Monday, March 23, 2009

Wherein A String Of Nights Blend Into One: March 3-22, 2009

3.3.09: Neko Case @ Casbah, Joel P West & Matt Curreri @ Soda Bar

3.4.09: Lunch at Souplantation, stayed home

3.5.09: Lunch at Burger Lounge, Gelato Vero, TNT featuring Writer, Joel P West @ MCASD, after party at Petro's, drinks at Lou Jones & Ould Sod

3.6.09: Hotel St. George @ X1FM Open Door Session. Matt Haeck & The Guiding Light, John Meeks @ The Marquee. Team Abraham, Evan Parsons @ Casbah

3.7.09: Housecleaning, Blind Lady with Xan, Sara, XT, Billy, Johanna, Todd. Jose's with Todd. Cuckoo Chaos & The Morning Benders @ Soda Bar

3.8-11.09: Sick. Friday Night Lights

3.12.09: Writer, Birds and Batteries @ Bar Pink

3.13.09: Transfer, Long Live Logos, Crash Encore @ Casbah (with Jake, tacos after)

3.14.09: The Silent Comedy, Or, The Whale @ Ken Club

3.15.09: family day. Melissa & Nickie in town, brunch with Connie & Sara @ Cafe Chloe, Nana's house, dinner at mom & dad's

3.16.09: zoo with Melissa, Christy, Johanna, Billy. Dinner at Mom's.

3.17.09: Drinks at Ken Club (5pm), dinner at Ponce's, The Down's Family at Ken, after party with Sean and friend

3.18.09: Jamuel Saxon, The One AM Radio, Tapedeck Mountain @ Soda Bar

3.19.09: Drinks @ The Field, I Love You, Man @ Reading Gaslamp 15, Dinner at The Field, Tiltwheel @ Beauty Bar

3.20.09: Grand Ole Party, Dirty Legs, Ale Mania @ Soda Bar

3.21.09: Lefty's with Christy & Billy, Blind Lady w/ Todd, Album Release Party for The Long and Short of It, Kill Me Tomorrow, Fing @ Casbah

3.22.09: writing day

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