Thursday, July 12, 2007

BoH: Still Whining

So my favorite band played a benefit in New York on Tuesday night, 4 days after my incident. Stereogum wrote about the event and I thought this was too funny not to post:

A brief break later we got some Band Of Horses (or "Brand Of Horses," in Zach's world), whose set was full of Everything All The Time jamz ("Do I have to play this song again?!" big-bearded Ben asked before launching into a crowd-pleasing "The Funeral"), but also roped in lots of
new stuff (from their "
southeast record"), a promising peek at their more hooky and rigid rock sound. Ears peeled for that one in October.


Here's what someone commented and I swear to God it was not me.

Ah, I love when indie bands act like it is a burden to play a popular song that
people really want to hear... especially when they only have one album.

My thoughts exactly.

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