Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joe Purdy Releases "Last Clock On The Wall"

Perhaps you recall my obsession with Joe Purdy's "Can't Get It Right Today" that was featured in a Kia ad last year. Well, Joe's been busy. Very busy. He is an unsigned artist who, through his own digital distribution, has been able to gather a loyal following. He finished his tenth record on March 17 and released it the same day. You might be familiar with his songs that have aired on multiple TV shows like Gray's Anatomy, House, amd Lost among others. Frankly, I'm posting the widget so I can stream it.

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Tyler said...

I always say Joe Purdy is the Gregory Page of LA. He just keeps on consistently cranking out 2-3 albums per year on his own, it's awesome. Plus he lets you stream all his albums on his site for free. amazing stuff.