Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 31-January 2, 2013

I am ready for 2014. Had a great final day of the year with Darren, enjoying the day, cleaning the house, and just prepping for a long night ahead. I posted Lafayette set times, will post Casbah if I get them. I decided not to add all the downtown and other NYE events, but here's what you've got if you're a really late planner. I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and fulfilling New Year's Eve. Tuesday through Thursday archives are after the jump.

NYE at The Lafayette: Set Times (SOLD OUT)

As you well know, NYE at the Lafayette is sold out tonight. There will be two lines: one for people with hotel reservations, band guest lists, and SoundDiego/FM 94/9 and other contest winners. The other line is the will call list (which I'll be working). The list is super fast if everyone has their IDs out and ready to go. If you're still looking for something to do, there are still tickets available at The Casbah for Terraplane Sun and at Soda Bar for Scarlet Symphony.

Poolside Terrace:
In Motion Collective 8:30-9:45

Conservatory (Lobby):
Low Volts 9:50-10:20
DJ Beto 10:20-11:45
Low Volts 11:45-12:30
DJ Beto 12:30-1:45

Essex Room:
Blackout Party 10:40-11:20
Ziggy Shuffledust & The Spiders From Mars 11:45-12:45

Mississippi Room:
Dead Feather Moon 10:15-11:15
Transfer 11:45-12:45

Monday, December 30, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 30, 2013

It feels like a really long December, no? This extra job at the stadium is cool and all, but working 3 Sundays (I missed one for the birth of my nephew) and then again tonight for Holiday Bowl is seriously cutting into my social life. Still, extra cash is cool and after Darren and I both work NYE, I'm looking forward to a couple days of quiet. I'm actually hoping to steal him off to a day or two in Mexico, but we'll see how that goes. Anyway, Jeff really came through with listings for this week, and if there's more stuff to add for NYE, I'll get around to it before the big day, but I'd rather just assume all my smart readers have already secured plans. Darren is taking van reservations for NYE if you need safe transport. Monday archives are after the jump.

Friday, December 27, 2013

NYE at the Casbah: Terraplane Sun, Jackson Price, The Paragraphs, The Yes Team

If you're looking for a great New Year's Eve show without droves of people and chaos, consider the Casbah's lineup with Terraplane Sun, Jackson Price, The Paragraphs, and The Yes Team. Tickets are only $20 and still available. TICKETS

Of course, you know I'll be working at the Lafayette and there are only 25 tickets left, so if you're hoping to celebrate on The Boulevard, get those tickets now.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 26-29, 2013

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. After recovering from Exile, it was a pretty great day of sunshine and family. Personally, I'm looking forward to a few days of absolutely no obligations, at least until I have to work at the stadium on Sunday and Monday. My nephew is doing well and it sounds like he'll be completely unplugged from all hospital apparatus sometime on Thursday. I've stalled enough on getting a new laptop, so I'm hoping to spend some time shopping to get that situation resolved and then I can get back to all the posting I've slacked on for the past two months. Mostly, I'm hoping to spend the last few days of the year just enjoying some quiet time with Darren, maybe we can sneak out of town or have a little staycation or something. I'll try and get your NYE roundup together soon, but I'll tell you that the Terraplane Sun show at the Casbah should be a great night and I'll be working at the Lafayette again- which has fewer than 100 tickets left, so grab them before they're gone.  Listings through Sunday are after the jump.

Thursday December 26, 2013:
  • Saint Diego, Radios Silent, Grizzly Business, Action Andy & the Hi-Tones @ Casbah
  • Casbah Presents: The Growlers, The Abigails, Mystic Braves @ Belly Up
  • Anna Troy, Brendan Bourgeois, Donna Larsen @ Lestat's
  • Sue Palmer @ Croce's
  • Clay Colton @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • King Schascha & Irusalem @ Winston's
  • Rovk N Roll Preservation Society DJs @ Tower Bar
  • Johnny Vernazza @ Patrick's Gaslamp Pub
  • Moonlight Serenade Orchestra @ Crystal Ballroom (414 N. Magnolia, El Cajon)
  • BS Productions Presents: A Night in the Ukraine @ 98 Bottles
  • Gaslamp Killer, Mateo, KC3PO, Sleeve, 10shun @ Kava Lounge
  • Maka Roots, The I Sight Band, DJ Reefah @ Gallagher's Irish Pub
  • Mor Sol @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Steve Orr @ Crush (Solana Beach)
  • Goodall Boys @ McP's Irish Pub
  • The Clamjammers @ 710 Beach Club

Monday, December 23, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 23-25, 2013

I have to say I had a pretty eventful weekend. Darren's mom and nephews are in town, so we had some fun time together and though I was expecting to work at the Chargers vs Raiders game, I ended up spending Sunday at Balboa hospital where my brother and sister-in-law welcomed my new nephew Evan- 6 weeks early! They had this big elaborate plan about my sister watching Gabe and Gia when the day would come, but my parents, sister, and nieces are on their annual pre-Christmas trek to Vegas, so I got the 5am call and reported for duty. Evan Joseph is 5lbs15oz and will probably be in NICU for a couple weeks until his lungs are fully ready for this world but it's super exciting to be an aunt to the fifth degree. Obviously listings aren't too extensive this week, but there's still some fun to be had, and we're hearing that this might be the final Exile on Kettner at the Casbah on Christmas Eve, so get there early because though it is free, they still have to be mindful of capacity.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 20-22, 2013

Let the panic ensue. I lost all my weekday shopping days and have no idea when I'm going to be able to shop. The good thing, I guess, is that there are so many small and local businesses that should have what I need for the most part, but Darren's family will be in town on Saturday and I'm still working at the football game on Sunday. My family will be in Vegas until Christmas, so maybe it will be a good week to catch some movies and just veg out...once I get that shopping done. Listings archive after the jump.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

For Your Eyes & Ears: Holograms, TV Ghost @ Soda Bar Friday December 20, 2013

Music fans looking for a worthwhile show this Friday should consider the lineup Soda Bar has to offer. Holograms, post punk rockers from Sweden, will be headlining the smallish City Heights venue. Storming out of the gate a couple of years ago, this quartet has released two full length albums in a short time span. The songs have an immediacy to them, as commonly found in punk bands. Add a synthesizer to the mix and there is something unique to the band's sound. This is a band finding their sound while staying above the competition.

Watch a video of Meditations from Forever (Captured Tracks) by Holograms below.

Sharing the bill are art punk rock band TV Ghost, hailing from the Midwest (IN). Disconnect (In the Red) was released earlier this year and is music of a darker nature. Comparisons have been made to Echo & the Bunnymen, though there is a harsher nature to their songs. This is punk rock of the hypnotic form, easy to drift to without getting lost. A great way to set the table for the headliner.

Watch a video of Five Colors Blind by TV Ghost below.

Be sure to arrive early for local goodness compliments of Tropical Popsicle (LP release). A great night of music at a great venue. What else could you possibly want? Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 18-19, 2013

I've been talking about the approach of the holidays, but it didn't really occur to me just how close we are to Christmas until yesterday, when I realized Darren's family is coming to town on Saturday and that I'll be stuck working the Raiders game alone on Sunday. My Christmas tree hasn't been decorated save for one string of lights and a lone ornament- a small velvet frame with a picture of Pascha from when she was about 3 years old. It's pretty lonely here without her, and poor Kiwi keeps looking under the bed and mewing for her missing sister. But, I have to say I'm happy overall. The other night, some freaking psychotic and reckless cops were in pursuit dangerously fast on Main Street in Chula Vista during rush hour and I had my nieces and god-sister in the car with me and we avoided being t-boned by mere seconds. Since we avoided collision, it seems no big deal, but I have a vivid flash of how it looked coming right at me before I slammed on the gas to get through the intersection and out of the way. I'm a little more appreciative that I get to enjoy a bounty of love with family and friends this holiday week.

