Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AVicious plays "All Systems Go" - photo recap


If anyone has been to see Transfer in the last year or so you may have noticed that they have a lighting/video show that sets them apart from the pack. What you may not have noticed before is the video team that puts together it all together and plays it live - that's right PLAYS THE VIDEO LIVE via MIDI interfaces (at the Casbah, look towards the sound booth). We understand that the stage at the Casbah isn't quite the size to fit us and Transfer and so we resign ourselves to the dark and murky corners of the club so that the Transfer boys can shine. Well that changed this last Saturday when Matt Fraynd from Glorybound Productions offered up a stage at the debut of "All Systems Go" located at the Ruby Room for AVicious to rock themselves. We accepted the invitation to play along with DJ Groundfloor and Istatic for the night. What we didn't bet on were the hangovers that followed us from Austin.

AVicious took off from SXSW, where we were playing the Obscure Magpie 14-hr Party, at 8am with a rich sweat that only comes from humid weather and whiskey. The wrap party was the night before and we hit it hard thus getting to San Diego was a painful endeavor. I will not bore you with all of the details but we landed, picked up the vehicle, loaded in and hit the hotel for a nap. It was our oasis.

Here are some of the photos from the night:


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