cowboy Junkies & Son Volt (Before I was a fan of Wilco, I was on Team Farrar. Son Volt was the first show I ever saw at the Belly Up.)

7/24 Joel McHale (of Talk Soup fame. And my future ex-husband)

7/28 Jim Gaffigan (the whitest man alive? I don't know, but hilarious.)

8/11 Lyle Lovett (I saw him at Humphrey's a few years ago. Talented musically, but his banter is what makes him so endearing. Plus, he brought a mariachi band on tour with him that he picked up on a surf trip to Mexico. How cool is that?)

9/19 Wanda Sykes (doesn't she just make you wanna have drinks with her while talking shit about everyone else in the bar?)

9/25 The Beach Boys (Never seen them. I probably should before it's too late.)

You can see the entire list as well as purchase tickets on Humphrey's Site here.

Things To Do In San Diego: Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009:

  • Anti Monday League Presents Eclipse 79, WestFire, Counterlaunch @ Casbah
  • Less Than Jake, The Expendables, The Flatliners @ Cane's
  • Train of Thought Open Mic feat.Gregory Page & Dixie Maxwell @ Marquee
  • Lady Dottie & The Diamonds @ U-31
  • Musical Pursuit Trivia hosted by Adam Gimbel @ Whistle Stop
  • Sing it Loud, Artist vs Poet,The Friday Night Boys, The Morning Light, The Summer Set @ Epicentre
  • Open Mic @ Lestat's
  • Grown Folk Music with The Husky Boy All-Stars: DJs Buddha & Duse@ Bar Pink
  • Blues Jam hosted by Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Shark Attack! @ Soda Bar
  • Sing or Die Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
  • Burnsville Band @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • The Tail Draggers @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Palomar College “Salt and Pepper” Jazz Night feat. the San Diego Youth Symphony Jazz Ensemble led by Dr. Ella Steinberg, the Spectrum Singers directed by Janet Hammer, & the Palomar College Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Steve Steinberg @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)

Win A Snow Patrol Autographed Poster

I know it's been a while since I've had a contest. Sorry for that. This one is for the lucky 1000 people or so who managed to see the incredible free Snow Patrol show presented by Shockhound in San Diego in December and want an autographed poster from the night. If you didn't go to the show, I'm sorry you missed it, but you can enter to win a poster if you'd like. I've got three to give away, just email your name and address and I'll notify 3 winners on Wednesday. Your information will be confidential and will not be used for any other purpose other than to send the poster. E-mail sddialedin AT gmail DAWT com with the subject Shockhound.

Also, fans of Snow Patrol should read this article in which Gary Lightbody responds to critics.

Check out Shockhound

Metric Announces Tour Dates

I just posted the Metric widget this morning and now I just got word that they'll be supporting the new album Fantasies with a full tour, including a stop in San Diego on June 7th for a little show we call the Independence Jam. Keep that on the DL, won'tcha?

Entering week 3 of the WebCeleb SDSU Campus Rumble we are seeing some awesome competition going on. A band called Break Her Fall (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/3308/) won in week 2 and is one of 6 finalists competing to play on stage at SDSU with 3 other bands. The competition is all going on online, so if you and your band are even the slightest tech savvy, start a profile, and promote. It is simple, free, and awesome.

At the beginning of week 3 here are what the standings look like for the top 6 on WebCeleb:

  1. Jennelle Lazaro (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/3359/)
  2. Republic of Letters (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/4442/)
  3. Nadia Lanfranconi (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/671/)
  4. Kanari (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/4486/)
  5. Lands on Fire (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/701/)
  6. KeezMC (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/621/)
There are so many AMAZING local acts that haven't even attempted to look at this. I know the word competition scares people off a little, but this is your chance to play in front of a potential 3000 people. I am looking at you: Writer, Swim Party, John Meeks, Joel P. West, Sayvinyl, Children of Nova, Gray Ghosts, All the Milgaten Brothers projects, MC Flow, The Modlins, Napoleon Complex, The Gift/Curse, Desert Diamonds, Stranger, Calico Horse, Stripes and Lines, blah blah blah blah. There are sooo many of you that could dominate this. So do it.

91X Presents "Cage The Elephant"

91X has resurrected their "Next Big Thing" Music Series that offers up and coming bands in venues for bargain tickets prices...in this case 91 cents. (Plus service & convenience charges, of course. Tickets available at House of Blues box office, ticketmaster, or LiveNation.com)

"91X's Next Big Thing - Cage The Elephant"
Saturday April 18th
House Of Blues

Newly signed to Jive Records, Kentucky's Cage the Elephant created a stir at last week’s South by Southwest Festival with their compelling live performances. The bands first single “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” is the #2 most added at Alternative Radio and the #4 Greatest Gainer on BDS this week.

Cage The Elephant will be performing at Coachella and Bamboozle, so this is your chance to see them in a relatively small venue while you can.

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Metric "Fantasies"

Metric has made their entire new album Fantasies available to stream before the release. The album will be available digitally on iTunes on Tuesday and in stores on April 14.

Additionally, if you pre-order the album at ilovemetric.com/store you will receive special bonus materials, including an immediate download of "Help I'm Alive" (album version) and two exclusive pre-order tracks - "Gimme Sympathy" (acoustic version) and Metric's cover of Pink Floyd's "Nobody Home". All physical albums purchased through ilovemetric.com/store are deluxe, hardcover editions that you can't get anywhere else!

