Monday, March 16, 2009

Drew Andrews and Spectral Cities SXSW 2009 Tour Blog

Hello hello! This is Drew Andrews...I've been asked to blog a bit from the road while we head out to our SXSW showcase...I'll be posting when I have the time - thanks to SDDialedIn for the oppurtunity!

We are currently headed to Albuquerque to play a show tonight opening for Cursive. I dig Albq - full of weird seedy bars, young kids littering the main drag all night, trolling for adventures. Last time I was there, the night life turned into an actual gunfight/mini riot, cops securing the streets....but hey, it's still the Wild West, right? (A: Yes.)

Key for tonight's fun: Hanging out with Leonard, a real-deal biker who looks like Santa Claus, ran with Hells Angels, and now has the biggest heart for bands on the planet. Every Albq experience requires Leonard. Then maybe karaoke next door to the venue we are playing at, Launchpad.

Last night was Diego-tastic in Flagstaff, AZ: Long Live Logos, Crash Encore, Transfer, and us. We played/stayed at the Hotel Monte Vista....the after party was a wild mix...I vaguely remember a noise complaint around 4 am...and a hotel manager yelling at me thinking I was the tour manager...I offered him a beer...and quickly stumbled away to my room...

That's how we do. :)

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