New Year's Eve At The Lafayette: Full Lineup & Information

Last week the Casbah held a blind sale for New Year's Eve at the Lafayette. A limited amount of tickets were offered for just $15, and I'm sorry that it only got a mention in my listings and not a devoted post, but things have been a little crazy lately. They sold out pretty quick anyway, but I'd suggest if you're considering going, you buy your tickets now. They went up to $25, and now you can get them for $35, but the price is going to keep going up and I can tell you the show is already over 60% sold out. Of course, there's confusion every year. If you just want tickets, you want to buy them through the Casbah here. However, if you want to reserve a room, all packages include 2 tickets, and you should reserve those through The Lafayette. The reservation system will include the promo code which includes 2 tickets/room. Additional guests will have to purchase tickets separately.

Anyway, the lineup is out and it is pretty exciting. Since Darren's Van will be out on the road (accepting reservations now!), I will once again be working the front door of the event to greet all of the beautiful people.

This year, New Year's Eve at the Lafayette features Transfer, Ziggy Shuffledust, Dead Feather Moon, Blackout Party, Low Volts, In Motion Trio, DJ Beto, and The Visual Underground handling all the cool lights and projections and installations and such.

This has sold out in advance every year. Don't wait! Get your tickets now.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 16-17, 2013

I don't know about you, but I had a pretty great weekend, all things considered. It was my nephew's birthday and my mom's brother and sister were in town, so we had a big birthday and pre-Christmas shindig on Saturday, and I worked with Darren on some pickups, too. On Sunday, we headed downtown and joined about 200 other bicyclists on the Tweed Ride and even won a Blind Lady gift card in the raffle. I'm going to be honest, the closer we get to Christmas and New Year's, the fewer touring acts we'll see in town, but we still have some great locals to keep us going, and don't forget that things like Jungle Bells at the Zoo are also happening, which means the Zoo is open until 8pm most nights through January 5. I've been reminded that there are also nightly Hornblower dinner cruises, too, which can be a good choice if you have visitors to entertain or just want a night without cooking and cleaning. Monday and Tuesday archives are after the jump.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recommended Shows in San Diego December 16-22, 2013

National Maple Syrup Day
The last full week of shows and holiday shopping has arrived. There are many worthwhile live music events worth noting in the upcoming week, so here we go.

Catch local singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman on Monday at the Belly Up...

Indie pop trio Lovers (Portland) play an intimate gig on Tuesday at the Tin Can...they recently released their seventh studio effort A Friend in the World...

On Wednesday The Casbah presents Polica, making their second San Diego area appearance, this time in the larger confines of the Belly Up...

Singer-actress Rebecca Pidgeon returns to Lestat's for a cozy show on Thursday...she just released her seventh album, Blue Dress On...

Friday's pick is Holograms (Sweden) and TV Ghost (IN) over at Soda Bar...

Check the listings for a show on Saturday..

El Vez and Rosie Flores present their Mexmas show at the Casbah on Sunday...sounds like a great way to cap the weekend..

A great week of music lies waiting for the music fans in San Diego...support local venues and act responsibly while doing so...

Watch a video of My Oh My by Tristan Prettyman below.

Watch a video of Oh Yeah by Lovers below.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 13-15, 2013

What a week. Thanks to everyone for all of the supportive texts and messages about Pascha. Her absence is definitely felt around home, and being who I am, the best way for me to deal with the loss was to write about her and also to experience live music. On Wednesday night, Darren and I went to the House of Blues where American Authors, The Royal Concept, and Misterwives played an awesome show in the Delta Room. Alain was bartending and made it a really awesome night for us. From there, we went to the Casbah and caught OctaGrape and San Diego's Finest and lets just say Cazadores is your friend until its not. On Thursday, we broke the news to Nova who responded by making up a song about losing your best friend and holding on to memories and it was pretty special. We bought Christmas trees for both of our apartments and after dinner we wandered around the lights at Balboa Park. Staying busy is good, and this weekend I have relatives in town, some shows to catch, my nephew's birthday, and lots of fun stuff to stay occupied. Friday-Sunday archives are after the jump.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rosey's Diary: Good Night, Sweet Girl

In October of 1999, I was just a year out of college. I was working at my first ad agency, I was freshly single, and life's possibilities were limitless. And then I decided to adopt a dog. My parents cautioned against it, saying I'd never be able to travel around the world like my sister did, that a dog was a liability, but I was okay with that. Visiting the shelter weekly, sometimes daily, I waited for the right dog to speak to me. And then one day, she did. The shelter hadn't even fixed Pascha, they put her in the last kennel with four other dogs and had pretty much ruled her unadoptable. She wasn't a puppy, she was skittish, flashes of light put her into minor seizures, and her spine was injured from abuse. But the day we met, she looked at me, raised an eyebrow, and I knew that I now belonged to her and she belonged to me. I picked her up the next day, and proud of my first real adult decision, I decided to introduce her to my family. I loaded her in my Mazda and drove to Chula Vista. She was terrified during that first long car ride, so she crawled behind me.I reclined the seat and just leaned back on her and she proceeded to pee all over my back right around the Plaza Boulevard off ramp. But what could I do but keep driving and take her to meet my parents.

Her behavior was really challenging at times. I used to keep shoes under the bed and at least 8 pairs were chewed on before I got the message. For the first year, she would just hide under the bed whenever any guests came over, and once she got over that, she'd bark incessantly until the guest would give her a cookie, but it took several years before she'd make eye contact with someone new. At one point we were a family with three cats and Pascha, and she sometimes didn't realize her size and would play a little too rough with Boo and Monkey and Kiwi. But she was also awesome. She loved going for walks, to the park, in the car, or xozying up to me back to back when I'd stay up all night and sleep all day long.

My life now is wildly different than it was in 1999, and overall, things are pretty amazing for me, but I am definitely going to have puffy eyes and a heavy heart as I get over the fact that Pascha is no longer with me. She was an incredible dog, as most dogs are. She had been unhealthy, chomping off most of the hair on her back and tail this summer, but with Darren's care, she was going on daily walks, we switched to healthier food, and it seemed like she would be with me for at least a few more years. But suddenly she wasn't well. She was staggering around, having trouble breathing, gagging, and her stomach inflated and after a Google search, I realized that it was very possible that she had bloat, or gastric dilatation and volvulus. Basically dogs like Pascha get too much air in their body and their stomach just flips. In retrospect, I think it has happened before but she got better, but this time was the last. Thousands of dollars in surgery would've probably revealed that all the tissue in her stomach was dead. Realistically, even if I had the thousands to spend, I couldn't put my dog through that.

And so it was, Pascha was super sick and we took her to the vet hoping for a different prognosis, but in my heart I knew, and after laying on the bed with her for a couple hours, I think she knew, too, and I believe that she told me it was time. Everyone at Bodhi was great, and there was no upsell in trying to sway our decision, and in the end, Darren and I held her as she took her final breath and went to sleep forever.

No person on this earth has been closer to me than this dog. She saw me through the best and worst days of my life. She was there loving me when I didn't feel I deserved to be loved, on those days when I couldn't get out of bed, and for all of the rough patches. And she was there for all of the joy, too, and especially in the past couple years, hogging the bed, being a trooper after we had to move, sharing her love with Darren and Nova, and being my best friend through all of it. I think when you adopt a pet, you learn unconditional love, patience, and kindness in a way you could never understand without. And if you're a lunatic, as I sometimes can be, you prepare yourself for their death from the day you bring them home- what would I do without this being in my life? So with Pascha now gone, there is definitely a void in my life, there is sorrow, and this bewilderment, feeling the emptiness and trying to tell Kiwi that her best pal is gone. But there is joy, too. Because I will always be the girl who was loved by this dog. I am the girl who was chosen by this dog, the girl who saved her from being euthanized for being unadoptable, and the girl who proved there is no such thing.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 11-12, 2013

It's Wednesday which means I can't wait to hear Tim Pyles say, "Guess what day it is?!" It's also date night and I can't decide what to do tonight. I'm thinking maybe HoB then Casbah, but I'll have to talk Darren into it. I haven't gotten weekend listings just yet, but hopefully soon. In case you missed it, I sent out a Casbah newsletter announcing New Year's Eve at the Lafayette. On Thursday only, you can buy $15 tickets without the lineup announcement. The party has sold out the last two years, so save some dough and just buy the tickets. You know there is nothing better going on.
Wednesday and Thursday archives are after the jump.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Show Preview: Ivan & Alyosha @ Soda Bar Friday December 13, 2013

Ivan & Alyosha
Named after a pair of brothers from Russian author Dostoevsky, Seattle folk pop quartet Ivan & Alyosha are returning to San Diego this Friday. Formed back in 2007 by Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary, the band evolved into its present day lineup featuring Tim's brother Pete and Tim Kim. I first witnessed their energetic live performance in Los Angeles about four years ago when they opened for The Low Anthem. I sensed this was a band that was going to be around for a while. After spending much of their time on the road building a fan base has really paid off for the group. After releasing a series of EP's, Ivan & Alyosha's first full length record came out earlier this year. Appropriately titled All the Times We Had, the album is a great collection of heartfelt songs which accurately represent the long journey the band has traveled. These are songs which are so instantly accessible, easy to sing along to or simply just kick back and enjoy.