YMCA Benefit

YMCA Benefit

Friday, March 27, 2009

Things To Do In San Diego: March 27-29, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009:

  • Vision of a Dying World @ X1TV Open Door Session (Starts at 7PM PST only on www.x1fm.com, or come down to the studio for the free, all ages show. 2434 Southport Way Ste. A)
  • Sezio Presents Silent Comedy & Swim Party Live @ Luce Loft (1037 J. Street)
  • Brett Dennen, Angus & Julia Stone @ House of Blues
  • Mr. Tube and The Flying Objects, Addiquit @ Bar Pink
  • Earthless, Early Man, Red Fang, Hostile Combover @ Casbah
  • Aids Wolf, White Mice, Vaginals, All Leather @ Che Cafe
  • Circa Now, Lualta @ Ken Club
  • The Homosexuals, Kill Me Tomorrow, Boo and Boo Too, The Anasazis @ Soda Bar
  • Better Class of Flying Man, Wizard Wolves, Incomplete Neighbor, The Alpha Channel @ Radio Room
  • Kenny Eng, Anna Troy, Lindsay White, Vanja James @ Marquee (835 25th St., Golden Hill)
  • Feel The Noise feat. The Library, DJs Gabe Vega & Saul Q @ U-31
  • Desert Diamonds, Sangre Sangre @ Whistle Stop
  • Part Time Punx presents The Homosexuals, Kill Me Tomorrow @ Soda Bar
  • Moonalice, Superunloader @ Winston's
  • Elijah Emanuel and the Revelations, Social Green, Get Your Dub On, ROCKERSTV @ Belly Up
  • Splitfinger, Get Back Loretta, The Buzzbombs @ 710 Beach Club
  • Happy Hour with The Brokers @ Belly Up (5:30 pm)
  • QQC (CD release party), Jamuel Saxon, Lord Nelson @ Beauty Bar
  • Stranger, Mike Pinto, Project Out of Bounds @ Canes
  • West Of Memphis @ House of Blues (Voodoo Stage)
  • Critical Mass Official After Party @ Ruby Room
  • Emergenza Music Festival ft. Fat Mans Misery, The Chase, The RNRS, Mayhem and Miracles, Nicole Torres, Rag Doll City, Bar Karma, Intransitaudio @ O'Connell's
  • Heatrok, Chasing Claymores, Stimulus Package, Silent Lune, Dedicated Minds, Lewpaperfury @ Brick By Brick
  • Itai Faierman, Dave Yaden, The Predicates @ Lestat's
  • Alesana, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fear Before, I Set My Friends On Fire, Fall From Grace @ Soma
  • Invisible Children Benefit Show feat. Martyrs of Cain, Long Tongue Liars, Dressed To Kill, Auto Electric, Freezing Vinyl, For 25, Sun Hands @ Epicentre
  • Apollo Down @ Dreamstreet
  • Underground w/ JDRENIK, DJ Brother Darkness & Professor CC @ the Stout House
  • Paul Seaforth trumpet/vocals, with pianist Mark Massey, bassist Ryan Rost, alto saxophonist Christopher Hollyday @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Rising Star @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Open Stage Hip Hop and R&B @ 4th & B
  • The Steely Damned @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm,Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • Luke Bryan @ Viejas Dreamcatcher Lounge
  • The Bacon Brothers @ Hard Rock CafĂ© San Diego
  • Causing Problems, Vinyl Film, Only On Wednesdays, Oculus Sinister @ Channel Twelve 25
  • "The Luck of the Irie" feat Ranking Joe, Jah Roots Hi-Fi@ Portugalia
  • Diego's Umbrella @ Surf n Saddle
  • Benefit @ Hensley's Flying Elephant

Saturday, March 28, 2009:

  • Sezio Presents ft. Calico Horse, Demasiado Live @ Luce Loft (1037 J. Street)
  • The Drowning Men, The Western States Motel @ Bar Pink
  • X1FM Presents : Local Gold ft. Dirty Sweet, Astra, The Howls, DJ Edgartronic @ Ruby Room
  • Chad Farran, Matt Molarius (Transfer), Crash Encore @ Lestat's
  • Rasputina, Ruby Throat @ Casbah (Early Show, 6:30pm)
  • "Ian Will Surf Again" benefit feat. Cathryn Beeks, Christopher Dale, Matt Silvia @ Barback Bar & Grill (6p-2a)
  • No One and the Nobodies, Mississippi Man, The Old Palominos, Mothers Sons @ Soda Bar
  • Sunnyside, Earthmen, Strangers @ Ken Club
  • Sight & Sound Feat. feat. The Burning of Rome, Gregory Page, Di Nigunim @ Planet Rooth Gallery ($5, free drink with paid admission before 8:30 pm)
  • Cash'd Out, The Rumblers @ Casbah
  • The Knee Highs, Modern Rifles, Concrete Project @ Porter's Pub, UCSD (9 pm, $7)
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @ Dreamcatcher Lounge, Viejas Casino
  • Larry Robinson, Ari Shine, Paragraphs, War Stories @ Marquee (835 25th St., Golden Hill)
  • Candlebox, Royal Bliss, Jet Black Stare @ Canes
  • The Tailchasers @ Belly Up (Matinee show, 4 pm)
  • Atomic Punks, Steel Rod @ Belly Up
  • Azure Down, Echo Revolution, Sirens of Shipwreck, Stalkers, DJ Ant Bo @ Beauty Bar
  • Bombs Over North Park with DJ's Corey Biggs & Adam Salter @ U-31
  • 5th Annual Indiefest @ Various Venues, North Park
  • Club Dead Line feat. Nightmare Hides, DJ Adamnation @ Radio Room
  • Emergenza Music Festival ft. Adam Balm, Loose Nuts, V Child, Seaswallow, Tabernacle, The Victory of Reason, Aquatribe, Neon Knights @ O'Connell's
  • Sycuan Presents Which One's Pink (Pink Floyd tribute performing The Wall) @ House of Blues
  • Divebomber, Dig Jelly, Aedose @ Dreamstreet
  • The Carlos Blues Experience @ Winston's (5-8pm)
  • Particle @ Winston's
  • Folio, Theory Of Flight, DJ Matt Lindsey @ 710 Beach Club
  • Booty Bassment @ Whistle Stop
  • Sonny, Endless Hallway, Dan Sena, White Apple Tree @ Soma
  • Bumbklaatt, Death Crisis, Abject, Amongst Wolves @ Che Cafe
  • Jazz guitar night featuring guitarists Mundell Lowe, Bob Boss, & Jaime Valle, with Bob Magnusson bass & Jim Plank drums - performing material recorded by "The Great Guitars Of Jazz" & arranged by Mundell Lowe @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Chris Duarte @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Tragedy and Triumph, Casino Madrid, Lamore, Ends In Agony, The Pandora Effect @ Epicentre
  • Grupo Niche, Oscar D'Leon @ 4th & B
  • Anthology House Band Motown Revue @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm)
  • Wild Child (Doors tribute) @ Anthology (Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • The Color of Glass, Play the Fox, Mayhem and Miracles, Day of Anomie @ Channel Twelve 25
  • Chi Club, Trouble Weeds, Grand Canyon Sundown @ Portugalia
  • The Lost @ Surf n Saddle
  • Joe Wood & The Lonely Ones @ Hensley's Flying Elephant

