Sunday, March 22, 2009

Annuals @ Casbah, 2.18.09

My camera is busted and my photobucket account was maxed out, so I've been a little lame when it comes to posting pictures, especially when even for me it's more exciting to read to tour diaries that were posted last week from Writer, Transfer, and The Killers, but I came across these photos from last month that I never posted so I thought I should get on it.

These are from Annuals who played at the Casbah. I was a little bummed out on the show because I got there late and missed most of What Laura Says (Thinks and Feels) and I seriously love that band despite my typical aversion to bands in the "jam" category. Jessica Lea Mayfield was second on stage and she has a beautiful voice but the crowd chatter was a bit overpowering so I hung on the patio talking to Jay, the tour manager, who was kind enough to share the band's abundance of drink tickets as he joked with me about what assholes bloggers can be. I can say Annuals is lucky to have him because not all tour managers are the most congenial people on the planet. Also, fans of Annuals should definitely check out the bands other project Sunfold which is essentially all the same members but a bit more folky and the softer side of the band.

I've seen Annuals a bunch and they never disappoint and they had a great crowd, especially for a mid-week show, and it was nice to see San Diego giving them their due.

Annuals Annuals

Annuals Annuals

Annuals Jay

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Unknown said...

i seem to remember one more artist at this show and i cant remember her name. she used a ton of looping pedals