If you haven't had the opportunity to see Ivan & Alyosha live (their most recent SD appearance was as opener for Brandi Carlile at Humphrey's), be sure to catch them this Friday at Soda Bar. This is the perfect band to see during the holidays, as their songs are so upbeat and full of life. Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

Watch a video of Be Your Man by Ivan & Alyosha below.

Watch a video of Running For Cover by Ivan & Alyosha below.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: December 9-10, 2013

What a weekend! I didn't think I was going to enjoy 91X's shows, but found out at the last minute on Friday that I had tickets waiting for me, so Darren and I caught most of Airborne Toxic Event and Fitz and the Tantrums and a night that went way too late. On Saturday I did some pickups with Darren until I had to work at the Casbah. I sold merch for Fu Manchu who were by far the most easygoing band I've ever worked for. I was having a great night and probably carried it out too long because I got about 3 hours of sleep before getting up to beertend at the stadium. That went later than expected, so I didn't work The Irenic, and we were so exhausted that getting to Wrex was just impossible. I see that everyone had a great time and wish we could've made it work, but when your body quits, it is generally a good idea to listen to it. I love December, and I love the coldish weather, and there are great events popping up all month long and I'm just excited to have a little extra work to fund a little extra fun. Monday and Tuesday archives are after the jump.

Recommended Shows in San Diego December 9-15, 2013

The near arrival of winter has brought cooler temperatures and rain to San Diego. Touring bands are winding down their string of holiday and club shows, while local bands headline their favorite locales. A closer look at the upcoming week reveals many musical happenings worthy of attendance.

On Monday Toronto indie rockers Dinosaur Bones make a stop at Soda Bar...

Consult the listings for Tuesday's lineup and choose wisely...

Lissie plays her biggest San Diego show to date on Wednesday at the House of Blues...Nashville's Kopecky Family Band open for a great bill...The Black Crowes hit the Balboa Theatre for a sold out show...

L.A's eight piece band The Mowgli's swoop into The Griffin for Thursday's show of the night...Chillwave artist Slow Wave headlines the Casbah...

On Friday Seattle's up and coming indie pop rockers Ivan & Alyosha play an intimate gig at Soda bar...highly recommended...North County has a great local bill with Transfer and The Drowning Men at the Belly Up...

Saturday finds Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) and the Dust stopping for a show at the Casbah...

The Clavin sisters band Bleached plays Soda Bar on Sunday...Kitten returns to the Casbah with the young and very talented lead singer Chloe Chaidez...

All in all, a great week of music awaits the pre-holiday show revelers...support the bands and the venues by attending a show (or two).

Watch a video of Nothing Left Between the Lines by Dinosaur Bones below.

Watch a video of The Great Divide by The Mowgli's below.

Friday, December 06, 2013

For Your Eyes and Ears: Sam Outlaw @ Casbah Sunday December 8, 2013

Who is Sam Outlaw? According to his Facebook page, Sam is a country singer living in Los Angeles. Not exactly the first place one considers when determining the home base of a singer from that genre. Nonetheless, Mr. Outlaw is carving a nice little niche in the urban jungle to the north, and he is making his San Diego debut this Sunday at the Casbah. Opening for Nashville country/folk duo Escondido (also making their first SD appearance) makes this a great bill for those looking for some really good roots based music.

Sam released his first full length titled Nobody Loves (Black Hills Recordings) earlier this year. Twelve songs comprise the album, nicely produced and easy on the ears. This is an artist poised to take on whatever might stand in his way, with no reservations.

Check out the video about Sam Outlaw below. Tickets to see Escondido, Sam Outlaw and Derren Raser this Sunday at the Casbah can be purchased here.

SAM OUTLAW from Graham Lovelis on Vimeo.

Saturday: Vinyl Junkies Record Swap @ Casbah

Vinyl Junkies Record Swap and the Casbah are proud to announce our upcoming event on Sat. Dec. 7th! We have some exciting DJs lined up this time that your readers, listeners, viewers (and friends) will want to know about. Your efforts are really appreciated in getting this event posted in your listings and in your mentions through the various outlets. We’re all about great promotional ideas so if you’d like to do something with some record giveaways through social media, etc. (or have some other things in mind), please let us know. Or if you’d like to do a story on the resurgence of vinyl, we’re just an email away to set that up.

Vinyl Junkies Record Swap Meet

When: Sat. Dec. 7th
Hours: 11am-5pm
Where: The Casbah 2501 Kettner Blvd San Diego, CA 92101
Cost: $3 at the door
Age: 21+

DJ Schedule:

Jeff Terich (San Diego City Beat Music Editor) 11- Noon
Mike Halloran (91X DJ) 1-2pm
Mike Delgado (Moving Units/Shark Attack) 2-3pm
Matt Molarius (Singer for Transfer) 3-4pm
Craig Oliver (Runs Volar Records) 4-5pm

This bi-monthly event is not your every day record swap. We're combining what everyone loves together...Records, DJs, Adult Beverages, and Food! We have lots of vendors from all over Southern California participating. Thousands of records from most all genres will be available for purchase....Soul, Jazz, Punk, Funk, Rock, Indie, R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop, Metal, Electronic, Blues, and much more. We look forward to continuing this fun event for the most discriminating of record collectors as well as those just getting into the world of vinyl.

Things To Do In San Diego: December 6-8, 2013

The internet is on fire today. Rocket From The Crypt tickets went onsale at noon and were sold out by 12:01pm. People are in disbelief, but 85 lucky people snagged the 200 tickets that fast. I messed up thinking there were 50 tickets left and got some hostility in my direction, but shit happens. There were 200 tickets, they're gone. I wonder if people think somehow the Casbah can magically accommodate 1000 people, or that they are somehow a bigger fan than everyone else and thus entitled to tickets before some lesser fan. Regardless, if you want to see some serious hating going on, check out the Casbah's Facebook wall. This weekend has a lot going on and I didn't feel like posting all of the tree-lightings and events, but San Diego Bargain Mama has a pretty thorough calendar, as does Ranch & Coast Magazine for North County holiday happenings. I'm a little sad I won't be going to either of the 91X shows- didn't get tickets for tonight and I'm working on Sunday- but this weekend will be jam-packed anyway. I'm working for Fu Manchu tomorrow, beertending for the Chargers on Sunday, then working the Professor Blastoff show at the Irenic on Sunday night.Friday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

My Jerusalem @ Soda Bar 12/5/2013

So I had this dilemma about shows tonight. While I was sad to miss Will Hoge at The Griffin, I was excited about seeing Pete Yorn's new band, The Olms at Casbah, only to realize it was the same night as My Jerusalem at Soda. Jeff sold me on Soda Bar by promising a drive to The Constellation Room next week for The Olms. With that, I have to say My Jerusalem was a solid choice for the night.

The band stuck to mostly new material and stuff from the second record, they threw in a few from their debut that made me feel like it was the perfect set.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Howie Day @ The Griffin, 12/4/2013

Just some snapshots from tonight. Perhaps this is the new direction of post- show review, if it works. This is just a test.

'Remember That Concert From Six Weeks Ago?' v.2: James Blake @ HOBSD- 10.25.13

James Blake

Sometimes a show is memorable because you danced your ass off and/or rocked the fuck out. Sometimes a show is memorable because the performer put on an incredibly dynamic musical showcase.
James Blake has the latter down to a science.

James Blake
James Blake
James Blake

For more pix from the show here, other shows here.
All photos © Nate Vandermeulen.  Please email with request for use.

