Friday, March 06, 2009

F aspirin, bring it on!

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I’ve been waiting for this a long time. And now that its here, let me tell you, I’m pleased, I’m very pleased! These boys took something that was really, really good (the live show), and made it exceptional (the record). Recorded, the lines are a bit cleaner, but the power and the bite, the cleverness of melody and rhythm, its all there. This isn’t a good record, it’s a great one.

So what’s it sound like? Man you can say math rock, and you’d be kinda right. You could also say Indy rock, and yeah, you’d be kinda right. You could also make up some new subgenre and you could probably make that work too. Me, I say just go and have a listen. Who was it, maybe Miles Davis, that said there are two kinds of music, “good music,” and “bad music.” I always liked that, and I would say this is good music.

Personal faves are, well, Futuristic Killings. I think this song is maybe one of the best I’ve heard. Great samples leading into a wide open tune, and the melody sits soooo well. Then there is Cusack, really, really sweet with some really nice lyrics tucked around an amazing song structure. Oh, something I really want to comment on is that these songs are amazingly comfortable. Its pretty obvious how incredibly difficult these parts are, but never, not once, did I cringe. I really think only the best bands can do this, these boys are one of San Diego’s best! The artwork was done by Andy Dixon and the recording by the exceptional Mario Quintero over at Black Box.

Right now the boys are only doing a digital release till they get a little capital to put it out, and I say lets help em out by going to the Casbah Sunday night and supporting them. They are gonna do it with The Displaced and Da Bears, its gonna be a good one.

I would also suggest to pick up their 7” which is beautiful if your so inclined. It has Futuristic Killings (an amazing song!) and Tigers For Hire on it, and comes in Red, Pastel Pink or Hot Pink. Real men wear pink kids, hope to see you there!

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