Sunday, March 29, 2009:

  • Sezio Presents Joel P. West, The Paddle Boat @ Luce Loft (1037 J. Street)
  • Hotel St. George, Lights On @ The Office
  • Red Ivy Suspect, Rhombus, Coolzey, Tidepool, DJ Ant Bo @ Beauty Bar
  • Herman Dune, Chad Van Gaalen, Women @ Casbah
  • JJ Cale (The Roll On Tour), Pieta Brown @ Belly Up (Sold Out)
  • Lanterns, Junius, The Hundred Days @ Che Cafe
  • Bayside Bridge Club, Tropical Depression, Primitive Notion, Wizard Boots @ Ruby Room
  • Patrick Yandall (CD release) @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (8 pm)
  • Tribe Of Kings/Reggae Vibes @ U-31
  • The Robin Henkel Band, The Tighten Ups @ Bar Pink
  • MDC, Rat City Riot, Embrace the Kill, Captain Planet, Abject @ Radio Room
  • Bobby Fantasy, Evervess @ O'Connell's
  • Rockstar Energy Drink presents the AP Tour featuring 3OH!3, Family Force Five, The Maine, Hit The Lights, A Rocket to the Moon @ House of Blues
  • Rosi Golan, William Fitzimmons @ Lestat's
  • Never Say Die Hip Hop feat: Truth Noxx & 2 Smooth, Narkotic & Play B, 5150, KB, Noire Ent, Five Star, Bleed & Breathe @ Brick By Brick
  • Myron & The Krymptionz @ Winston's (5-8pm)
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-o-ke @ Winston's
  • Jared Mees & The Grown Children @ Soda Bar
  • BioHazard, Canobliss, One Inch Punch, Sunday Girl @ Cane's
  • Too Many Creep with Mario Orduno and friends @ Whistle Stop
  • Old Timey Session @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Pasquale Esposito @ Anthology (7:30 pm)
  • Jose Molina @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (11a-1:30 pm)
  • Steve Keaney @ Portugalia
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: A Family Festival Concert @ Copley Symphony Hall (2 pm)

Rosey's Diary: 3.12.09-3.17.09

Thanks for the feedback on my "diary" posts. I'm trying to just get to a place where I can get back to daily posts but in the meantime, there's a whole bunch of stuff I don't want to leave out, including that I finally met my 3 month old nephew. But I'll get to that part in a second. For the full diary post, please click 'keep on reading'.
Edward Gabriel, 3.15.09

3.12.09: Writer, Birds and Batteries @ Bar Pink
My first night out in five days had to be good, so I made my way to Bar Pink for Birds and Batteries and Writer. I'm trying to re-learn how to use my failing camera, adjusting for the fact that it adds a purple sheen to all my photos, but it also means in poorly lit places I just can't really get any meaningful photos. Yeah, if anyone has a camera laying around that you don't need and would like to donate to the cause, feel free to hit me up. I feel like I just bought this one, though I guess 10,000+ pictures give it a shorter life span than I'd like. Anyway, all that to say I didn't take pictures of Birds and Batteries. Maybe a part of it was because I was annoyed that they played so late. It really only bothered me because I wanted to also try and catch Drew Andrews down the street at the Whistle Stop.

Anyway, I liked Birds and Batteries. “A little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll, a little bit electronic and all kinds of intriguing pop” as they were described by The Onion A/V Club. I'll go with that. I'd definitely see them again, but only if they promise to play on time.

Writer was playing their first show with David after Ely's departure from the band. They had some kinks to work out, but considering David only had a couple weeks to learn the songs before their tour to SXSW and he'd never played in front of an audience before, I thought it was pretty damn sweet. These pics were me kinda going "oh, maybe I should capture their first show with the new guy".

Writer, Bar Pink, 3.13.09 Writer, Bar Pink, 3.13.09

3.13.09: Transfer, Long Live Logos, Crash Encore @ Casbah

Come Friday I was feeling healthy and Jake was still in town, so after watching Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO (it was a good one if you missed it you can see my favorite part here) we headed down to the Casbah. It sold out just as we arrived so it was a bit nutso. We caught up with some friends in the back bar for a while until Transfer started, and I just kicked back and enjoyed the show mostly from the side of the stage. The audience at Transfer shows seems to be growing more diverse and that is clearly a great thing for the band and for music in general in San Diego.

3.14.09: The Silent Comedy, Or, The Whale @ Ken Club

Saturday was a good chill day. I was waiting for word on my sister-in-law's arrival, watched some movies, got through some e-mail, and though I was a little torn between checking out Cursive at the Casbah and seeing The Silent Comedy and Or, The Whale at the Ken Club but I went with the Ken because (1) it meant I didn't have to drive, (2) Or, The Whale had sent me one of the best press kits ever with a handwritten note so they get my eternal love and (3) it was The Silent Comedy's first show ever at the Ken Club so I wanted to show my support to the band and the club. I arrived around 10 and wasn't surprised at all that the room was packed. When I see Or, The Whale, the concept of church revivals suddenly appeal to me...not so much the religious part, but the communal feeling of a large group of people meeting with the same purpose, and in this case, the energy in the room, the clap alongs, and for their final song when they were joined by The Silent Comedy, and I totally got lost in the energy of the room, even in the back where it seemed everyone else there was six feet tall. I spent the duration of The Silent Comedy's set standing on a the top of a booth in the back of the bar so I didn't attempt photos, but it was a great night, only enhanced by being the lucky recipient of a couple free shots and a couple mispoured drinks. I know I haven't written much about The Ken lately, but it will always be my home.

3.15-16.09: Family Time.