Things To Do In San Diego: December 4-5, 2013

My favorite thing in San Diego has to be how few days of rain we get here and how pretty much every forecast gets it wrong every time. I know they have radar and satellites and all kinds of cool gadgets, and not that yesterday was "rain", but any precipitation in the sky matters on the roads and it would just be nice if they looked outside every once in a while. I was up at the ass crack of dawn but was exempted from jury duty after checkin, so it was a lovely afternoon with Darren and Nova, all drizzly and whatnot. As I said earlier in the week, I'm super busy this week and probably going to have to sacrifice some shows, but what can you do sometimes? Weekend listings came in early this week (Thanks, Jordan), so you can start planning accordingly. Wednesday and Thursday archives are after the jump.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Show Preview: Lissie at the House of Blues Wednesday December 11, 2013

photo courtesy Andrew Whitton
Elisabeth Maurus is known in music circles simply as Lissie, the singer songwriter born and raised in the Midwest. She knew at an early age that music was the clear choice for her moving forward in life. Catching a break as a chosen tour opener for Lenny Kravitz in 2008 led to recording her first full length album, Catching a Tiger (Columbia Records). Favorable reviews and touring in support of the album, mostly in Europe, helped Lissie build her fan base. In fact, she was featured on four songs from the most recent Snow Patrol album. Currently residing in the peaceful community of Ojai has helped maintain her small town roots. Lissie's sophomore full length, Back to Forever, was recently released to coincide with a late autumn tour. The album really highlights her vocal strength, while also showing her ability to play a guitar as well. Drawing on the past while looking to the future makes this a much more accessible album. This is a talented indie pop singer, maturing as a person as well as in her music.

The aforementioned tour stops here in San Diego at the House of Blues on Wednesday December 11. Be sure to arrive early for Nashville's Kopecky Family Band. This is an all ages show, tickets can be purchased here.

Watch a video of Further Away (Romance Police) by Lissie below.

Watch a video of Sleepwalking by Lissie below.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Recommended Shows in San Diego December 3-8, 2013

The first week of December has arrived with many live music options for the night crawlers. A closer look reveals some worth attending.

Guitar virtuoso Kaki King headlines an intimate gig at the Casbah on Tuesday...Together Pangea and The So So Glos co-headline for a raucous show at Soda Bar...

On Wednesday Howie Day makes a rare SD appearance at The Griffin...alternative rockers Beware of Darkness roll into Soda Bar...

Austin's My Jerusalem return to Soda Bar on Thursday..Nashville's Will Hoge headlines Soda Bar...Pete Yorn's new project The Olms make a Casbah stop...

Newly formed local band Soft Lions (Boy King, The New Kinetics) debut on Friday at Soda Bar...Electronic band The New Division will be at The Loft...

On Saturday New York duo MS MR play their rescheduled show at Soda Bar...a limited number of tix will be available at the door (get there early)...

Escondido, a folk band from Nashville, make their SD debut at the Casbah on Sunday...underrated Canadian singer Hayden headlines Soda Bar...

91X is presenting two all ages holiday shows this week, both at the Valley View Casino Center...tickets are still available for Friday's show, info can be found here...

KPRI's Holiday Soiree is on Sunday at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido...tickets can be purchased here.

This represents a slice of the musical pie awaiting music fans of all ages in San Diego...be sure to act responsibly and attend a show (or two)...

Watch a video of  Someone Else's Girl by The Olms below..

Watch a video of Cold October by Escondido below.

Things To Do In San Diego: December 2-5, 2013

I'm looking forward to so many awesome shows this week, but I also have dreaded jury duty on Tuesday, so hopefully the interwebs will keep me occupied for the day. The weekend was pretty great, though working the Chargers game is a lot more work than I'd planned when the side job was offered to me. Still, it's nice to have a little extra scratch during the holidays. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...now on to December!

Monday, December 2, 2013:
  • Anti-Monday League feat. Grizzly Business, Spero, Shane Hall & the Diabolicals @ Casbah
  • Big Country Elephant, Boondock Brothers, Troup @ Soda Bar
  • St Cloud Sleepers, The Flowerthief, The Dexter Riley Xperiment, Leanna May @ The Griffin
  • The Tin Can Country Club feat. Fast Heart Mart @ Tin Can
  • Monday Night Mass with Husky Boy All Stars @ Bar Pink
  • Nightmares on Wax, Illuminauts @ Belly Up
  • Wood Spider, Sledding With Tigers, more TBA @ Che Cafe
  • Monday Night Madness @ House of Blues
  • Industry Night @ FLUXX
  • The Monday Night Spot feat Yodah & Joey Jimenez @ Henry's 
  • Dave Scott & Monsoon Jazz @ Croce's
  • Robin Henkel @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Monday Night Madness @ House of Blues
  • Open Mic hosted by Chad Taggert @ Lestat's
  • Karaoke @ Til-Two Club
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Karaoke @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • WG & the G-Men @ Patrick's Gaslamp Pub
  • Monday Night Jams @ 710 Beach Club
  • Doug Allen @ The Kraken

Friday, November 29, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: November 29-December 1, 2013

It's Friday evening and I just got a disco nap in after unintentionally participating in some Black Friday shopping. I needed shoes, a massage, and Grossmont Center wasn't too crazy, so it worked. I know there are politics behind a Sea World membership, but all of their passes are $25 off this weekend, too, so you can grab an annual Fun Pass for $59 and I had to indulge. I'm working at The Irenic tonight and there are plenty of tickets left for Polar Bear Club, so drop by and see me, or if you're braving Tijuana, wear some comfy shoes that account for possible rain and beer spillage. The holiday was great and we still have a full weekend of music, fun, and Chargers beertending ahead of us. Weekend listings after the jump.

Friday, November 29, 2013:
  • Gone Baby Gone, The Filthy Violets, The Phantoms, The Frights @ Casbah
  • Casbah Presents Polar Bear Club, Citizen, Diamond Youth, Sainthood Reps @ The Irenic
  • Cantaloop Media Presents The Silent Comedy, Glasmus,Love & The Skull, Madame Ur y Sus Hombres @ Black Box (Tickets at the Door, or get info for special packages with transportation at TuristaLibre.com)
  • The Donkeys @ Whistle Stop
  • 91X Moustache Formal with DJ Robin Roth and more @ The Lafayette (6pm)
  • Fever The Ghost, Golden Beaches, Island Boy, Tiger Milk Imports @ Soda Bar
  • The Beautiful View, Okayokay!, One I Red @ Tower Bar
  • Irish Christmas in America @ AMSD
  • Benefit For The Phillipines: Never Pass Go, The Mice, Fourtracks, Batlords, Western Settings @ Til-Two Club
  • Super Buffet @ Ken Club
  • Badabing, Mittens, Death By Snoo Snoo @ Tin Can
  • Hello Highway, Last Call Home, So Far Gone, The End Return, Calibrate Me @ House of Blues Fifth Avenue Side Stage
  • Random Radio @ Bahia Belle
  • Fam Royal @ Bar Pink
  • A Groundation Thanksgiving with Paula Fuga, Mike Love @ Belly Up
  • Crystal Bowersox, Seth Glier @ The Griffin
  • Left For Dead @ Belly Up (5:30pm)
  • Serve The People Emergency Relief Fundraiser @ World Beat Center
  • The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside, Volumes, Texas In July @ Soma
  • The Dan Band @ House of Blues
  • The New Rich, The Harpers Live @ Artlab Studios
  • Renown flugelhornist Dmitri Matheny returns with Phoenix pianist Nick Manson, Justin Grinnell bass, & Duncan Moore drums @ Dizzy's
  • Danielle Slathas, 23 Shades, Tyler Boone @ Lestat's
  • Michele Lundeen @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7pm)
  • Beta Maxx @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9pm)
  • Family Affair with DJs Artistic, Felt1, Mr. Hek @ El Camino
  • Rising Star @ Tio Leo's
  • OB Comedy with Kim Thompson and Duante Cordova @ Winston's (6-9pm)
  • In Motion Collective, Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, DJ Question & Marcellus @ Winston's 
  • Gunner Gunner, Wilson Renette, Decompression @ The Shakedown
  • Kirk Ward @ 710 Beach Club (5-8pm)
  • High Noon, Saline Solutions, Tim & The 23s @ 710 Beach Club (9:30pm)
  • Brent Curtis @ Marble Room
  • Mother Mary Mood, Blood Dancer, Xolmani @ Brick By Brick
  • The Beat Kitchen: Question, Charlie Rock, Freddie Joachim @ El Dorado
  • Spectacular with DJ Scooter @ Fluxx
  • Good Times with Rev & Yodah @ Henry's

