Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Post for My Family

Yesterday I talked to my dad, who told me that he predicted that my niece would be born about the same time as Barry Bonds breaking the home run record. Looks like Johanna will probably arrive into this world just in time to see the record broken, since he's not expected to reach his goal until next week (based on his current pace) and Johanna should be here this weekend if the doctor's target was correct. It's gonna be a crazy busy weekend and I have a ton of plans, but all of those get dropped should I get that magic phone call and get to witness the delivery. YouTube to come! (just kidding.)

Anyway, I wanted to post this picture, taken by a friend of my family. Bre Cameron is a photographer who does mostly weddings and portrait type stuff. I've added her link to the right, but thought I should give a shout out for capturing my sister in this beautiful state before she pops. More pics here.

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