My sister in law came to town with my nephew for a few days, so my cousin came down from LA, my friend Nichole came down from San Bernadino, and after an incredible brunch at Cafe Chloe for some amazing mac n cheese and a couple mimosas, we visited my grandma. For reasons I won't go into, I hadn't seen Nana in several years, but it was pretty incredible seeing four generations in one room. She's 100 years old and got to see her 3 month old great-grandson for the first time ever, along with my niece, and the rest of my family. After we hung out at my parents' house and oohed and ahhed over the babies.
Edward Gabriel, 3.15.09 Johanna & Gabriel, 3.17.09

We spent Monday at the zoo where there are babies EVERYWHERE, including some adorable baby meerkats, a new baby gorilla, arangutan, and a new pair of grizzlies and hyenas. If you have a zoo pass, it's time to take advantage and see some of the adorable babies that spring has sprung.

3.17.09: St. Patrick's Day

I got my St. Patty's Day going early by visitin Todd at the Ken Club, then getting dinner at Ponce's when he got off his shift. I decided I'd keep track of my alcohol intake with a sharpie on my arm and let's just say that even that didn't work because I lost track at some point of the Guinness and Jameson that was pouring freely. The Down's Family played a kick ass super long set and the bar was really festive but without the frat-boy cheeseball green beer mentality.

Downs Family, Ken Club, 3.17.09

I even had a small after party with some friends. On a Tuesday. So yes, a very good night indeed. And that's where I'll leave off until I upload the pictures from the past week. xoxo.

Drew's Blog #4: Marfa, Tucson, Golden Hill

I am afraid to talk about Marfa, Texas. I debated long and hard over it: after all the trash-talking I've done over my rocky relationship with the Lone Star State, when one finds the diamond in the rough, one wants to keep it a secret to themselves....but I'm letting it out:

This little town is my new favorite city in the world. note: next to San Diego, of course :)

Largely popularized since the 1970's by installation artist Donald Judd, this town boasts a whopping 2000 person population. If you can spot someone who is NOT between 20-50, you may have been fooled by mirage. Stuffed to the brim with artists, painters, musicians, writers, vagabonds - Marfa claims only 3 restaurants (in addition to the most amazing mobile snack shack permanently parked year round), 1 venue, a bookstore and a few other basic shops for living. At night, the city lights have a mandatory 8 pm blackout, opening a breathtaking view of the stars near one of the nation's most prominent astronomical observatories. I won't spend all my paragraphs on these, but Google these tidbits: The Marfa Lights. Donald Judd. The Davis Mountains. Big Bend National Park.

No one is paying me to gush over just how struck I was - but after we turned the art gallery attached to our stage set-up into a giant reverb tank for the guitars, to the hoorah of all onlookers, we all knew how unique and wonderful this town was. Because of that, I hope no one ever goes there. That no one paints a smarmy commercial brushstroke over it's singularity - there are other cool places in the world dying out for hype-based reasons (see Portland). So no one else is allowed to know about it, anymore!!! Except for you...if you're good and don't tell no one.

After our stay at a local filmmakers home, we headed out Westward to Tucson, where we performed at the legendary Hotel Congress (the rooftop of which John Dillinger set afire in his final, fated showdown against the law), as a part of their sunset outdoor concert series - the show was great, interactive and respectful and vibey as Marfa was the night before. We crashed out in the hotel, woke up to pick up a harmonica at the the local music store, and drove home.

The Spectral Cities impressed me everyday: partying and playing in every kind of context: rushed, ignored, relaxed, good sound/bad sound, whatever. I wish we could have drank more than PBRs and High Life's dudes, but hey, that's what more tours and more experiences bring! Thanks to all of them: Josh Carlson, Erik Norgaard, James Zyzzyx and our wonderful tour drummer Matt (Bones) Bennett. Coming back, feeling refreshed and with a new outlook, I'll be in my little Golden Hill backyard studio, hunkered down, working out ahead. Thanks for checking out these ramblings....if you likey, my new novella, The Shepherd Journals is available at Feedbooks.com for digital download, free of charge!

See ya see ya - drew -

Drew Andrews is a San Diego based musician/writer who performs solo with his band Spectral Cities, with The Album Leaf, and still with his first true love of a band, Via Satellite. His debut album, Only Mirrors, is released by Minty Fresh, and available at Itunes, Amazon, record stores, etc.


Writer Tour: SXSW Day 1 Part 2

So after playing the Singing Serpent show and watching Henry Clay People rock out in a crowded bar on 6th St. We heard that the Cold War Kids were playing somewhere by 1st St. across the river. I thought this will be great, I saw them when they played the Casbah, and a crowded bar is definitely a great way to see them, unfortunately after trekking across downtown Austin for what seemed like ages, we stumbled upon the large outdoor venue which was more like seeing them at Street Scene. We stayed through some of their set as we got lost in the sea of people, but we wanted to be at the bars, not a corporate-fest stage.
Trying to leave huge outdoor area was confusing and we almost ended up backstage, you could hear the security guard stutter his words as he asked us "Are you guys supposed to be back here?" We were definitely grungy enough to be in the Cold War Kids, but we left anyways to go see Rob Crow at the Singing Serpent showcase.
About 40 blocks later, we were back where we started at the Iron Gate, unfortunately Rob Crow was packing up, so we just chilled for a while drinking beers with my friend Riyadh and some of the SD crew there.

Eventually the bar turned into a Mexican dance hall with an age limit of 40 and up, so we headed over the Ms. Beas across the street for Indian Jewelry. There were so many kids there, you couldn't see the band (no stage). So we snuck around back, since there was opening in the gate. Indian Jewelry were really great, and had a lot of energy created by this rhythmic droning and some cool electronic grit to it.

Click on Keep On Reading to get the whole story.

Next was Best Friends Forever on gazebo style stage. A three piece fronted by two females singing songs that are cleverly sarcastic, light-hearted, and empowering enough to make me feel that Adam was created from Eve's rib bone. Loved it, and a flute solo when you thought it couldn't get any better.

After Best Friends Forever finished, we decided to keep cruising. We really just started roaming randomly, no plan. Eventually we heard some rockin music going on and lights and people and free, so we stopped by. Just so happened to be the Obscure Magpie showcase, which Transfer was playing as we walked in. It was an medium sized outdoor venue with great stage backdrops. Transfer played on the main stage, with amazing lights in front and behind the stage. They rocked really hard and it was good seeing San Diego representing.

After Transfer was Apes of Wrath playing on the smaller stage which also had cool lighting, and these guys were going off as usual. I have a couple friends who ever time they see Apes they tell me "This is my new favorite band from San Diego."

