Monday, July 23, 2007

Punk Board News Blog

Now you don't have to troll the Punk Board and sift through the trash talking to get news. Damnit Dan has started PunkBoardNews and so far, my favorite posts are about the dick that owns Apertivo. Andrea always swears by this place, but since he freaked out at me the one time I ever went in there (for blocking the wheelchair path?), I'm glad people are seeing this shit. And this shit, too. Sorry, Zee, you will never get me to go there. Ever.


catdirt said...

i loovveee the punk board- how they're just a bunch of sensitive, caring sweet hearts under the um... dirty rape talk and... um.. shall we say- general disaffinity for everything not:
1. on swami records
2. whatever at scolari's office
3. pink elephant
4. tower bar
5. zombie lounge

generally. it's a dynamic culture- and i hope the "punk board news" actually delves into it instead of focusing energies on being a verbally gifted insult artist- which is great- don't get me wrong.
occasionally- if you read carefully- you can see photographs of the members, who are otheriwse anyonymous- do i see a feature coming on?

Unknown said...

You cant call yourself a "wine bar" and your list is less then a page.

Place is a joke....