Monday, March 30, 2009

Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay 2009 Lineup

The 2009 Concert Schedule for Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay was released yesterday. There are a lot of great shows and all tickets are on sale now. They have all tickets with pricing for just the show, a dinner package, and options for each show with a room, junior suite, or suite.

There are too many shows to list here, but some standouts (aka, if money were not an issue, the shows I would attend) are:

6/6 Joe Cocker (saw him once at OAT and was amazed how much I enjoyed it)

6/28 Ani DiFranco (haven't seen her since she toured on Up Up Up Up Up)

7/15 Cowboy Junkies & Son Volt (Before I was a fan of Wilco, I was on Team Farrar. Son Volt was the first show I ever saw at the Belly Up.)

7/24 Joel McHale (of Talk Soup fame. And my future ex-husband)

7/28 Jim Gaffigan (the whitest man alive? I don't know, but hilarious.)

8/11 Lyle Lovett (I saw him at Humphrey's a few years ago. Talented musically, but his banter is what makes him so endearing. Plus, he brought a mariachi band on tour with him that he picked up on a surf trip to Mexico. How cool is that?)

9/19 Wanda Sykes (doesn't she just make you wanna have drinks with her while talking shit about everyone else in the bar?)

9/25 The Beach Boys (Never seen them. I probably should before it's too late.)

You can see the entire list as well as purchase tickets on Humphrey's Site here.


Unknown said...

dude, the zombies and the yardbirds. nuff said. f-yeah

catdirt said...

um joel fucking mchale?? FINALLY!!! Also Wanda Sykes (now a lesbian comedienne.)