After supporting the San Diego bands at Obscure Magpie, we made our way back to Ms. Beas, mostly because that is where are car was parked and it was almost 2AM. This is when the coolest show happened. An acoustic showcase under a tree, featuring a bunch of the bands playing Ms. Beas. This was a truly communal and happy event, each artist got to play two songs and everyone was just hanging out like campfire style. The notable performances were Wavves, Best Friends Forever, Still Flyin, The Homosexuals, and Jana Hunter. I was lucky enough to get some footage of Wavves, who seems to be the new young star from San Diego, signed to Fat Possum Records. I wondered what it was going to sound like without all the fuzz. They were some cool songs.
The show ended at 4AM with a ceremonial burning of some random stuff and we had nowhere to stay. So like true bohemians, we set in for the night in Andy's Honda Element. Day 1 of SXSW was amazing to say the least and we couldn't wait for what was in store for day 2. More story to come later...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things To Do In San Diego: March 26, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009:

  • Sezio Presents The Donkeys, John Meeks Live @ The Luce Loft (1037 J. Street)
  • Two Sheds, Boomsnake @ Bar Pink
  • Pelican, Wolves in the Throneroom, Tombs @ Casbah
  • No Bunny, The Glossines, The Clean Cut DJ's @ Ken Club
  • Justin Nozuka, Jim Hitchins @ Belly Up
  • 91X Presents New Found Glory, Bayside, Set Your Goals, Shai Hulud @ House of Blues
  • A Scribe Amidst the Lions, Endoxi, Runhoney, The New Lead Detectives @ Canes
  • The Fun Machine, Wallpaper, DJs Ant Bo, Dimitri Dickinson @ Beauty Bar
  • 80's & 90's Hip Hop with DJ Artistic & Cros 1 @ U-31
  • CANCELED: Cold War Kids @ 4th & B
  • Diego's Umbrella @ Winston's
  • Boombox Thursday feat. DJ Edgartronic @ A/C Lounge
  • Chad & Jeremy @ Acoustic Music San Diego
  • Club Purple feat Punk Bunny @ Radio Room
  • Boombox Session feat. Medusa@ Marquee (835 25th St., Golden Hill)
  • Comedy Show feat. SHANG, Dan Jackson, Mal Hall and more @ Bitter End Backstage
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • "Indie Music Showcase" feat. Trevor Davis, Carney and Dr. Seahorse @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm)
  • Modern Day Moonshine @ HOB (Voodoo Stage)
  • Lux Killmore Presents Spookshow a Go-Go (burlesque), Films by Val Killmore and a special appearance by the Man Eating Lobster @ Brick By Brick
  • The Shake Ups @ Soda Bar
  • Benefit for "Invisible Children" feat. Stars Go Dim @ Onyx Room/THIN ($10-$20 sugg donation includes 1 raffle ticket per $10, movie screening of "The Rescue of Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers" at 8pm)
  • The Black Belt Jones Band, The Downstroke @ 710 Beach Club
  • Offtrack, Mod Amish, Perfect Blue, Unknown Motive @ Dreamstreet
  • Dave Booda, Louis Buhler @ Lestat's
  • Dan Reagan trombone, Gunnar Biggs bass, Mike Holguin drums, & Allan Phillips keyboards @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Ruby and The Redhots @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Battle of The Bands @ 4th & B
  • Chris Zach, Megan Combs, Melissa Eiser @ Portugalia
  • Dan Sherrill Music @ Surf n Saddle
  • Irish Night with Skelpin @ Hensley's Flying Elephant

Callling All Bands: Rock N Roll Marathon & North Park Music Thing

Along with the San Diego County Fair's "Musicapalooza" call to bands, there are other opportunities for local bands to play in front of a wider and more diverse audience. San Diego is once again host to the Rock n Roll Marathon and organizers have put out the call for band submissions. Additionally, last year's "North By North Park" is now being called "North Park Music Thing- San Diego Music Conference and Festival" and whie not exactly the catchiest name ever, the conference was great last year and will be even bigger and better this year and all bands of all styles and genres should submit their music for consideration in the festival.
For the press releases for both Rock n Roll Marathon and NPMT, click 'keep on reading'.

Rock N Roll Marathon:

Bands encouraged to sign up before March 31st deadline to perform along marathon course

San Diego, Calif. (March 24, 2009) – As the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon approaches, event organizers are placing a public call for local bands to perform at the 12th annual event on May 31, 2009.

Bands selected will play live to an audience of more than 20,000 runners and walkers on entertainment stages positioned along each mile of the 26.2 -mile course. Musicians exhibiting outstanding showmanship will have an opportunity to be featured on local and national television.

“We’re looking for bands that can provide energy to our runners, and love to see musicians from a variety of genres,” said Kari Logan, Event Manager. “With a fantastic course, ideal weather and enthusiastic spectators, the San Diego race is as much of a block party as it is a road race.”

Bands interested in playing along the course are encouraged to apply now. All submissions must be received by March 31, 2009. Sound, stage and promotion will be provided. Promotional packages will not be accepted electronically. Please send a CD, bio information and a photo to:

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
Attn: Entertainment Team
9401 Waples Street, Suite 150
San Diego, CA 92121

Over 45 bands will be selected to perform and all types of musicians are encouraged to apply. Event organizers are looking for invigorating, high-energy music to entertain and encourage race participants. Everything from salsa to reggae, R&B to alternative, classic rock to country is welcome. For race information or to download a course band application, visit www.rnrmarathon.com.
North Park Music Thing:

As you may have heard by now, our San Diego Music Conference - North by North Park has a new name: NXNP is now known as North Park Music Thing - San Diego Music Conference & Festival. And this year, we have expanded the event to cover 3 days, from Friday, August 7 thru Sunday, August 9, 2009. Please take a look at the new and improved website - go to http://www.northparkmusicthing.com for more info.

Artists that are interested in showcasing at NPMT need to submit music to the conference via our special submission page at http:/www.sonicbids.com/NPMT. The deadline for submissions is on June 15, so if you are interested in a performance slot, please submit your your band as soon as possible, so our staff has the chance to review your music.

