Monday, March 23, 2009

FM 94/9 About The Music presents Dead Confederate, Transfer @ Belly Up, 2.24.09 already posted some video from the Transfer show at Belly Up, but I came across a few of my pictures from that night and I thought I'd post them. I really love the FM 94/9 About The Music series, and though I hadn't been in a while, it's a triple win for packing the venue, allowing fans to see bands on the rise without spending a lot of cash (usually $6), and giving local bands an opportunity to open for touring acts. This night was no exception and though we arrived too late to catch Heavy Young Heathens, Transfer impressed as usual with a great show and had the sold out crowd mesmerized. While regular fans of local music know and love Transfer, there were plenty of people who were seeing the band for the first time (and they even sold out of CDs). For the full post and pictures, click 'keep on reading'.
Dead Confederate, Belly Up, 2.24.09

I had the pleasure of being up front for the duration of the show which was awesome save for the broskis who tried to start a mosh pit and kept screaming at Matt between songs to 'just start the music already'. It takes a lot more than getting pushed around for me to give up my position so I held out and stayed up front.
Transfer, Belly Up, 2.24.09 Transfer, Belly Up, 2.24.09

Transfer, Belly Up, 2.24.09 Transfer, Belly Up, 2.24.09

I was lucky enough to see Dead Confederate last year at the Casbah, so while I thought the show at the Belly Up was great, the effect of the lights wasn't as powerful as it was at the Casbah show, and I couldn't help but get sad that this band will probably not be playing many more small club shows. I know I wasn't the only person loving the performance and eventually the pushing and moshing started, only this time by girls who were completely wasted and yelling inappropriate things at the band. I guess people don't realize if a singer is just a couple feet away, they can actually hear the retarded shit they're yelling at them. That for me was enough to find my friends and watch the show from a different vantage point and honestly, even when I wasn't up front, I was still blown away by the performance.

Dead Confederate, Belly Up, 2.24.09 Dead Confederate, Belly Up, 2.24.09

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