Saturday, November 30, 2013:
  • "You Play Me Yours, I'll Play You Mine: A Community Music Exchange" @ Digital Gym (2921 El Cajon Blvd, 2-4pm, More info & registration)
  • Redd Kross, Octa#grape, Joel Jerome + Babies on Acid @ Casbah
  • The Hollerin, Brothers Weiss, Leanna May and the Matadors, Love & The Skull @ Soda Bar
  • Soda Bar & Invisible Children present Julianna Barwick, Mark McGuire (Emeralds) @ Luce Loft (1037 J St)
  • Dave Buck presents A Night of Blues with Jimmy Ruelas, Gary Hankins, El Al @ Black Cat
  • Diamonds In The Back with Dmitri & Co @ Whistle Stop
  • Country Club with Grampa Drew & Matt Strachota @ Whistle Stop (5pm)
  • Holiday Hangover feat. The Cured - The Cure tribute, Strangelove - Depeche Mode tribute, Really Idol - Billy Idol tribute, Fears for Tear - Tears for Fears tribute @ House of Blues
  • 99th Floor, Schitzophonics, DJ Tony The Tiger @ Tower Bar
  • The Nite Crawlers, nutstache, Masteria @ Ken Club
  • A Groundation Thanksgiving with Paula Fuga, Mike Love @ Belly Up
  • Funk 101 feat Stevie & The Hi-Stax, DJ Barry Thomas @ Bar Pink
  • Modern Life is War, Somali Pirates, Suspect @ Che Cafe
  • Viva Santana @ The Griffin
  • Birdzilla, Ruben Lady, Sacri Monti @ Tin Can
  • Art of Sound 4 Year Anniversary feat. DJ Harvey, Doc Martin, Paluka, Cris Herrera @ Spin
  • Laura Leighe, Teresa Storch, The Santana Brothers @ Lestat's
  • Judith Hill, Chyla @ House of Blues 5th Avenue Side Stage
  • CD Release Event for “Conversations” from jazz guitar virtuoso Mark Augustin & transcendent vocalist Lisa Hightower @ Dizzy's
  • The Reflectors @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7pm)
  • Detroit Underground @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9pm)
  • Full Strength Funk Band @ Tio Leo's
  • The Earful, Delta Nove @ Winston's
  • Middle Class Rejects @ The Shakedown
  • Joe Cardillo, Dave Booda @ Marble Room
  • Rock Star Saturdays with Yodah, DJ E @ Henry's
  • Allison Chains, Black Sabbitch, Smack This @ Brick By Brick
  • Boys & Girls vs Hickies feat. Adam Salter, Saul Q, Don't Go Jason Waterfalls @ El Dorado
  • Spectacular with Sid Vicious @ Fluxx
  • Danny & The Tramp, DJ Arox @ Gallagher's
  • Devocean, Brothers Gow, Low Budget @ 710 Beach Club
  • The Babys, The Roni Lee Group, Teaser, Burning Down @ Ramona Mainstage
  • Karaoke @ Analog
Sunday, December 1, 2013:
  • SoNo Park Holiday Fest & Chili Palooza @ 32nd & Thorn
  • An Evening With Rufus Wainwright @ Belly Up
  • Capsula, The Wooly Bandits, Zero Zero @ Casbah
  • Neighbors To The North, Muscle Beech, Cut @ Soda Bar
  • Poontang Clam, Batlords (Covering The Spits), DJ Matt Parker @ Til-Two Club
  • City Mouse, Floor Notes @ Bar Pink
  • Fat Tour 2013 feat. Less Than Jake, Anti-Flag, Masked Intruder, Get Dead @ House of Blues
  • Almost Famous Karaoke @ Henry's 
  • Lust For Youth, Hive Mind, Sunwheel @ The Void
  • CD Release Event for jazz bassist Justin Grinnell’s debut CD featuring Josh Nelson piano, Dan Schnelle drums, & Robby Marshall woodwinds @ Dizzy's
  • Legacy Pack, Destructo Bunny, DJ Chelu @ Gallagher's
  • Jose Sinatra Ob-O-Ke @ Winston's
  • Robin Henkel @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (10am-2pm)
  • Bayou Brothers @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (7pm)
  • Football Bingo/Game Night @ 710 Beach Club

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For Your Eyes and Ears: Nightlands

The night before Thanksgiving is loaded with music options everywhere including San Diego. Might I suggest heading to Soda Bar for Nightlands, the project of Philadelphia based artist David Hartley. Oak Island (sophomore album) was recently released via Secret Canadian, and features synths and vocals evoking a dreamlike state. This is bedroom pop which is very easy on the ears. David also spends time as the bassist for the popular band The War on Drugs. Nightlands is a well conceived departure from that band, showing the creative side of Mr. Hartley. The current tour is a solo one, so he will "lay bare the arrangements that he spent so long weaving into intricate webs".

Tickets to Nightlands , StaG, and Jeans Wilder this Wednesday at Soda Bar can be purchased here.

Watch a video of I Fell in Love with a Feeling by Nightlands below.

Watch a video of To the Moon by Nightlands below.

Balboa Park Offers Annual Pass (Finally!!)

Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook or maybe you already heard elsewhere, but this is for the rest of you. Balboa Park is finally offering annual passes! With the Centennial coming in 2015, it seems about time that Balboa Park caters more to residents and not just to tourists. Yes, we've enjoyed Free Tuesdays, but they're crazy now, with herds of people, school field trips, and strollers jamming into museums during their already limited hours on a one time a month rotating basis. Forget about it if you work a day job. And Balboa Park had multi-museum passes targeting tourists, but they're expensive. I use my San Diego Zoo pass almost weekly...sometimes I want to commit to a whole day, sometimes I just need some time to think and take a ride in the Skyfari, and most of the time I'm there for some fresh air, exercise, and sunshine for a couple hours. Now that Balboa Park is offering Explorer passes, I can pop into a museum anytime and for any length of time and feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

Buy Your Passes Here

You can also buy Gift Vouchers and knock out your Christmas shopping in a few clicks!

So anyway, here's the deal. You buy annual membership, you get general admission to all of the following museums for 365 days from the date of purchase:

San Diego Museum of Man
The San Diego Museum of Art
the NAT (San Diego Natural History Museum)
Centro Cultural de la Raza
Japanese Friendship Garden
Mingei International Museum
Museum of Photographic Arts
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
San Diego Air and Space Museum
San Diego Art Institute-Museum of the Living Artist
San Diego Automotive Museum
San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum
San Diego History Center
San Diego Model Railroad Museum
Timken Museum of Art
Veterans Museum and Memorial Center
World Beat Center

Adult $129 ~ ages 18 and up
Student $99 ~ valid for full time students with valid ID
Senior $99 ~ ages 65 and up with valid ID
Family $199 ~ Valid for up to 6 family members (up to two adults/up to four children ages 3-17. Additional children are $25 each)

And since I went into the Visitor's Center to purchase my pass today, I'll say that if you can wait the 5-7 days for your cards, just order online. If you want to go to museums immediately, go in the office, they'll have you purchase online at their old computers, and they'll give you printed booklets valid for one week with a single pass for each museum. The employees/docents/volunteers are extremely courteous, but the Explorer passes were just announced last week, so they're overwhelmed. If you can wait, just buy your own passes online.

The U-T apparently misprinted and said a family pass was up to 4 adults and 4 children. Not so. "Children" are ages 3-17, so your infants and toddlers are fine (though if they're turning three within a year, you'll want to get them their own cards). Adults are 18+. If your "child" is actually an adult, they might qualify for the student pass, or as your second adult, but otherwise will require a full adult pass for $129. In the short time I was in the office, you wouldn't believe how many people were already gaming the system. They don't question your "family" unit, but don't try and work them.