If you did not attend in 2008, this event is similar to what is done annually in Austin at South by Southwest. There are musicians workshops, demo reviews and this year, there will be 20+ stages with over 150 artists showcasing their music. We expect even more of the music industry to attend this year, so plan to join us! We've once again set this event up so it's a very, very, very, VERY affordable event for everyone to attend. This year in Austin, the rate to attend was $699 per person. BUT, the early bird NPMT registration rate will be only $25, and that's for two days of music and workshops. For those that wish to attend, tadvance registration to attend will begin next week, on Wednesday, April 1, online only, via the event website at: http://www.northparkmusicthing.com

The 2008 event was more successful that we had ever hoped that it would be, and as we prepare for 2009, we are open to all suggestions, criticism and comments. If you have any ideas - good or bad -- that might help make NPMT an even better experience for everyone....now is the time to speak up!

This Sunday: Gaslamp Art Showcase

Whether you're a lover of art or someone who finds are a bit inaccessible to people from all walks of life, the Gaslamp Art Showcase should satisfy your cultural needs. This day long free event features 50 artists in 30 venues.

The second annual Gaslamp Art Showcase will be held on March 29, 2009 on the streets of our famous entertainment district in downtown San Diego. We will feature a wide variety of talented artists in a diverse showcase.

The Gaslamp Art Showcase will host many artistic works in unique settings throughout the Gaslamp Quarter. The Reflection Art Show on Island Ave will be an outdoor exhibit of booths and The Spyglass Art Exhibit will be within gorgeous Gaslamp Quarter venues like our beautiful Fine Art Galleries, Fabulous Rooftop Lounges & more.

The event, produced by Gaslamp Quarter Association and our partner businesses, invites people to rediscover our National Historic District and tour each element of this wonderful Showcase.

For information about the artists and participating venues, click here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things To Do In San Diego: March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009:

  • Cause For Drinks @ Starlite
  • Sezio Presents Writer and Black Mamba Live @ Luce Loft (1037 J. Street)
  • The Bronx, Trash Talk, and guests @ Casbah
  • The Shys, Takeover UK, Gliss @ Beauty Bar
  • Commune Wednesday @ Whistle Stop
  • The Fascination, Vinyl Film, Desert Diamonds @ Ruby Room
  • Best of San Diego feat. Revolution '89, Melu Plus, Zozia, Caburlesque Kittens, First Class Fiction, Vanja James @ House of Blues
  • Weatherbox, Mansions and guests @ Che Cafe
  • Misdelphia, Myra's Hands, Goodnight Caulfield @ Brick By Brick
  • Agua Dulce, DJ Bob Green @ U-31
  • Charles MacPherson, Gilbert Castellanos @ Anthology (8 pm)
  • Tumbledown (Mike Herrera from MXPX), SGFY, The Brandy Alexander Band, Young Goodman @ Radio Room
  • Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks, Gayle Skidmore @ Belly Up
  • Hillstomp, McDougall, The Show Is The Rainbow @ Bar Pink
  • The Journeymen, The Akademix, Samadhi Trio @ Winston's
  • Blank Dogs, Eat Skull, Naked on the Vague, Christmas Island, Blessure Grave @ Soda Bar
  • Wookie Garcia, JDean @ 710 Beach Club
  • The Buddy Wuddy Blues Show @ Lestat's
  • Nex 2 Nothin, I. Trimble @ O'Connell's
  • Manwhore Wednesdays @ Ken Club
  • Counter Launch, Industry, Coup @ Canes
  • Drownswerve @ Dreamstreet
  • Paul Cannon, Candy is the weapon, Guitar Jones @ Bitter End Backstage
  • The Latin Connection featuring Chase Morrin piano, Chris Burgess saxophone, Michael Valentini bass, Daniel Feldman conga, & Fernando Gomez timbale @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Angie Evans, Melody Moore @ Portugalia
  • Frank Turner & Steve Soto, Look Mexico @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Road Dogs @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Battle of the Bands @ 4th & B

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chris Cantore to be on KPRI/102.1. 3/25 - 3/26

For those of you Chris Cantore fans out there….

It's been awhile since Chris Cantore has been on FM. Although it's not a permanent gig, he will be filling in for Madison, DJ for KPRI from 6-10am for two days: weds. 3/25 and thurs. 3/26.
Chris Cantore is an old school DJ who worked for 91x back in its glory days. He is still seen around San Diego hosting events and doing charity and generally has a large cult following. It will be a treat to hear his talent once again over the air waves.

AVicious plays "All Systems Go" - photo recap


If anyone has been to see Transfer in the last year or so you may have noticed that they have a lighting/video show that sets them apart from the pack. What you may not have noticed before is the video team that puts together it all together and plays it live - that's right PLAYS THE VIDEO LIVE via MIDI interfaces (at the Casbah, look towards the sound booth). We understand that the stage at the Casbah isn't quite the size to fit us and Transfer and so we resign ourselves to the dark and murky corners of the club so that the Transfer boys can shine. Well that changed this last Saturday when Matt Fraynd from Glorybound Productions offered up a stage at the debut of "All Systems Go" located at the Ruby Room for AVicious to rock themselves. We accepted the invitation to play along with DJ Groundfloor and Istatic for the night. What we didn't bet on were the hangovers that followed us from Austin.

AVicious took off from SXSW, where we were playing the Obscure Magpie 14-hr Party, at 8am with a rich sweat that only comes from humid weather and whiskey. The wrap party was the night before and we hit it hard thus getting to San Diego was a painful endeavor. I will not bore you with all of the details but we landed, picked up the vehicle, loaded in and hit the hotel for a nap. It was our oasis.

Here are some of the photos from the night:


WebCeleb Presents Campus Rumble Part 2

Last week (http://tinyurl.com/cbn8em) I did a blog post about this event that WebCeleb is putting on for May 8th. I hope some artists got involved with it cause it will be a good time and will be a great way for you to promote your band. I said I would keep blogging about the event with the artists who are in the running so here it is.

