Monday, March 30, 2009

Entering week 3 of the WebCeleb SDSU Campus Rumble we are seeing some awesome competition going on. A band called Break Her Fall ( won in week 2 and is one of 6 finalists competing to play on stage at SDSU with 3 other bands. The competition is all going on online, so if you and your band are even the slightest tech savvy, start a profile, and promote. It is simple, free, and awesome.

At the beginning of week 3 here are what the standings look like for the top 6 on WebCeleb:

  1. Jennelle Lazaro (
  2. Republic of Letters (
  3. Nadia Lanfranconi (
  4. Kanari (
  5. Lands on Fire (
  6. KeezMC (
There are so many AMAZING local acts that haven't even attempted to look at this. I know the word competition scares people off a little, but this is your chance to play in front of a potential 3000 people. I am looking at you: Writer, Swim Party, John Meeks, Joel P. West, Sayvinyl, Children of Nova, Gray Ghosts, All the Milgaten Brothers projects, MC Flow, The Modlins, Napoleon Complex, The Gift/Curse, Desert Diamonds, Stranger, Calico Horse, Stripes and Lines, blah blah blah blah. There are sooo many of you that could dominate this. So do it.

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