Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drew's Tour Blog #2

Albuquerque was a huge success - we opened for Cursive, who had a full and eager house of kids who were very kind to us too! Tim Kasher is a super bright and alive dude, it was nice to see him again.

The ensuing debauchery was rounded out with a trip to the Frontier restaurant (where 7 people were stabbed or shot last year), a night chatting with Leonard, and the best breakfast burrito in the world at a weird burger place called Blake's Lottaburger. Epic.

An aside: Dear Southwest desert cities/towns/pueblos - I understand that the idea of the rough and rugged outlaw lifestyle goes hand in dusty glove with the Wild West...but that was like 200 YEARS AGO. Lincoln wasn't even President yet! Stop killing each other off like it's a people liquidation. I am tired of hearing about it. This is a perfect transition into a rant about El Paso...

I am probably a spoiled, elitist, California kind of guy, true...but listen El Paso - smile or something! It's terrible to walk around a horde of angry zombies who pocket a piece of your spirit with every glance. Oy. In defense of El Paso - Spectral Cities and I are not necessarily St. Patty's Day party rock.

A highlight: Running into Dagart and the Writer crew who were playing virtually next door. We were all in shock over the college frat mania surrounding us. Good luck to them on their trek eastward.

The night ended with the band making a hasty escape from El Paso...but not quick enough to get beers at 11:58 from the truck stop...Texas State Law = No Liquor Sales after 12:00 (take note kids). After a shakedown at a strip club trying (with no luck) to get a takeaway 12-pack, we headed to our hotel, and split 4 cans of PBR between us, tired, fully living the dream..

-- Posted by Drew Andrews, out and about and about, March 2009

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