Last weeks finalist was Come On Get Happy (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/3696/). The second tier of voting has started and will end on March 29th at 6PM PST. Make sure you get your votes in and join the competition if you are a band. The top 6 finalists as of right now according to WebCeleb are:

  1. Jennelle Lazaro (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/3359/)
  2. Republic of Letters (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/4442/)
  3. Lee Coulter (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/4361/)
  4. Nadia Lanfranconi (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/671/)
  5. Break Her Fall (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/3308/)
  6. Lands on Fire (http://webceleb.com/#/profile/701/)

6th Annual Antique Street Faire - This Sunday

The 6th Annual Antique Street Faire, Sunday, March 29, 2009, 9am - 5pm on La Mesa Blvd at Spring Street in the largest antique district in East County; Old La Mesa Village. Once a year, La Mesa Boulevard is closed and Antique dealers from far and wide set out their wares. Reminiscent of an old fashioned Midwest flea market, there's live music and entertainment. All restaurants, coffee houses and pubs in The Village prepare special fare! East County antique lovers admire their fair share of collectible finds at this one-day sale on La Mesa Boulevard, complete with music, entertainments, food and fun at local establishments. 100 plus dealers, plus a Mini Antique Road Show with certified appraisers to evaluate your treasures. Take the Trolley to Spring Street or parking is free, also free admission. Information: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 619-303-5811; www.lmvma.com.

Things To Do In San Diego: March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 24 2009:

  • These Arms Are Snakes, Tera Malos, PRE, Mae Shi @ Casbah
  • Rhett Miller, Sara Petite @ Belly Up
  • No Kids, Parenthetical Girls @ Bar Pink
  • The Howls, Smile Brigade, The Walking @ Beauty Bar
  • The Pepper Dots, Social Green, The Amalgamated, DJ Cue @ Winston's
  • Nathan James Band @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Lonely Mattress Salesman, Strix Vega, Runhoney @ Radio Room
  • Bayou Brothers @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Motorik (stl), The Ascetic Junkies(pdx), A Gun That Shoots Knives @ Soda Bar
  • Anthology House Band @ Anthology (Early Show 7 pm)
  • Too Cool For Karaoke: guest hosted by Pants with the 10,000 song laptop@ Ruby Room
  • Mechanical Bull Riding @ U-31
  • Ken Club Karaoke @ Ken Club
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Comedy Night with Mal Hall @ Lestat's
  • Comedy Night feat. Oliver Paragas, Bob Murphy, Allison Gill @ Brick By Brick
  • Friends Chill Game Night @ Whistle Stop
  • Open Mic hosted by Jefferson Jay @ Portugalia
  • Game Night @ 710 Beach Club
  • Open Mic @ Marquee (835 25th St., Golden Hill)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Writer Tour: SXSW Day 1, Part 1

We drove from El Paso to Austin on Wednesday, got a late start and didn't make it there til 2:30AM. It is a 10 hour drive after all. We didn't have a set place to stay, but serendipitously, Max was at the tour kick-off show at Bar Pink and told me we might be able to stay at his friend Billy's house. Thankfully, Max was right and we can't thank Billy and Max enough for that, I'd owe them my first born, but that sounds like more of a burden, than a gift.

So after a friendly night of drinking at Billy's "modern cabin," and a "comfortable" floor's rest, we woke up to tackle our first day at SXSW. My good friend Riyadh works for Singing Serpent (SD based music company), and they were putting on a showcase with free food, drinks, and bands (including Rafter and Rob Crow). Sounded like a good place to start. It was noon, and people were already out-and-about, bands playing venues up and down the street. Click on Keep Reading for the full story Iron Gate, our first stop, was not in the chaos of the storm (6th St.) but in a more residential area which had two bars on every block, unlike 6th St. which had about 5 on every block. The first band, No Kids (Vancouver), didn't have all their drum gear so they asked to borrow ours. In return, Writer got added to the Singing Serpent showcase. Only an hour into SXSW and already got an extra gig, rad! No Kids are what I'd like to call indie-rock R&B. Electronic, dancy, groovy, and silky are my 4 favorites words to describe it. They were really good, but halfway through their set they had to compete with the free BBQ line. Writer performed after No Kids and it was great to see crowd support from local friends Team Abraham, Lights On, and The Fling (Long Beach).
After Writer we stuck around for a little bit, but eventually needed to roam the streets. Ms. Beas, which is 362 days out of the year a biker bar, was an awesome indie all- ages outdoor venue across the street. We stopped in for a bit, but had to keep roaming, our friends' Henry Clay People were playing an Aquarium Drunkard showcase on the main strip of 6th St.
Along with Lights On, we mobbed through the crowded, blocked off st., venue extravaganza called 6th St. On our way, we were inspired to stop at a beauty salon showcase, when the door girl said "Free Margaritas." Are You Kidding Me! Inside a small area was setup as a stage, and in the back of the salon a full bar serving tons of margaritas and free energy bars was in full swing. We quickly downed 2-3 margs and jammed up the street to the venue for Henry Clay People. There was a long line for the show, but somehow we kind of weaseled our way in. HCP was in full rock mode and it was great to see our friends getting some amazing attention. Last year at SXSW was their first time and they were hardly noticed. The bar was totally packed and everyone was getting into it. That's all I got for my write-up of SXSW day 1 for now. I will recap more soon.
Also I will post more photos on my personal myspace page. (www.myspace.com/dagart)

Rosey's Diary: 3.3.09-3.11.09

You know, I had a conversation with a friend about blogging and I've been doing this since 2003. Crazy. It all started as these long diary-like posts where I rambled about everything I did and saw and everyone I talked to or hung out with. So while this might be unfamiliar to readers of this site, it's really the most natural way for me to write and the best way to get it done because it feels less like work and more like I'm just chatting with an old friend. That being said, I am picking up where I left off on that last "diary" post...at least I got past February and am finally writing about March, right? I'll probably keep labeling my posts as such, now that there are so many people contributing to this site these days and since someone jumped down my throat for all my "overdue recaps". So to read my 'diary', click 'keep on reading'.

3.3.09: Neko Case @ Casbah, Joel P West & Matt Curreri @ Soda Bar

I already wrote about spending the day at the Casbah for the free Neko Case show and hopefully you were following me on Twitter and were able to make it to the show because it was a good one. Neko Case played a long set and kept the crowd (well, maybe with the exception of photographers) happy, but as it was an early show with no opener, after the show I made my way to catch Joel P. West and Matt Curreri at Soda Bar. I was pretty exhausted from the day, however, so I didn't take photos, rather just hung out with my friends and enjoyed the show.