Lastly, many of the museums offer gift shop discounts and special mailers, events and newsletters to their members. The Explorer Card does NOT give any of the perks- no discounts, special exhibits, private event invites, guest passes, etc. If you have the dough, support your favorite museum or museums individually. This is for people who live on the cheap like me, and once you get over that initial purchase, you can be broke as a joke and still always have a place to go. I can't wait to take our first bike outing to museum hop with my little familial unit.

For more Balboa Park information, click here.

Friday Night: Make A Run For The Border With The Silent Comedy

My friends at Cantaloop Media are keeping busy south of the border. While we have a great music scene in San Diego, they're working feverishly to curate the same in Tijuana and I have to say, it's a bit cooler, edgier, with a DIY aesthetic, a feeling of community, and free from some of the limits we have here. Throw in a combination event with Turista Libre, and Friday night in Tijuana seems like a no-brainer. (An extra plug that Darren's Van will be working, so if you and your friends need to get from North Park, South Park, Downtown or wherever to and from the border, he's your guy.) Get your passports and head south!

Here's the deal:
The Silent Comedy
Madame Ur y Sus Hombres
Love & The Skull
Teenage Fiction
at Black Box (6th and Revolucion)
Tickets are 50 pesos at the door, ages 18+

For the Turista Libre package, you get

  • transportation from border (with Derrick walking you across the border from McDonald's)
  • drinks on the bus
  • pre-show drink at Baja Craft Beers Tasting Room with the bands!
  • entrance to the show
  • return trip to U.S. border
All for $20!! Buy your tickets to reserve your spot now!

Things To Do In San Diego: November 26-28, 2013

I didn't think I'd be updating much this week, but there's a lot going on so expect a couple more posts from me before I totally check out. I'm looking forward to spending the day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with Darren and Nova (though I appreciate all the day trip recommendations I received on Facebook) and Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a great one with m whole family around for the holiday. There's a lot of internet commotion about Black Friday and where to shop and protesting stores that are open on Thanksgiving. I'm not going to jump into the fray because I've certainly appreciated Clem's being open in the past when I realized I needed heavy whipping cream and whatnot, but I'm here to tell you that Wednesday is traditionally one of the most fun bar nights of the year, but plenty of our local stomps are open on Thanksgiving, which is great after you've had your family time, but remember that your bartenders are working. They're away from their own families so you can get your buzz. They still have to wash glasses and clean up and shut down after you're happily passed out. Spend frivolously and tip generously and you can truly #supportlocal. Wednesday through Sunday listings are after the jump.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: November 24-25, 2013

It's Sunday night and the Chargers won today, so hopefully San Diegans are ready for a lovely Thanksgiving week ahead. Darren's working tonight, so hit him up if you need him, but in the meantime, I decided I'd take the heat off of Jordan and just knock out the listings through the weekend so you can get  perspective on the week ahead. I'm with Zane again tomorrow so I'm not sure if it's going to be a pajama night or if I might venture out,  and this week should be awesome with Nova off from school, and the first Bystrak Thanksgiving in years with all the kids present (since my brother has now been stationed here). Needless to say, my parents are thrilled. I hope you get a holiday amond family and friends and people you love and who love you. Monday and Tuesday archives are after the jump.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: November 22-24, 2013

It has been a really good week- Chvrches and John Vanderslice were awesome, plus I had some fun time painting at Ceramic Cafe, hiking at Presidio Park, going to the Zoo, splashing in rain puddles, and just hanging out enjoying days with Darren and Nova, but I have a small bone to pick. The other day, a "friend" of mine suggested that I'm "paid to party" and I don't know about work. I had a lot of time to think about that when I was pulling an all-nighter on Monday night and then again on Tuesday as I caught up on work so that I could spend my days with Darren and Nova and prepare for babysitting Zane for 14 hours on Thursday and all day again on Friday. I guess when people see me at shows or having drinks or my social media posts filter out the lame and tedious stuff and just focus on time at parks or the Zoo or shows or events or spending time with my little familial unit, it might appear my life is a big party. But I consider myself fortunate to have found a way to eke out a living doing things I love, and if that means hours of email and online time while the rest of the world is asleep or slinging band merch or babysitting or making a hundred Facebook event pages, it's all so I don't have to go back to the bullshit corporate life I once lead. Everyone does what they have to do, and I don't knock anyone for what they do to get by or get ahead if that's where their ambitions lay, but I will cut a "friend" for being judgmental about how I spend my time. Good riddance, ya jerk.Weekend archives are after the jump.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

On The Horizon: Judith Hill @ House of Blues Saturday November 30, 2013

Judith Hill
The name Judith Hill should be a familiar one to those who watch realty television show The Voice. Judith fared well during last year's competition, and has embarked on the latest chapter in her career, that of a touring musician. The biggest difference is that this time she will not be in the role of a backup singer, but rather will be the lead. Currently touring with Josh Groban, Judith has a headlining show downtown at the House of Blues (intimate 5th Ave side stage) on Saturday November 30.

In 2009 Miss Hill was chosen to be none other than Michael Jackson's duet partner for This Is It. His untimely death resulted in the cancellation of the tour, while Judith sang at the memorial service. The documentary 20 Feet From Stardom features a long list of performers including Judith. Her powerful voice is rooted in soul, r&b and pop, while the training and experience as a back up singer has readied her for the limelight.

Tickets to see Judith Hill at the House of Blues on November 30 can be purchased here. This is an all ages show.

Watch a video of Judith Hill performing #thatPower from The Voice.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tonight! John Vanderslice at Soda Bar

Jeff already previewed tonight's show at Soda Bar, but we got set times. Bent Shapes will go on at 9, and John Vanderslice will play at 10pm. I love this guy and you should definitely check him out. I thought I'd share some old videos from 2007 when he performed at M-Theory and also unplugged on the Casbah smoking patio.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Show Preview: John Vanderslice @ Soda Bar Wednesday November 20, 2013

photo courtesy Ross William Hamilton
John Vanderslice is one of the more interesting musicians in the indie rock world. He recently became independent in his life, ending a long term relationship, and in his music, breaking free from record labels. The latter makes perfect sense, since John is also the owner of Tiny Telephone, a recording studio in San Francisco. Long term relationships with Barsuk Records and more recently Dead Oceans were positive and have paved the way for the current musical chapter in his career. In fact, he self-released two albums this year, Dagger Beach (original) and Diamond Dogs (Bowie covers) via Kickstarter. At last count this makes a total of eleven albums, or about one per year. By today's standards, that is a prolific amount of recorded material. As far as his music is concerned, John certainly wears his emotions on his sleeve. Lyrics are very personal and political, revealing a musician who is willing to take risks which tend to be calculated. His performances are always satisfying, with the ability to connect with the audience never being in doubt.

If you have not seen John Vanderslice perform live, this Wednesday is your next opportunity. This is a Casbah Presents show at Soda Bar, tickets can be purchased in advance here. Boston's Bent Shapes set the stage.

Listen to a few tracks from Dagger Beach below (courtesy of SoundCloud).

Recommended Shows in San Diego November 18-24, 2013

There are some great shows happening in San Diego this week, so be sure to see live music before thoughts turn to turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings next week. Here are some shows worth attending.

Head to Soda Bar on Monday for L.A.'s Nightmare Air and their San Diego friends Bulletins...

If you didn't get a ticket to the sold out Chvrches show on Tuesday at the House of Blues, then consult the listings for a viable alternative...

Prolific indie performer/producer John Vanderslice descends into Soda Bar on Wednesday...Kate Nash plays at the all ages Porter's Pub...

On Thursday San Francisco synth pop band Geographer play an intimate show at the Casbah...

Seattle's singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen plays to the students at The Loft on Friday...highly recommended...Rick Froberg's Obits headline the Casbah...

The Limousines and Mona team up for a great bill on Saturday at the Casbah...Screaming Females and Upset will be at Soda Bar...

Night Beats (Seattle) close the weekend with their garage rock at the Casbah...

Those on the fence (or the couch) should find something of interest musically speaking in San Diego this week. Consult the listings for all the shows.

Watch a video of Love is a Dog From Hell by The Limousines below.

Watch a video of How The West Was Won by John Vanderslice below.

