Friday, March 27, 2009

Rosey's Diary: 3.12.09-3.17.09

Thanks for the feedback on my "diary" posts. I'm trying to just get to a place where I can get back to daily posts but in the meantime, there's a whole bunch of stuff I don't want to leave out, including that I finally met my 3 month old nephew. But I'll get to that part in a second. For the full diary post, please click 'keep on reading'.
Edward Gabriel, 3.15.09

3.12.09: Writer, Birds and Batteries @ Bar Pink
My first night out in five days had to be good, so I made my way to Bar Pink for Birds and Batteries and Writer. I'm trying to re-learn how to use my failing camera, adjusting for the fact that it adds a purple sheen to all my photos, but it also means in poorly lit places I just can't really get any meaningful photos. Yeah, if anyone has a camera laying around that you don't need and would like to donate to the cause, feel free to hit me up. I feel like I just bought this one, though I guess 10,000+ pictures give it a shorter life span than I'd like. Anyway, all that to say I didn't take pictures of Birds and Batteries. Maybe a part of it was because I was annoyed that they played so late. It really only bothered me because I wanted to also try and catch Drew Andrews down the street at the Whistle Stop.

Anyway, I liked Birds and Batteries. “A little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll, a little bit electronic and all kinds of intriguing pop” as they were described by The Onion A/V Club. I'll go with that. I'd definitely see them again, but only if they promise to play on time.

Writer was playing their first show with David after Ely's departure from the band. They had some kinks to work out, but considering David only had a couple weeks to learn the songs before their tour to SXSW and he'd never played in front of an audience before, I thought it was pretty damn sweet. These pics were me kinda going "oh, maybe I should capture their first show with the new guy".

Writer, Bar Pink, 3.13.09 Writer, Bar Pink, 3.13.09

3.13.09: Transfer, Long Live Logos, Crash Encore @ Casbah

Come Friday I was feeling healthy and Jake was still in town, so after watching Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO (it was a good one if you missed it you can see my favorite part here) we headed down to the Casbah. It sold out just as we arrived so it was a bit nutso. We caught up with some friends in the back bar for a while until Transfer started, and I just kicked back and enjoyed the show mostly from the side of the stage. The audience at Transfer shows seems to be growing more diverse and that is clearly a great thing for the band and for music in general in San Diego.

3.14.09: The Silent Comedy, Or, The Whale @ Ken Club

Saturday was a good chill day. I was waiting for word on my sister-in-law's arrival, watched some movies, got through some e-mail, and though I was a little torn between checking out Cursive at the Casbah and seeing The Silent Comedy and Or, The Whale at the Ken Club but I went with the Ken because (1) it meant I didn't have to drive, (2) Or, The Whale had sent me one of the best press kits ever with a handwritten note so they get my eternal love and (3) it was The Silent Comedy's first show ever at the Ken Club so I wanted to show my support to the band and the club. I arrived around 10 and wasn't surprised at all that the room was packed. When I see Or, The Whale, the concept of church revivals suddenly appeal to me...not so much the religious part, but the communal feeling of a large group of people meeting with the same purpose, and in this case, the energy in the room, the clap alongs, and for their final song when they were joined by The Silent Comedy, and I totally got lost in the energy of the room, even in the back where it seemed everyone else there was six feet tall. I spent the duration of The Silent Comedy's set standing on a the top of a booth in the back of the bar so I didn't attempt photos, but it was a great night, only enhanced by being the lucky recipient of a couple free shots and a couple mispoured drinks. I know I haven't written much about The Ken lately, but it will always be my home.

3.15-16.09: Family Time.

My sister in law came to town with my nephew for a few days, so my cousin came down from LA, my friend Nichole came down from San Bernadino, and after an incredible brunch at Cafe Chloe for some amazing mac n cheese and a couple mimosas, we visited my grandma. For reasons I won't go into, I hadn't seen Nana in several years, but it was pretty incredible seeing four generations in one room. She's 100 years old and got to see her 3 month old great-grandson for the first time ever, along with my niece, and the rest of my family. After we hung out at my parents' house and oohed and ahhed over the babies.
Edward Gabriel, 3.15.09 Johanna & Gabriel, 3.17.09

We spent Monday at the zoo where there are babies EVERYWHERE, including some adorable baby meerkats, a new baby gorilla, arangutan, and a new pair of grizzlies and hyenas. If you have a zoo pass, it's time to take advantage and see some of the adorable babies that spring has sprung.

3.17.09: St. Patrick's Day

I got my St. Patty's Day going early by visitin Todd at the Ken Club, then getting dinner at Ponce's when he got off his shift. I decided I'd keep track of my alcohol intake with a sharpie on my arm and let's just say that even that didn't work because I lost track at some point of the Guinness and Jameson that was pouring freely. The Down's Family played a kick ass super long set and the bar was really festive but without the frat-boy cheeseball green beer mentality.

Downs Family, Ken Club, 3.17.09

I even had a small after party with some friends. On a Tuesday. So yes, a very good night indeed. And that's where I'll leave off until I upload the pictures from the past week. xoxo.

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