Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old Time Music Benefit, Thursday, March 12

I was watching Ken Kramer's "About San Diego" this weekend, and there was a segment that featured old film footage of Elvis Presley performing in San Diego back in the day and of course, the footage was provided by Lou Curtiss. Lou does such amazing work for music preservation, and much of our region's music history would be lost if he wasn't doing the work that he does and I thought it was worthwhile to include the full text of this e-mail.

Thursday, March 12, 2009:
Lou Curtis Old Time Music Benefit @ Old Time Music, 2852 University Avenue


Old Time Music is holding a benefit concert for the Lou Curtiss Sound Library Preservation Project. Over the course of 40-plus years as a record collector, folk music impresario, record shop owner, columnist, and radio host, Lou Curtiss has been intimately connected with the San Diego folk music scene. For the past four years, Lou has worked with UCLA, the Library of Congress, and the GRAMMY Foundation to preserve his vast library of reel-to-reel tapes of San Diego performances of many of the greats of American Roots Music. Many hundreds of reels still need to be digitized and preserved for posterity. This is your chance to enjoy some local musicians and participate in a project of lasting cultural significance.

Where: Old Time Music, 2852 University Avenue
When: Thur, March 12, 7-10pm
Cost: $10 at the door

Featured local talent includes Curt Bouterse, Gregory Page, Patty Hall, Robin Henkel, Phil Boroff, Sara Petite, Chris Clark and "Plow," Tanya Rose, Wayne Brandon, Allen Singer & Dane Terry, Los Californios.

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