Things To Do In San Diego: November 18-21, 2013

So I don't think I've been in my house for so many hours in a weekend as long as I've lived here. I got a bad cold and besides going out for soup a few times with Darren, my weekend pretty much involved me in bed. Hopefully the worst is over because this week has so much amazing music and Nova has short days at school and I've got some babysitting at the end of the week. So yeah, ef you, cold. I'm done with you. Monday through Thursday archives are after the jump.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Show Preview: The Besnard Lakes @ Casbah Sunday November 17, 2013

The Besnard Lakes
Montreal is known for being home to arguably the most popular indie rock band today. Another band hailing from the  French Canadian city that have been nominated for the Polaris Music Prize (twice) but have forged a much different path are The Besnard Lakes. The brainchild of husband and wife (Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas), the group tours as a quartet. Their fourth album, Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO (Jagjaguwar), continues in the shoegaze, psychedelic rock vein. A key ingredient to the band's sound is their overall sense of creating songs which contain pop elements. This is what separates these Canadians from their peers. In addition, Lasek owns a recording studio in Montreal, and his production experience translates well to his own project.

See one of Canada's best kept secrets, The Besnard Lakes, at the Casbah this Sunday, November 17. Fellow Canadians Elephant Stone set the stage. Tickets can be purchased here.

Watch a video of Colour Yr Lights In by The Besnard Lakes below.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: November 15-17, 2013

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get weekend listings up. It was a super busy week with some awesome shows- Thee Oh Sees and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Minor Alps were all great- plus I babysat Zane all day yesterday and we got a beach day in (in November!!). All week I had a little tickle in my throat and it finally caught up with me and I feel like shit. Darren's Van will be in full service all weekend, but looks like I won't be joining him, at least for tonight. Call Direct 619.990.5064 if you need him. As for me, I'm on the hunt for delicious chicken noodle soup or albondigas or sopa de res. Suggestions welcome.

Under the Radar: Wild Child @ Soda Bar Friday November 15, 2013

Wild Child
Wild Child are a folk pop band from Austin, Texas. While well known back home, they are relatively unknown here in San Diego. The septet recently released their sophomore full length, The Runaround. Filled with catchy songs, banjos, and vocal harmonies throughout, it is easy to see why this band was quite the buzz at SXSW last spring.
Led by Kelsey Wilson (vocals, violin) and Alexander Beggins (vocals, ukulele), starting as a duo has now blossomed into a full fledged folk band. There is a certain synergy one feels when listening to their songs, ideal for a breezy afternoon drive or while sipping some wine on the front (or back) porch. Their first album, Pillow Talk, was released in 2010. This is a young band singing about love, loss and the emotions that are best expressed in music. While there are a growing number of bands in this genre, Wild Child work well as a cohesive unit, feet planted on firm ground ready to take on each chapter in their musical adventures.

Be sure to arrive early for Olympia based band indie pop LAKE. Tickets to tonight's show can be purchased here.

Watch a video of Crazy Bird by Wild Child below.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Show Preview: Minor Alps @ Soda Bar Thursday November 14, 2013

Minor Alps is the name of the collaborative project featuring seasoned musicians Matthew Caws and Juliana Hatfield. Caws is the lead singer for New York band Nada Surf, while Hatfield has performed with Blake Babies, Some Girls and as a solo artist. Having worked together in the past, it seems like an ideal match for these two great singers and songwriters. The result is Get There (Barsuk Records), an album filled with vocal harmonies, layered guitars, while songs cover a wide range of emotions. Overall, this is indie pop of the highest order, with two sometimes indistinguishable singers doing what they do best. As Alternative Press wrote, the pair have recorded an album of "gorgeous, perfect, pop". Sounds like a great way to get a jump start on the weekend.

Casbah Presents Minor Alps with opener Dan Wilson on Thursday November 14 at Soda Bar...Tickets can be purchased here.

Listen to Far From the Roses from Minor Alps below.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Recommended Shows in San Diego November 11-17, 2013

The days are getting shorter (daylight time) but the nights still have plenty to offer San Diego music fans. The upcoming week reveals some shows worth attending.

Sweden's duo Deer Tracks play strange yet captivating music...catch them at Soda Bar on Monday...Lord Howler and Chess Wars fill the air with their hard rock at The Griffin...

Thee Oh Sees return to their favorite haunt here, Bar Pink, for a great show on Tuesday...OBN IIIs open the evening...

Wednesday marks the return of the interestingly named band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, playing this time at Soda Bar...they recently released Fly By Wire, more indie pop goodness via Missouri...

On Thursday newly formed band Minor Alps, comprised of Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) and Juliana Hatfield (Blake Babies), hit Soda Bar for a Casbah Presents show...FMLYBND and Kiev will be at The Griffin...Melt Banana will be melting faces at the Casbah...

The weekend kicks off with Wild Child, a Minnesota band who just released a great self titled album, at Soda Bar...Nik Turner's version of Hawkwind headlines the Casbah...

Austin troubadour Slaid Cleaves returns to AMSD Concerts, i.e. that Normal Height church, for an acoustic show on Saturday...Autolux will be at the Casbah, Caspian and 65daysofstatic co-headline Soda Bar...

One of my favorite Canadian bands, The Besnard Lakes, stop at the Casbah for a great show this Sunday...Elephant Stone open...highly recommended...

A great week of live music is waiting for those wishing to enrich their lives...head out to a show (or two)...

Watch a video of I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands from Minor Alps below...

Watch a video of People of the Sticks by The Besnard Lakes below..

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: Novemeber 10-14, 2013

As I said yesterday, the anniversary party at the Casbah was great on Friday night, and made for a very lazy Saturday, but after a night of working with Darren's Van, we're spending the day serving beer at Qualcomm Stadium and will very much be looking forward to tonight's Cults shows at The Irenic, and maybe even make it for Jello Biafra after. Unless we pass out from exhaustion some time before that. Listings are done through Thursday since I had to plan ahead with my time. I got a new phone last week thinking my laptop was gonna be fixed, but it still isn't ready and I don't know that it can be saved. So ugh, #firstworldproblems, I know. Archives are after the jump.

Review: Deerhoof at The Irenic, 11/3/2013


(show presented by SODA BAR)

      Wow. I've been waiting to see this act for a while... quirky rhythm drum beats lead the way, dreamy follow-the-bouncing-ball, english-as-a-second-language type vocals, with a mostly upbeat wash of guitars or basses...all of this in one band- DEERHOOF.

      I loved their stage set up, having singer and drummer in front with guitar players or bass players holding down the back of the stage. Every song seems to revolve around the drums which punch, click, and drag the controlled noise between picturesque compelling vocal scenes, one after another. Just when you think they have departed into the realm of “Jammy noise”, an outburst of drums suddenly snaps the entire room into another quiet dreamscape-intimate vocal. Everyone took a turn at the bass, with one or two guitars. Singer Satomi Matsuzak's voice sounds a little like a child playing in a sandbox and singing and doesn't know you are listening. She also sounds amazingly sharp with her visually stilted rhythms and opaque melodies. She also does leg kicks above her head when it's her turn to play the bass.

      For the encore she was trying to teach us to sing like her. “ Come see Da Dum!,... Come,... Come,... Come see Da dum!” Then the band would stop and she would say “ It's a pattern, ok??” We tried to keep up.

      This show could have gone either way since they have such an extensive catalog with divergent material. It was great. Everything you want from them and a little more (maybe that you don't want.) Of course they don't play their radio “hit,” “The Trouble With Candy Hands". But they do play some of their best material off the most recent albums (“Breakup Song,” and “Deerhoof vs. Evil") and some more obscure songs, too. They also mix in an indie-prog-rock version of “I Don't Want to be a Pinhead No more!” and an appropriately poignant version of The Velvet Underground's “ All Tomarrow's Parties” to shatter our expectations.

      The VU song was cute (since another member of that band died lately) with Satomi appearing to read the lyrics from a hand written sheet given to her on stage by another band member. Everyone clapped, and she smiled.

       Before the encore, the drummer took the mic for an enjoyable extended rambling stand up comedy interaction with members of the audience. Nice.

       There is no place I would rather see live music then at North Park's Irenic, with it's soaring spacious ceilings and it's middle 1940's charm. More please. I can't wait to see them again.

