Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rumor: Comic Con 2008 in Vegas?

Update: I'm gonna trust Eric on this one and call the rumor just that...a rumor, and likely a false one at that. Thanks for the comment, e! And here's the link to the story in SignOnSanDiego.

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So Tania (SoundSoundSound), and subsequently CatDirtSez, have posted rumors that next year's Comic-Con will be moved to Las Vegas. I just wanted to weigh in that while LV might have a bigger convention space, who the fuck wants to go to Vegas in the middle of July, when the average temp is about 115 degrees, and do the whole 'wait-in-line-wearing-a-stormtrooper-costume' thing in Vegas? I think it is just a really bad idea, through and through, and hope that if the Con is really moving that the organizers really reconsider such action. Most people can barely handle the Con at the size it is, if it grows further, it will be more task than fun destination. Is that really what it should become???

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Unknown said...

Its BS that the Con is moving anywhere.

“The convention was born and raised in San Diego, and we want to keep it in San Diego,” Johnson said. Comic-Con recently extended its contract with the Convention Center through 2012, he said."

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