Joanie, Kevin, Randall @ Soda Bar, 3.3.09

3.4.09: This was an all internet day for me, save for lunch with some friends at Souplantation and catching up on much needed sleep. This was the day the CityBeat demo review came out, so I have to admit I spent a day digesting the reviews.

3.5.09: It's no secret that I love Twitter and when Burger Lounge offered free fries to their Twitter followers, it seemed as good excuse as any to walk across the street from my apartment and meet some Twitter friends for a nice lunch. From there, Jake and I went to Gelato Vero to catch up with Daye. I also bumped into Josh from Silent Comedy and chatted a bit before heading home for a bit before making my way to TNT to see Writer and Joel P West as the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The crowd was a little thin at the start, partly because now the City permit requires that the patio be fully enclosed with a temporary fence and open only to those 21 and up, but by the time the music was full swing, there was a healthy crowd there to enjoy both performances.

TNT, 3.5.09 TNT, 3.5.09

After the show, I met up with Petro, Kris, and their visiting friends for some beers at their apartment before they called it a night. From there, I joined Jake, Pall, Jimmy, Hoth, Gabriel and a few others who were at Lou Jones before we all walked to Ould Sod and watched some karaoke before it was finally time to call it a night. I know writing about this portion of the night sounds really boring, but in reality it was one of those rare nights that happens when you least expect it. I guess I should just thank those guys for letting me be a part of it.

3.6.09: Friday I woke up with a sore throat and a cold but I wasn't going to let it stop me from my evening plans. In retrospect that might've been a mistake because I got my ass kicked with illness, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

The night started picking up Dagart, meeting at Alex's, then grabbing Natalie on our way to National City for Hotel St. George @ X1FM Open Door Session.
Here are a couple pics I took:

Hotel St. George, Open Door, 3.6.09 Hotel St. George, Open Door, 3.6.09

Hotel St. George, Open Door, 3.6.09

Local Bands should all be trying to get on the Open Door. The crowd is all ages and exposes bands to prospective fans who might not otherwise know the band, there's people watching from across the world via the live stream, the sound is impeccable as a recording studio, and all bands should know how to stretch their performances to an hour when they're accustomed to sticking to 30-40 minute sets. Plus the bands are given a recording of their performance and it is added to the X1FM.com archives (then embedded here).

After the show, I grabbed dinner at In and Out before Alex took me to my car. The rest of them headed to Casbah, but I went to the Marquee to see The Howls, Matt Haeck & The Guiding Light, John Meeks. The venue is a converted church across the street from the Shell station on 25th, just north of the 94. The space is really cool and I'd been warned that there were shows there before that were peppered with religious sermons, which honestly would've made me walk out, but this was not the case at all and the people running it seem to be trying really hard to offer a cool spot for the under 21 crowd to be a part of the music scene, offering bands on weekends, open mic nights for poetry, spoken word, and music, and coming soon, "The Kids Are Alright" karaoke hosted by Adam Gimbel.

The arched ceilings and comfortable low vinyl couches were perfect for the alt-country sounds of The Howls, Matt Haeck, and John Meeks, and actually just what I needed as I felt illness creeping up on me. Since it was an old church, I kinda hoped there'd be hot chocolate and baked goods from grandma's, but maybe they'll work on refreshments in the future. My only complaint about the night is that between bands they played top 40 music that was louder than the bands had been. I know I wasn't the only one cringing as I listened to Fall Out Boy between bands.

As for the music, I'm already a fan of The Howls and John Meeks (who was backed by Jimmy Lavalle, Brian Holwerda, Hoth, and Matt Resovich), but I was glad to finally see Matt Haeck and The Guiding Light, who reminded me of Rocky Votolato both in style and appearance. My camera did not like the lighting, however, so you'll have to see him for yourself. At least you can kinda see the room in these couple snaps.

The Howls, The Marquee, 3.6.09 John Meeks, The Marquee, 3.6.09

When the show ended somewhere between 10:30 and 11, I took off and made my way to the Casbah for Team Abraham's CD release show. I rejoined my friends from earlier in the night as well as seeing lots of other friendly faces that made it feel like a crazy house party more than a night at a bar, only I was sick and therefore perhaps the only sober person in the crowd. I wasn't there in time for Gray Ghosts, but noticed music in the Atari Lounge and remembered that Evan of the Parson Redheads was playing, so I went back to listen as best I could over the volume of the smoking patio and the DJ mix inside the venue. Evan was a trooper, though, and when a group of loud "Oh My God!" girls came in those of us listening just pulled up our stools to pay attention.

Evan Parsons, Casbah, 3.6.09

I'm not exagerrating about the non-sobriety of the crowd. As Team Abraham played and as Andrew mentioned, LJ threw her bra onstage and Dagart stripped to throw his boxers onstage. Nuts. The vibe between the crowd and the band made for a fun performance and I was a little sad I wasn't taking part in the rowdiness.

Team Abraham, Casbah, 3.6.09 Team Abraham, Casbah, 3.6.09

3.7.09: Saturday I woke up feeling better, so I took care of my household in the morning and then met up with friends and family at Blind Lady. My best friend was in town from Chicago after living in England for a while, so we hung out and caught up over the great organic pizzas and tasty beers that Blind Lady offers.

Alex & Johanna, 3.7.09

Eventually everyone had to go, but I was able to drag Todd with me to Jose's because I had to take pictures for an opportunity that seems to have now passed, but at least we had a couple good margaritas. After we ended up at Soda Bar for The Morning Benders and Cuckoo Chaos and I was in an alcohol mixed with cold medicine induced cloud so no pictures of that little adventure. Even Twitter failed that night. I guess it was going around.

I was feeling much better from my cold come Sunday and then I was hit like a truck by a flu that kept me at home and out of commission until Thursday night. Thank goodness for my wifi and Hulu.com as I pretty much laid in bed digesting medicine, liquids, and watching two entire seasons of Friday Night Lights over the course of four days along with my usual regiment of reading news and blogs and twitter and facebook and all these other glorious creations that can allow for someone to be out of commission for four days without feeling disconnected from their world. With that, I'll move on to the last of my diary posts that will make me all caught up.