Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Street Scene Feelings...

Beyoncé ate shit last night at a concert in Florida and while it's tempting to post it here, I'm not gonna because I got a small glimpse of Internet embarassment and my share of hurtful and hateful comments and it ain't fun. So if you have to see it, it's floating around youtube, just turn the volume off on your speakers before you listen because they all sound like shit. Sony is pretty quick on the draw, however, so I don't know how long the videos will be up there.

Anyway, it got me to thinking that I think there's still room for some "headliners" at Street Scene. Nobody I'd want to see, but I've been kinda seeing some names pop up a lot lately on festival announcement and who are touring a lot this summer. I thought for a split second that maybe Beyoncé would jump on the bill, but she's already scheduled in the market on August 26 at Cox Arena.

Then today, I heard that Fergie is the headliner at Bumbershoot. Now, I don't know if she'd wanna do Street Scene again since "the accident" last time around, but I still think LiveNation is gonna pull something big out of the hat, and by "big" I mean easily digestible crap for the masses who have no qualms dropping a shitload of money on bands whose main artistry is in their choreography.

I still stand behind my recommendation of hooking up some good Latino artists like local girl Julieta Venegas, but nobody ever listens to me anyway. Anyway, it was just a thought I'd throw out there.

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