       BTW ... I really got a chance to know people while waiting in the merch line, because the drummer who was selling their merchandise was also taking the chance for long form conversations with each of the dozen or more people who were picking up vinyl, shirts, and compact discs in the line in front of me. Seriously... buy your shirts and move to the side, we all want to buy. Special thanks to whatever member of Cuckoo Chaos and GF helped me to pass the time in the SLOWEST MERCH LINE EVER.

The photos are from my mobile, but there's more after the jump. 

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Things To Do In San Diego: November 9-10, 2013

What a night! Thanks to everyone who came out to the Casbah last night. It was really fun hanging out on the patio and seeing so many friends. It was also fun hanging with Robin, Sean, and Jakey after the show at Rudford's. It had been way too long since we had a late night hang. There are some great shows tonight but I'll be working with Darren's Van and then hitting the hay early because we're beertending at the Chargers game tomorrow. (The irony of this new occupation isn't lost on me.) Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the last few days of San Diego Beer Week, too.  Weekend archives after the jump.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Show Preview: Blitzen Trapper @ Porter's Pub Saturday November 9, 2013

Blitzen Trapper
Portland based indie folk rock band Blitzen Trapper are returning to San Diego this Saturday for a show at the all ages Porter's Pub on the UCSD campus. For those uninitiated with the band, folk, americana, alt-country and indie rock are all styles found in their music. Formed back in 2000, Blitzen Trapper recently released their seventh full length album, appropriately titled VII. This marks the group's first release on Vagrant Records. The songs really are mostly what we have come to expect, and there is nothing wrong with that. Being together as a band for over ten years is quite an accomplishment in itself. Putting out consistent quality music is something else Blitzen Trapper can be proud of. Led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Eric Earley, the band currently performs as a quintet. Because it is difficult to pigeonhole their multifaceted style, there is no mistaking their sound. When this band wants to kick it up a notch, they can compete with almost anybody. This sort of makes me wonder (and wish) they would do this more frequently. This is music that gets you moving, whether in the form of stomping your feet or clapping your hands.

Alialujah Choir, also from Portland, set the stage. Tickets for the show can be purchased here.

Listen to Ever Loved Once by Blitzen Trapper below. (courtesy SoundCloud)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert Preview

Well known San Diego County resident Rob Machado is one busy guy. When not surfing he keeps himself immersed in his foundation, the primary goal being that of helping youth becoming more aware of their role in maintaining a healthy planet. The RMF has many programs, such as healthy food lunches, school greening, environmentally safe recycle bins, and water refill stations at schools. The immediate and long lasting effect of these initiatives can be seen here locally (ten recycling bins were installed at Cardiff beaches in August).

Next Monday (November 11), the 2nd Annual RMF Benefit Concert is taking place in Rob's back yard, so to speak. The Belly Up Tavern is hosting the event, with performances by several world class musicians and other local talent. Topping the list is Jason Mraz, along with John Rzeznik from The Goo Goo Dolls, Run River North and Austin Burns. These artists will be performing acoustic sets to a sold out crowd.

This is certainly going to be a special evening with the proceeds benefiting some great causes. Those wishing to donate to the Rob Machado Foundation click here.

Things to Do in San Diego: Beer Week Edition - November 6-10, 2013

How’s your liver holding up? I know mine is starting to cry “Uncle” but there are still FIVE more glorious days of San Diego Beer Week to go! I’d have to say some of my highlights so far were the Victory at Sea event at Hamilton’s on Sunday, the 50+ IPAs at Toronado over the weekend and the opening night VIP Brewer’s Guild party was fantastic. I managed to hit most of the events I’d planned, and even a couple more that I hadn’t. So what’s good for the rest of the week? Read on after the jump for the things I’ll most be looking forward to. Cheers!

Wednesday November 6, 2013

Mo-stache for Mo-Beer at Belching Beaver Tasting Room (North Park) - This event, sponsored by the San Diego Beer Club meetup group, starts at 7PM in one of NP’s newest craft beer spots and will help raise awareness and money for “Movemeber.” Additionally, Belching Beaver will be offering $1 off pints and $2 off flights for this kickoff event.

ALL ABOUT BOOBS, SAUSAGES, AND BEER! at Acoustic Ales Tasting Room - Another SDBW charity event, this one is for the Boobies!! We all love boobies, so go show some support. The event will feature brats from Salt n’ Cleaver paired with Acoustic Ales in-house offerings.

Stone Brewing Co./Eclipse Chocolat Pairing at Small Bar - Get your sweet tooth on! Five rare Stone beers are paired with delicious truffles from Eclipse Chocolat. Five beer tasters and five truffles for just $20.

Thursday November 7, 2013

Societe Brewing Company Tap Takeover at Societe Brewing - The week long (and very tounge-in-cheek) tap “takeover” continues from my favorite new SD brewery. If you’ve never been to the tasting room, be sure to check it out. Great space, great staff and, of course, really great beers.

HAPPY HOUR W/ RIP CURRENT- SOCIETE - HESS at Hamilton’s Tavern - Three of the newest (and best) SD breweries on one night at the (arguably) greatest craft beer bar in town. Hard to argue with that one! There will be two different flights, one with IPAs and one with stouts and other additional beers available from each brewery as well. Pro Tip: Get both flights! Also, #teamApprentice.

Crooked Stave Brewery Night at Small Bar - Meet the brewer event from the great Crooked Stave out of Denver. Small Bar will have flights available, plus some bottles of the Beer Advocate “world class” rated L’Brett D’Or, a beer that has never been poured outside of the Stave’s tasting room. Whales bruh.

Friday November 8, 2013

Johnny Brown's IPA Night at Downtown Johnny Browns - while not quite as ambitious as some other IPA events, DTJB will still bring the goods with 21 taps of IPAs from Kern River, Pizza Port, Stone, Ballast Point, Green Flash, Port, Russian River, Bear Republic, Sierra Nevada and more.

NKOTB - Rip Current, Modern Times & Benchmark Keep The Pint! at Urge Gastropub - North County kids will want to check out this event, featuring these three rad breweries which have all debuted in the past year or so.

Tyson's Big Ass Barrel Aged Beer Blowout Bonanza! at O’Brien’s Pub - This is a SDBW stand by as OB’s and Tyson bring out all the barrel aged beers they’ve stashed away over the course of the past year to put them all back on at once. The list is HUGE and amazing, but highlights include brews from Firestone Walker, Drakes, Lost Abbey and more.

We Got The Funk! SOUR NIGHT! at Pizza Port Ocean Beach - If Barrel Aged beers aren’t your thing then go to the opposite extreme and get some delicious sours instead. A bunch of Russian River Sours among other breweries and, oh yeah...a little something called CANTILLION KRIEK! Get it.

Saturday November 9, 2013

Monkey Paw Tap Takeover at Amplified Ale Works- Head to PB for a full slate of great beers from Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery including the delicious, GABF Gold winner Bonobos.

Decadent Decade Of Stone Imperial Russian Stouts at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens (Escondido) - another good event for the North County kids (or those ready to make the drive up north) as Stone puts on a full TEN years worth of their always great IRS.

Hops With The Homebrewer at Tiger!Tiger! - Meet George from The Homebrewer shop in North Park who will regale us with his seemingly endless knowledge of all things brewing, in this case those wonderful things called HOPS! Sure to be a very informative and fun event, even if you’re not a homebrewer. This is a ticketed event and it sold out so fast they added a second session. Act fast and get them here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/510666

Sunday November 10, 2013

4th Annual Alpine (Up And) Downhill Challenge sponsored by Blind Lady Ale House - Not for the light-hearted, this ride from Blind Lady in Normal Heights all the way up the hill to Alpine for flights of Alpine beers and a pizza buffet and then a ride all the way back to BLAH. Wowzers! This ticketed event also includes a commemorative t-shirt. Tix here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/508306

"Beer Garden" at The Lodge at Torrey Pines - **  UPDATE SOLD OUT!! ** This is the official closing event for San Diego Beer week, featuring beer and food pairings from 12 great local chefs and 24 local breweries. Tickets here: http://arestravel.com/6367_attraction-tickets_a1363.html

Thanks to sdbwplanner.com for all the links and their easy to use planning site!