Monday, March 02, 2009

Overdue Recap: Fruit Bats, Sera Cahoone, Manuok @ Casbah, 2.2.09

I'm going to be honest and say that I am so behind in posting photos that when I was looking through what needed to be posted, it took a while to jar my memory about the show. (Well, except for Scott of Manuok, of course.) Not because I don't like Fruit Bats or Sera Cahoone, and no, I wasn't wasted, but I have been to so many shows in 2009 already that they kinda blur together. Which is really sad, if you think about it, because there have been so many great shows. Anyway, apologies for lagging on the posts, I maxed out on my photobucket account and waffled about what to do with future photo uploads. I am sticking with PB for now, but hope to move hosting soon. Apologies again for the large format; I thought I was uploading them smaller. That is neither here nor there- on to the photos...

So Manuok started off the night. After falling in love with the latest release, I was really hoping to video some of the set, but the lights have been quite unforgiving at the Casbah of late, especially for music like Scott's, so here is a token photo, and all I can say is go see them when you can because they don't play often enough.

Sera Cahoone followed Manuok with sweet, twangy songs that were enhanced by my favorite alt-country instrumentation...some lap steel (or was it pedal steel? I never know), banjo, acoustic guitar and harmonica as well as the standard percussion.

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Fruit Bats headlined the night and delivered a solid performance. I couldn't get over how much the singer reminded me of David Vandervelde in appearance. Though it wasn't my first time seeing the band, it had certainly been a while (2 years?). Anyway, it was more alt country sweetness and made for a great Anti-Monday.


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