Monday, March 02, 2009

Transfer & AVicious - Ruby Room 2/28 - VIDEO!

I must confess that I have honestly never met Seth Combs whose birthday we were on hand to celebrate when we drove down to San Diego Saturday for the Ruby Room show. In fact I don't even think I met him that night. So I will take this chance to wish him a very happy birthday and to thank him for having an event designed to protest the most inhumane prop h8. Charity usually means that you drink a little more than you would during regular shows. That combined with so many good friends and so little will power equates to a VJ set with a bit more improv than normal. Good thing it worked. We had such a great time at this event. Meeting Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra was eye opening and I would put them on the MUST SEE list. Only Pauly from Rocky IV had a better relationship with his robot. McFlow was definitely good but how bout a round for the VJ's who lit up your set on the fly? Well, maybe next time. Ruby Room staff - big ups as they say for helping us so much at load in and throughout the night!

Here are videos from the show - Transfer, Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra & McFlow (subscribe to our YouTube - it's classy):

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