Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For Your Eyes and Ears: Nightlands

The night before Thanksgiving is loaded with music options everywhere including San Diego. Might I suggest heading to Soda Bar for Nightlands, the project of Philadelphia based artist David Hartley. Oak Island (sophomore album) was recently released via Secret Canadian, and features synths and vocals evoking a dreamlike state. This is bedroom pop which is very easy on the ears. David also spends time as the bassist for the popular band The War on Drugs. Nightlands is a well conceived departure from that band, showing the creative side of Mr. Hartley. The current tour is a solo one, so he will "lay bare the arrangements that he spent so long weaving into intricate webs".

Tickets to Nightlands , StaG, and Jeans Wilder this Wednesday at Soda Bar can be purchased here.

Watch a video of I Fell in Love with a Feeling by Nightlands below.

Watch a video of To the Moon by Nightlands below.

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